Early Revelation 7

This report is a natural companion to the previous Revelation 7 report. It backs up 2550 years for each of the known Revelation dates. Did this happen in history?


History repeats at 2550 year intervals. This just backs up the known sequence by 2550 years. To see what the answer might be.

Seal Dates
Sat10020-03-23 AA17 Nov -968 NS28 Mar 289 BAUC3654983 AAN
520-03-23 FE26 Nov -968 OS28 Mar 1042 BC1367826 JDN
Mon10053-01-23 AA25 Sep -935 NS19 Six 250 BAUC3666983 AAN
553-01-23 FE4 Oct -935 OS19 Six 1003 BC1379826 JDN
Wed10085-13-23 AA3 Aug -902 NS12 Mar 210 BAUC3678983 AAN
585-13-23 FE12 Aug -902 OS12 Mar 963 BC1391826 JDN
Fri10118-11-23 AA12 Jun -869 NS3 Six 171 BAUC3690983 AAN
618-11-23 FE20 Jun -869 OS3 Six 924 BC1403826 JDN
Sun10151-09-23 AA19 Apr -836 NS25 Dec 132 BAUC3702983 AAN
651-09-23 FE27 Apr -836 OS25 Dec 885 BC1415826 JDN
Tue10184-09-23 AA25 Feb -803 NS18 Qui 92 BAUC3714983 AAN
684-09-23 FE5 Mar -804 OS18 Qui 845 BC1427826 JDN
Thu10217-07-23 AA3 Jan -770 NS9 Dec 53 BAUC3726983 AAN
717-07-23 FE11 Jan -771 OS9 Dec 806 BC1439826 JDN
Sat10250-06-23 AA11 Nov -738 NS2 Qui 13 BAUC3738983 AAN
750-06-23 FE19 Nov -738 OS2 Qui 766 BC1451826 JDN
Mon10283-05-23 AA19 Sep -705 NS24 Nov 27 AUC3750983 AAN
783-05-23 FE27 Sep -705 OS24 Nov 727 BC1463826 JDN
Wed10316-03-23 AA28 Jul -672 NS22 Sep 63 AUC3762983 AAN
816-03-23 FE4 Aug -672 OS22 Sep 691 BC1475826 JDN
Fri10349-03-23 AA5 Jun -639 NS12 Qui 97 AUC3774983 AAN
849-03-23 FE12 Jun -639 OS12 Qui 657 BC1487826 JDN
Sun10382-01-23 AA13 Apr -606 NS2 Mai 131 AUC3786983 AAN
882-01-23 FE20 Apr -606 OS2 Mai 623 BC1499826 JDN
Tue10414-12-23 AA20 Feb -573 NS20 Feb 164 AUC3798983 AAN
914-12-23 FE26 Feb -574 OS20 Feb 590 BC1511826 JDN
Thu10447-11-23 AA29 Dec -541 NS8 Dec 198 AUC3810983 AAN
947-11-23 FE4 Jan -541 OS8 Dec 556 BC1523826 JDN


This report provides the primary key for identifying the tribes of ancient Israel as modern nations.

For a complete discussion of this topic visit www.BibleTribes.org.


I have added another seal beyond the last tribe related seal. This date is the theoretical next seal date, not mentioned by name in Revelation 7. This date has many important prophetic stories dealing with the hidden or uncounted multitude.

This last seal is also the house church that Paul started in Acts 18:7 and is the main prophetic movement going on now.