Report on Jesus' 2000th Anniversary Dates

This article works out the anniversaries of the main dates of Jesus. These dates appear to inform may key dates across the 2020s.


The Bible Time Theory was built on several ideas:

  • That the Bible has a calendar, that all of its dated stores are on that calendar.
  • That calendar can be rediscovered, and we can determine current date.
  • The rediscovery process yields a calendar-verifying prophetic series of headline dates.

The prophetic dates from this work followed a day-for-a-year replay of the Bible's historical time line that began in 1974 and effectively ended in 2010.

Enough headlines clearly followed the story that it was possible to declare the work valid, and the calendar found.

2000th Anniversaries

Another area of study is the 2000th anniversaries of Jesus' life. His life was also a day-for-a-year replay of the Bible's historical time line. But, instead of starting in 1974 as the calendar based timeline showed, Jesus' 2000th anniversary dates began in 1998 and continue into the very late 2020s.

To see the specific anniversary dates, the rest of this page is broken up into introductions and reports that show the dates to watch for interesting prophetic headlines.

Birth Anniversaries

Jesus' birth date had an anniversary in late 1998.

For those not old enough to remember, this was in the run up to the millennium break at 2000. There was much excitement in Christian circles over what that might bring.

The problem of course was that nobody knew the correct calendar, nor did they know what to look for. Here is the report for the worked out math.

Jesus Birth + 2000 years
10989-08-29 AA + 2000, Jesus' Birth
Tue12989-08-29 AA15 Sep 1998 NS2 Sep 2751 AUC4738229 AAN
3489-08-29 FE2 Sep 1998 OS2 Sep 1998 AD2451072 JDN
10989-09-06 AA + 2000, Jesus' 8th Day
Tue12989-09-06 AA22 Sep 1998 NS9 Sep 2751 AUC4738236 AAN
3489-09-06 FE9 Sep 1998 OS9 Sep 1998 AD2451079 JDN
10989-10-08 AA + 2000, Jesus' 40th Day
Sat12989-10-08 AA24 Oct 1998 NS11 Oct 2751 AUC4738268 AAN
3489-10-08 FE11 Oct 1998 OS11 Oct 1998 AD2451111 JDN

The main headline was a visit by a delegation from Iran to the United Nations in New York City.

The called a news conference. All the TV anchors were present, as well as important media. That event made it to the front page of the New York Times.

They said a bunch of stuff, including quoting the Bible stories involving the wise men from the east. They were calling out their own prophetic stories on the right dates.

They were the prophetic replay of the birth of Joshua.

This also meant that dates on this series were going to be very subdued. They were not going to be easy to see. Just like the public rarely has visibility to a new born baby.

Prophetic Replay

Jesus' life was built around a series of prophetic replays of the text of the Bible. In particular, his life was structured around a replay of the historical chronology, but running at 1 day for each year as recorded in the text.

So the 2000th anniversaries of Jesus' life should also follow that pattern.

The following report takes this basic facts and generates dates to watch. Some things to think about when studying this list. The narrative of the text is generally sparse, with interesting episodes that punctuate history.

So the following list gives a title for some event from the text and then gives the replay date. Not all dates are given. Dates that would be 1 day apart only have 1 entry. Usually this comes from genealogies, and the death of the previous generation is usually more interesting than the birth.

Note that within Jesus' life this chronology starts from his birth. But, there appears to be a difference between his personal replay of history and a public replay that is offset by 7 days.

The start date used in the report is in the title, currently set to matching his 8th day when he first appeared in public and was named. This causes perfect alignment with dates later in the list. This would be an example of 4 point dating extended to this timeline.

Beware, when thinking about the possible headlines, as listed here, they may appear 1 week early.

Jesus life + 2000 years, as History Replay
start: 12989-09-06
1 AA, Adam's first year.
Tue12989-09-06 AA22 Sep 1998 NS9 Sep 2751 AUC4738236 AAN
3489-09-06 FE9 Sep 1998 OS9 Sep 1998 AD2451079 JDN
130 AA, Seth's first year.
Fri12990-01-15 AA29 Jan 1999 NS16 Jan 2752 AUC4738365 AAN
3490-01-15 FE16 Jan 1998 OS16 Jan 1999 AD2451208 JDN
234 AA, Enosh's first year.
Thu12990-04-29 AA13 May 1999 NS30 Apr 2752 AUC4738469 AAN
3490-04-29 FE30 Apr 1999 OS30 Apr 1999 AD2451312 JDN
323 AA, Enosh becomes ancestor of Kenan.
Tue12990-07-28 AA10 Aug 1999 NS28 Jul 2752 AUC4738558 AAN
3490-07-28 FE28 Jul 1999 OS28 Jul 1999 AD2451401 JDN
930 AA, Adam's last year.
Sun12992-04-05 AA8 Apr 2001 NS26 Mar 2754 AUC4739165 AAN
3492-04-05 FE26 Mar 2001 OS26 Mar 2001 AD2452008 JDN
1041 AA, Seth's last year.
Sat12992-07-26 AA28 Jul 2001 NS15 Jul 2754 AUC4739276 AAN
3492-07-26 FE15 Jul 2001 OS15 Jul 2001 AD2452119 JDN
1138 AA, Enosh's last year.
Fri12992-11-03 AA2 Nov 2001 NS20 Oct 2754 AUC4739373 AAN
3492-11-03 FE20 Oct 2001 OS20 Oct 2001 AD2452216 JDN
1208 AA, Kenah becomes ancestor of Mahalalel.
Fri12992-13-13 AA11 Jan 2002 NS29 Dec 2754 AUC4739443 AAN
3492-13-13 FE29 Dec 2001 OS29 Dec 2001 AD2452286 JDN
2048 AA, Kenan's last year.
Fri12995-04-13 AA30 Apr 2004 NS17 Apr 2757 AUC4740283 AAN
3495-04-13 FE17 Apr 2004 OS17 Apr 2004 AD2453126 JDN
2113 AA, Mahalalel becomes ancestor of Jared.
Sun12995-06-18 AA4 Jul 2004 NS21 Jun 2757 AUC4740348 AAN
3495-06-18 FE21 Jun 2004 OS21 Jun 2004 AD2453191 JDN
2943 AA, Mahalalel's last year.
Thu12997-10-08 AA12 Oct 2006 NS29 Sep 2759 AUC4741178 AAN
3497-10-08 FE29 Sep 2006 OS29 Sep 2006 AD2454021 JDN
3105 AA, Jared becomes ancestor of Enoch.
Fri12998-03-20 AA23 Mar 2007 NS10 Mar 2760 AUC4741340 AAN
3498-03-20 FE10 Mar 2006 OS10 Mar 2007 AD2454183 JDN
3905 AA, Jared's last year.
Sun13000-05-10 AA31 May 2009 NS18 May 2762 AUC4742140 AAN
3500-05-10 FE18 May 2009 OS18 May 2009 AD2454983 JDN
3970 AA, Enoch becomes ancestor of Methuselah.
Tue13000-07-15 AA4 Aug 2009 NS22 Jul 2762 AUC4742205 AAN
3500-07-15 FE22 Jul 2009 OS22 Jul 2009 AD2455048 JDN
4270 AA, Enoch's ascension.
Mon13001-04-15 AA31 May 2010 NS18 May 2763 AUC4742505 AAN
3501-04-15 FE18 May 2010 OS18 May 2010 AD2455348 JDN
4457 AA, Methuselah becomes ancestor of Lamech.
Sat13001-10-22 AA4 Dec 2010 NS21 Nov 2763 AUC4742692 AAN
3501-10-22 FE21 Nov 2010 OS21 Nov 2010 AD2455535 JDN
5240 AA, Methuselah's last year.
Fri13003-12-25 AA25 Jan 2013 NS12 Jan 2766 AUC4743475 AAN
3503-12-25 FE12 Jan 2012 OS12 Jan 2013 AD2456318 JDN
5421 AA, Noah's first year.
Thu13004-06-26 AA25 Jul 2013 NS12 Jul 2766 AUC4743656 AAN
3504-06-26 FE12 Jul 2013 OS12 Jul 2013 AD2456499 JDN
5923 AA, Shem's first year.
Tue13005-11-18 AA9 Dec 2014 NS26 Nov 2767 AUC4744158 AAN
3505-11-18 FE26 Nov 2014 OS26 Nov 2014 AD2457001 JDN
6020 AA, Noah's flood.
Mon13006-02-25 AA16 Mar 2015 NS3 Mar 2768 AUC4744255 AAN
3506-02-25 FE3 Mar 2014 OS3 Mar 2015 AD2457098 JDN
6370 AA, Noah's last year.
Mon13007-02-15 AA29 Feb 2016 NS16 Feb 2769 AUC4744605 AAN
3507-02-15 FE16 Feb 2015 OS16 Feb 2016 AD2457448 JDN
6523 AA, Arphaxad's first year.
Sun13007-07-18 AA31 Jul 2016 NS18 Jul 2769 AUC4744758 AAN
3507-07-18 FE18 Jul 2016 OS18 Jul 2016 AD2457601 JDN
6961 AA, Shelah's first year.
Thu13008-09-06 AA12 Oct 2017 NS29 Sep 2770 AUC4745196 AAN
3508-09-06 FE29 Sep 2017 OS29 Sep 2017 AD2458039 JDN
7394 AA, Eber's first year.
Wed13009-11-19 AA19 Dec 2018 NS6 Dec 2771 AUC4745629 AAN
3509-11-19 FE6 Dec 2018 OS6 Dec 2018 AD2458472 JDN
7858 AA, Peleg's first year.
Fri13011-03-03 AA27 Mar 2020 NS14 Mar 2773 AUC4746093 AAN
3511-03-03 FE14 Mar 2019 OS14 Mar 2020 AD2458936 JDN
8097 AA, Reu's first year.
Sat13011-11-02 AA21 Nov 2020 NS8 Nov 2773 AUC4746332 AAN
3511-11-02 FE8 Nov 2020 OS8 Nov 2020 AD2459175 JDN
8336 AA, Serug's first year.
Sun13012-07-01 AA18 Jul 2021 NS5 Jul 2774 AUC4746571 AAN
3512-07-01 FE5 Jul 2021 OS5 Jul 2021 AD2459414 JDN
8556 AA, Nahor's first year.
Wed13013-02-11 AA23 Feb 2022 NS10 Feb 2775 AUC4746791 AAN
3513-02-11 FE10 Feb 2021 OS10 Feb 2022 AD2459634 JDN
8714 AA, Terah's first year.
Sun13013-07-19 AA31 Jul 2022 NS18 Jul 2775 AUC4746949 AAN
3513-07-19 FE18 Jul 2022 OS18 Jul 2022 AD2459792 JDN
8784 AA, Abraham's first year.
Sun13013-09-29 AA9 Oct 2022 NS26 Sep 2775 AUC4747019 AAN
3513-09-29 FE26 Sep 2022 OS26 Sep 2022 AD2459862 JDN
8858 AA, Abraham called to Canaan.
Thu13013-12-13 AA22 Dec 2022 NS9 Dec 2775 AUC4747093 AAN
3513-12-13 FE9 Dec 2022 OS9 Dec 2022 AD2459936 JDN
8883 AA, Isaac's first year.
Mon13014-01-08 AA16 Jan 2023 NS3 Jan 2776 AUC4747118 AAN
3514-01-08 FE3 Jan 2022 OS3 Jan 2023 AD2459961 JDN
8942 AA, Jacob's first year.
Thu13014-03-07 AA16 Mar 2023 NS3 Mar 2776 AUC4747177 AAN
3514-03-07 FE3 Mar 2022 OS3 Mar 2023 AD2460020 JDN
9011 AA, Levi's first year.
Wed13014-05-16 AA24 May 2023 NS11 May 2776 AUC4747246 AAN
3514-05-16 FE11 May 2023 OS11 May 2023 AD2460089 JDN
9148 AA, Kohath's first year.
Sun13014-10-03 AA8 Oct 2023 NS25 Sep 2776 AUC4747383 AAN
3514-10-03 FE25 Sep 2023 OS25 Sep 2023 AD2460226 JDN
9281 AA, Amram's first year.
Sun13015-01-16 AA18 Feb 2024 NS5 Feb 2777 AUC4747516 AAN
3515-01-16 FE5 Feb 2023 OS5 Feb 2024 AD2460359 JDN
9418 AA, Aaron's first year.
Thu13015-06-03 AA4 Jul 2024 NS21 Jun 2777 AUC4747653 AAN
3515-06-03 FE21 Jun 2024 OS21 Jun 2024 AD2460496 JDN
9501 AA, Exodus from Egypt.
Wed13015-08-26 AA25 Sep 2024 NS12 Sep 2777 AUC4747736 AAN
3515-08-26 FE12 Sep 2024 OS12 Sep 2024 AD2460579 JDN
9540 AA, Last day of 40 years.
Sun13015-10-05 AA3 Nov 2024 NS21 Oct 2777 AUC4747775 AAN
3515-10-05 FE21 Oct 2024 OS21 Oct 2024 AD2460618 JDN
9747 AA, Gideon's fleece.
Thu13016-05-02 AA29 May 2025 NS16 May 2778 AUC4747982 AAN
3516-05-02 FE16 May 2025 OS16 May 2025 AD2460825 JDN
9907 AA, Saul's first year.
Wed13016-10-12 AA5 Nov 2025 NS23 Oct 2778 AUC4748142 AAN
3516-10-12 FE23 Oct 2025 OS23 Oct 2025 AD2460985 JDN
10000 AA, Solomon's temple.
Fri13017-01-15 AA6 Feb 2026 NS24 Jan 2779 AUC4748235 AAN
3517-01-15 FE24 Jan 2025 OS24 Jan 2026 AD2461078 JDN
10020 AA, Civil War Split Kingdom.
Thu13017-02-05 AA26 Feb 2026 NS13 Feb 2779 AUC4748255 AAN
3517-02-05 FE13 Feb 2025 OS13 Feb 2026 AD2461098 JDN
10111 AA, Ahaziah dies at Megiddo.
Thu13017-05-06 AA28 May 2026 NS15 May 2779 AUC4748346 AAN
3517-05-06 FE15 May 2026 OS15 May 2026 AD2461189 JDN
10276 AA, Northerners captive to Assyria.
Mon13017-10-21 AA9 Nov 2026 NS27 Oct 2779 AUC4748511 AAN
3517-10-21 FE27 Oct 2026 OS27 Oct 2026 AD2461354 JDN
10409 AA, Jerusalem's walls broke by Nebchadnezzar.
Mon13018-03-04 AA22 Mar 2027 NS9 Mar 2780 AUC4748644 AAN
3518-03-04 FE9 Mar 2026 OS9 Mar 2027 AD2461487 JDN
10499 AA, Second Temple rededication.
Sun13018-06-04 AA20 Jun 2027 NS7 Jun 2780 AUC4748734 AAN
3518-06-04 FE7 Jun 2027 OS7 Jun 2027 AD2461577 JDN

Note that in the chart above, the start of the war in Ukraine in February of 2022, and the war in Gaza in October of 2023, are aligning within a day or so.

Public Ministry + 2000 Years

The next section of time in Jesus' life is the start of his ministry. The following table shows his Baptism and soon following dates at their 2000th anniversaries.

Jesus In Public Begins + 2000 years
11018-07-27 AA + 2000, Baptism
Thu13018-07-27 AA12 Aug 2027 NS30 Jul 2780 AUC4748787 AAN
3518-07-27 FE30 Jul 2027 OS30 Jul 2027 AD2461630 JDN
11018-07-28 AA + 2000, Wilderness Begins
Fri13018-07-28 AA13 Aug 2027 NS31 Jul 2780 AUC4748788 AAN
3518-07-28 FE31 Jul 2027 OS31 Jul 2027 AD2461631 JDN
11018-09-08 AA + 2000, Isaiah Scroll Reading
Wed13018-09-08 AA22 Sep 2027 NS9 Sep 2780 AUC4748828 AAN
3518-09-08 FE9 Sep 2027 OS9 Sep 2027 AD2461671 JDN

Reading from the Isaiah scroll begins a year of favor. The reading of the scroll marks the start of a 390 day long Sabbath/Jubilee year.

Year Long Replay

That ministry year was running the timeline again. It can either start at Jesus' baptism or at Nazareth when they wanted to throw him off the cliff. The cliff is a prophetic match to Adam and Eve and the fall. The people in the town are attempting to do what was done to Adam and Eve when they left the garden.

The following chart uses the day of the Isaiah scroll as the start of another prophetic replay of the historical timeline.

Note that the pace of that year is 30 historical years to the calendar day. The headings in the following table are designed to remind of this 30 to 1 compression.

Ministry as Historical Echo + 2000 years
1/30, Adam's first year.
Wed13018-09-08 AA22 Sep 2027 NS9 Sep 2780 AUC4748828 AAN
3518-09-08 FE9 Sep 2027 OS9 Sep 2027 AD2461671 JDN
130/30, Seth's first year.
Sun13018-09-12 AA26 Sep 2027 NS13 Sep 2780 AUC4748832 AAN
3518-09-12 FE13 Sep 2027 OS13 Sep 2027 AD2461675 JDN
234/30, Enosh's first year.
Wed13018-09-15 AA29 Sep 2027 NS16 Sep 2780 AUC4748835 AAN
3518-09-15 FE16 Sep 2027 OS16 Sep 2027 AD2461678 JDN
323/30, Enosh becomes ancestor of Kenan.
Sat13018-09-18 AA2 Oct 2027 NS19 Sep 2780 AUC4748838 AAN
3518-09-18 FE19 Sep 2027 OS19 Sep 2027 AD2461681 JDN
930/30, Adam's last year.
Sat13018-10-09 AA23 Oct 2027 NS10 Oct 2780 AUC4748859 AAN
3518-10-09 FE10 Oct 2027 OS10 Oct 2027 AD2461702 JDN
1041/30, Seth's last year.
Tue13018-10-12 AA26 Oct 2027 NS13 Oct 2780 AUC4748862 AAN
3518-10-12 FE13 Oct 2027 OS13 Oct 2027 AD2461705 JDN
1138/30, Enosh's last year.
Fri13018-10-15 AA29 Oct 2027 NS16 Oct 2780 AUC4748865 AAN
3518-10-15 FE16 Oct 2027 OS16 Oct 2027 AD2461708 JDN
1208/30, Kenah becomes ancestor of Mahalalel.
Mon13018-10-18 AA1 Nov 2027 NS19 Oct 2780 AUC4748868 AAN
3518-10-18 FE19 Oct 2027 OS19 Oct 2027 AD2461711 JDN
2048/30, Kenan's last year.
Mon13018-11-16 AA29 Nov 2027 NS16 Nov 2780 AUC4748896 AAN
3518-11-16 FE16 Nov 2027 OS16 Nov 2027 AD2461739 JDN
2113/30, Mahalalel becomes ancestor of Jared.
Wed13018-11-18 AA1 Dec 2027 NS18 Nov 2780 AUC4748898 AAN
3518-11-18 FE18 Nov 2027 OS18 Nov 2027 AD2461741 JDN
2943/30, Mahalalel's last year.
Wed13018-12-16 AA29 Dec 2027 NS16 Dec 2780 AUC4748926 AAN
3518-12-16 FE16 Dec 2027 OS16 Dec 2027 AD2461769 JDN
3105/30, Jared becomes ancestor of Enoch.
Mon13018-12-21 AA3 Jan 2028 NS21 Dec 2780 AUC4748931 AAN
3518-12-21 FE21 Dec 2027 OS21 Dec 2027 AD2461774 JDN
3905/30, Jared's last year.
Sun13019-01-18 AA30 Jan 2028 NS17 Jan 2781 AUC4748958 AAN
3519-01-18 FE17 Jan 2027 OS17 Jan 2028 AD2461801 JDN
3970/30, Enoch becomes ancestor of Methuselah.
Tue13019-01-20 AA1 Feb 2028 NS19 Jan 2781 AUC4748960 AAN
3519-01-20 FE19 Jan 2027 OS19 Jan 2028 AD2461803 JDN
4270/30, Enoch's ascension.
Fri13019-01-30 AA11 Feb 2028 NS29 Jan 2781 AUC4748970 AAN
3519-01-30 FE29 Jan 2027 OS29 Jan 2028 AD2461813 JDN
4457/30, Methuselah becomes ancestor of Lamech.
Thu13019-02-06 AA17 Feb 2028 NS4 Feb 2781 AUC4748976 AAN
3519-02-06 FE4 Feb 2027 OS4 Feb 2028 AD2461819 JDN
5240/30, Methuselah's last year.
Tue13019-03-02 AA14 Mar 2028 NS1 Mar 2781 AUC4749002 AAN
3519-03-02 FE1 Mar 2027 OS1 Mar 2028 AD2461845 JDN
5421/30, Noah's first year.
Mon13019-03-08 AA20 Mar 2028 NS7 Mar 2781 AUC4749008 AAN
3519-03-08 FE7 Mar 2027 OS7 Mar 2028 AD2461851 JDN
5923/30, Shem's first year.
Thu13019-03-25 AA6 Apr 2028 NS24 Mar 2781 AUC4749025 AAN
3519-03-25 FE24 Mar 2027 OS24 Mar 2028 AD2461868 JDN
6020/30, Noah's flood.
Sun13019-03-28 AA9 Apr 2028 NS27 Mar 2781 AUC4749028 AAN
3519-03-28 FE27 Mar 2028 OS27 Mar 2028 AD2461871 JDN
6370/30, Noah's last year.
Fri13019-04-10 AA21 Apr 2028 NS8 Apr 2781 AUC4749040 AAN
3519-04-10 FE8 Apr 2028 OS8 Apr 2028 AD2461883 JDN
6523/30, Arphaxad's first year.
Wed13019-04-15 AA26 Apr 2028 NS13 Apr 2781 AUC4749045 AAN
3519-04-15 FE13 Apr 2028 OS13 Apr 2028 AD2461888 JDN
6961/30, Shelah's first year.
Thu13019-04-30 AA11 May 2028 NS28 Apr 2781 AUC4749060 AAN
3519-04-30 FE28 Apr 2028 OS28 Apr 2028 AD2461903 JDN
7394/30, Eber's first year.
Thu13019-05-14 AA25 May 2028 NS12 May 2781 AUC4749074 AAN
3519-05-14 FE12 May 2028 OS12 May 2028 AD2461917 JDN
7858/30, Peleg's first year.
Fri13019-05-29 AA9 Jun 2028 NS27 May 2781 AUC4749089 AAN
3519-05-29 FE27 May 2028 OS27 May 2028 AD2461932 JDN
8097/30, Reu's first year.
Sat13019-06-07 AA17 Jun 2028 NS4 Jun 2781 AUC4749097 AAN
3519-06-07 FE4 Jun 2028 OS4 Jun 2028 AD2461940 JDN
8336/30, Serug's first year.
Sun13019-06-15 AA25 Jun 2028 NS12 Jun 2781 AUC4749105 AAN
3519-06-15 FE12 Jun 2028 OS12 Jun 2028 AD2461948 JDN
8556/30, Nahor's first year.
Mon13019-06-23 AA3 Jul 2028 NS20 Jun 2781 AUC4749113 AAN
3519-06-23 FE20 Jun 2028 OS20 Jun 2028 AD2461956 JDN
8714/30, Terah's first year.
Sat13019-06-28 AA8 Jul 2028 NS25 Jun 2781 AUC4749118 AAN
3519-06-28 FE25 Jun 2028 OS25 Jun 2028 AD2461961 JDN
8784/30, Abraham's first year.
Mon13019-06-30 AA10 Jul 2028 NS27 Jun 2781 AUC4749120 AAN
3519-06-30 FE27 Jun 2028 OS27 Jun 2028 AD2461963 JDN
8858/30, Abraham called to Canaan.
Thu13019-07-03 AA13 Jul 2028 NS30 Jun 2781 AUC4749123 AAN
3519-07-03 FE30 Jun 2028 OS30 Jun 2028 AD2461966 JDN
8883/30, Isaac's first year.
Fri13019-07-04 AA14 Jul 2028 NS1 Jul 2781 AUC4749124 AAN
3519-07-04 FE1 Jul 2028 OS1 Jul 2028 AD2461967 JDN
8942/30, Jacob's first year.
Sun13019-07-06 AA16 Jul 2028 NS3 Jul 2781 AUC4749126 AAN
3519-07-06 FE3 Jul 2028 OS3 Jul 2028 AD2461969 JDN
9011/30, Levi's first year.
Tue13019-07-08 AA18 Jul 2028 NS5 Jul 2781 AUC4749128 AAN
3519-07-08 FE5 Jul 2028 OS5 Jul 2028 AD2461971 JDN
9148/30, Kohath's first year.
Sat13019-07-12 AA22 Jul 2028 NS9 Jul 2781 AUC4749132 AAN
3519-07-12 FE9 Jul 2028 OS9 Jul 2028 AD2461975 JDN
9281/30, Amram's first year.
Thu13019-07-17 AA27 Jul 2028 NS14 Jul 2781 AUC4749137 AAN
3519-07-17 FE14 Jul 2028 OS14 Jul 2028 AD2461980 JDN
9418/30, Aaron's first year.
Mon13019-07-21 AA31 Jul 2028 NS18 Jul 2781 AUC4749141 AAN
3519-07-21 FE18 Jul 2028 OS18 Jul 2028 AD2461984 JDN
9501/30, Exodus from Egypt.
Thu13019-07-24 AA3 Aug 2028 NS21 Jul 2781 AUC4749144 AAN
3519-07-24 FE21 Jul 2028 OS21 Jul 2028 AD2461987 JDN
9540/30, Last day of 40 years.
Sat13019-07-26 AA5 Aug 2028 NS23 Jul 2781 AUC4749146 AAN
3519-07-26 FE23 Jul 2028 OS23 Jul 2028 AD2461989 JDN
9747/30, Gideon's fleece.
Fri13019-08-02 AA11 Aug 2028 NS29 Jul 2781 AUC4749152 AAN
3519-08-02 FE29 Jul 2028 OS29 Jul 2028 AD2461995 JDN
9907/30, Saul's first year.
Thu13019-08-08 AA17 Aug 2028 NS4 Aug 2781 AUC4749158 AAN
3519-08-08 FE4 Aug 2028 OS4 Aug 2028 AD2462001 JDN
10000/30, Solomon's temple.
Sun13019-08-11 AA20 Aug 2028 NS7 Aug 2781 AUC4749161 AAN
3519-08-11 FE7 Aug 2028 OS7 Aug 2028 AD2462004 JDN
10020/30, Civil War Split Kingdom.
Mon13019-08-12 AA21 Aug 2028 NS8 Aug 2781 AUC4749162 AAN
3519-08-12 FE8 Aug 2028 OS8 Aug 2028 AD2462005 JDN
10111/30, Ahaziah dies at Megiddo.
Thu13019-08-15 AA24 Aug 2028 NS11 Aug 2781 AUC4749165 AAN
3519-08-15 FE11 Aug 2028 OS11 Aug 2028 AD2462008 JDN
10276/30, Northerners captive to Assyria.
Tue13019-08-20 AA29 Aug 2028 NS16 Aug 2781 AUC4749170 AAN
3519-08-20 FE16 Aug 2028 OS16 Aug 2028 AD2462013 JDN
10409/30, Jerusalem's walls broke by Nebchadnezzar.
Sat13019-08-24 AA2 Sep 2028 NS20 Aug 2781 AUC4749174 AAN
3519-08-24 FE20 Aug 2028 OS20 Aug 2028 AD2462017 JDN
10499/30, Second Temple rededication.
Tue13019-08-27 AA5 Sep 2028 NS23 Aug 2781 AUC4749177 AAN
3519-08-27 FE23 Aug 2028 OS23 Aug 2028 AD2462020 JDN

Note that the entire recorded history in the text prophetically fits within that year.

Note that there is about a 1 month gap between the end of this table and the next. This would be the normal Sabbath month within a Sabbath year.

Passion Week + 2000 Years

Passion week is perhaps the busiest time recorded in the text. That week has a 2000th anniversary too. The following table shows the replay dates for that week.

Note that Passion Week has an hour-accurate schedule which might be expected to replay within the 2000th anniversary. This would need to be determined as this 2000th anniversary week approached.

Note also that to keep to the precise 2000 year offset, the historical days within that week are not the same as the modern replay days of the week.

Jesus' Passion Week + 2000 years
11019-10-02 AA + 2000, Pre-Sabbath Arrival, Friday
Tue13019-10-02 AA10 Oct 2028 NS27 Sep 2781 AUC4749212 AAN
3519-10-02 FE27 Sep 2028 OS27 Sep 2028 AD2462055 JDN
11019-10-04 AA + 2000, Triumphal Entry, Sunday
Thu13019-10-04 AA12 Oct 2028 NS29 Sep 2781 AUC4749214 AAN
3519-10-04 FE29 Sep 2028 OS29 Sep 2028 AD2462057 JDN
11019-10-05 AA + 2000, Teaching, Monday
Fri13019-10-05 AA13 Oct 2028 NS30 Sep 2781 AUC4749215 AAN
3519-10-05 FE30 Sep 2028 OS30 Sep 2028 AD2462058 JDN
11019-10-08 AA + 2000, Crucifixion, Thursday
Mon13019-10-08 AA16 Oct 2028 NS3 Oct 2781 AUC4749218 AAN
3519-10-08 FE3 Oct 2028 OS3 Oct 2028 AD2462061 JDN
11019-10-11 AA + 2000, Resurrection, Sunday
Thu13019-10-11 AA19 Oct 2028 NS6 Oct 2781 AUC4749221 AAN
3519-10-11 FE6 Oct 2028 OS6 Oct 2028 AD2462064 JDN

At Resurrection Sunday, the pace of the narrative drops off considerably. This begins a season where Jesus is appearing to his disciples in a series of encounters.

Encounters + 2000 Years

The following table shows the obvious dates for known encounters across the 40 days that followed his resurrection. The pace of the timeline is slowing. It may also be that there is a prophetic replay of some sort going on in these 40 days.

Jesus' Days Of Encounters + 2000 years
11019-10-12 AA + 2000, Night Gathering
Fri13019-10-12 AA20 Oct 2028 NS7 Oct 2781 AUC4749222 AAN
3519-10-12 FE7 Oct 2028 OS7 Oct 2028 AD2462065 JDN
11019-10-18 AA + 2000, Doubting Thomas
Thu13019-10-18 AA26 Oct 2028 NS13 Oct 2781 AUC4749228 AAN
3519-10-18 FE13 Oct 2028 OS13 Oct 2028 AD2462071 JDN
11019-11-21 AA + 2000, Jesus' Ascension
Tue13019-11-21 AA28 Nov 2028 NS15 Nov 2781 AUC4749261 AAN
3519-11-21 FE15 Nov 2028 OS15 Nov 2028 AD2462104 JDN

After Jesus' ascension, the detailed narrative of the NT comes to an end. There are roughly 40 years from that time until the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman army in 70 AD.

There are enough clues in the NT narrative that there may yet be a prophetic schedule. The details are not yet worked out.

That long, 40 year, version of the story might also be playing within the 40 days of encounters.

After the anniversaries of the ascension, there are anniversaries of Noah's flood. The 5000th anniversary of Noah was in the time when the text was written. The Pentecost events early in Acts were likely landing against those Noah anniversaries.

Noah's Flood + 7000 Years

The next set of interesting modern dates are the dates related to the 7000th anniversary of Noah's Flood.

This is interesting because Noah himself was told to load up the ark. But importantly, in divine voice. That brings in a prophetic ratio of 1 day is as 1000 years. (2 Pet 3:8)

So the following table lists off the key dates in the story of Noah's flood, but offset by 7000 years. Only the dated stories from Noah's era are shown here.

Noah's Flood Season + 7000 years
6020-02-10 AA + 7000, 7 Day Warning
Thu13020-02-10 AA15 Feb 2029 NS2 Feb 2782 AUC4749340 AAN
3520-02-10 FE2 Feb 2028 OS2 Feb 2029 AD2462183 JDN
6020-02-17 AA + 7000, Noah's Flood
Thu13020-02-17 AA22 Feb 2029 NS9 Feb 2782 AUC4749347 AAN
3520-02-17 FE9 Feb 2028 OS9 Feb 2029 AD2462190 JDN
6020-03-26 AA + 7000, 40th Day Of Rain
Mon13020-03-26 AA2 Apr 2029 NS20 Mar 2782 AUC4749386 AAN
3520-03-26 FE20 Mar 2028 OS20 Mar 2029 AD2462229 JDN
6020-07-17 AA + 7000, Waters Recede, Ark Rests
Sun13020-07-17 AA22 Jul 2029 NS9 Jul 2782 AUC4749497 AAN
3520-07-17 FE9 Jul 2029 OS9 Jul 2029 AD2462340 JDN
6020-10-01 AA + 7000, Mountains Visible
Thu13020-10-01 AA4 Oct 2029 NS21 Sep 2782 AUC4749571 AAN
3520-10-01 FE21 Sep 2029 OS21 Sep 2029 AD2462414 JDN
6020-11-10 AA + 7000, Noah Sends out Dove
Mon13020-11-10 AA12 Nov 2029 NS30 Oct 2782 AUC4749610 AAN
3520-11-10 FE30 Oct 2029 OS30 Oct 2029 AD2462453 JDN
6021-01-01 AA + 7000, Earth is becoming dry
Wed13021-01-01 AA2 Jan 2030 NS20 Dec 2782 AUC4749661 AAN
3521-01-01 FE20 Dec 2029 OS20 Dec 2029 AD2462504 JDN
6021-02-27 AA + 7000, Noah out of ark
Wed13021-02-27 AA27 Feb 2030 NS14 Feb 2783 AUC4749717 AAN
3521-02-27 FE14 Feb 2029 OS14 Feb 2030 AD2462560 JDN

After the end of Noah, the pace of prophetic headline dates drops off dramatically.

The story of Acts and the missionary journeys of the Apostles spreads out over the following 40 years. These men were completing what would have been Jesus' earthly life.

70 Years + 2000 Years

Note that there are structural reasons to expect that Jesus' earthly life work would overlay a 70 year interval.

In history, the replay of the end of that life interval was at the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. That may replay in some way at the 2000th anniversary as well.

The following report shows the original birth date, the 70th anniversary in 70 AD, and then the 2000th anniversary.

70 Years of Jesus
Jesus' Birth
Fri10989-08-29 AA16 Feb 1 NS17 Feb 754 AUC4008629 AAN
1489-08-29 FE18 Feb 0 OS17 Feb 1 AD1721472 JDN
70 Years, 25,500 days, Later, Rome to Jerusalem
Thu11059-06-29 AA11 Dec 70 NS13 Dec 823 AUC4034129 AAN
1559-06-29 FE13 Dec 70 OS13 Dec 70 AD1746972 JDN
2000 Years later
Mon13059-06-29 AA9 Jul 2068 NS26 Jun 2821 AUC4763729 AAN
3559-06-29 FE26 Jun 2068 OS26 Jun 2068 AD2476572 JDN

At this point, a new era has begun. Similar to the start of the Christian era after Paul arrived in Rome. Presumably something similar will begin at that anniversary.