Report on Jesus' 2000th Anniversary Dates

This article works out the anniversaries of the main dates of Jesus

The Bible Time Theory was built on several ideas:

  • That the Bible has a calendar, that all of its dated stores are on that calendar.
  • That calendar can be rediscovered, and we can determine current date.
  • The rediscovery process yields a calendar-verifying prophetic series of headline dates.

The prophetic dates from this work followed a day-for-a-year replay of the Bible's historical time line that began in 1974 and effectively ended in 2010.

Enough headlines clearly followed the story that it was possible to declare the work valid, and the calendar found.

Much more work remains, especially finding all of the Bible stories that go on the calendar.

Another area of study is the 2000th anniversaries of Jesus' life. His life was also a day-for-a-year replay of the Bible's historical time line. But, instead of starting in 1974 as the calendar based timeline showed, Jesus' 2000th anniversary dates began in 1998 and continue into the very late 2020s.

Temporary Report

Work around here is focused on cleaning up the Bible in order to get all of its stories charted on the time line. For the next couple years that work will continue.

Until that is finished, the following report provides some guidance.

It charts the high level Bible stories INTO Jesus' life and thus the 2000th anniversary dates of that life. This is an important source of Biblical narrative that informs ongoing prophetic headlines.

The chart ALSO folds through the dates from the calendar series from 1974 through 2010. This is important because certain headlines appear to have double fulfillments. It is also important because certain prophetic visions appear to have been given in the first series to dates going past in the second.

Summary Report

Alignment Table

The following gives some guidance for finding alignments between the Day-For-A-Year system and the Jesus 2000 system.