King's Lives

The lives of kings appear to have special prophetic uses in the main timeline. This article provides details.


Other reports in this section map some aspects of kings lives in various ways. In particular is a Kings Table deals with some of them in terms of Jubilee maps. Also, Reigns deals with the day accurate nature of the entire set of reigns.

The reports in this article take the known details of the lives of kings and matches them against a theoretical 70 year life length. From that map, it is possible to use the details of their lives and reigns as pointers at prophetic dates in the trunk timeline of overall world history.

Raw Data

The following lists the raw data known from the text about each king.

Raw Data For Kings

As Prophetic Dates

The following table runs the kings again. Each time reference involving a king becomes a calendar date. If an age is known for a king when he begins to reign, then the date of the first day of his reign is given. In any case, then the last day of reign is also given.

Consider that the age at reign is being treated as an offset for the reign. When those values are unknown, then the king in question only has 1 prophetic date.

Kings Dates
1092131-01-01 2550070-12-30
1491142-01-01 2115058-12-30
1275136-01-01 2187060-12-30
1164133-01-01 1455040-12-30
801123-01-01 837023-12-30
36102-01-01 255007-13-30
255108-01-01 1710047-12-30
909126-01-01 1968054-12-30
582117-01-01 2478068-12-30
909126-01-01 1491041-12-30
726121-01-01 1311036-12-30
909126-01-01 1968054-12-30
435113-01-01 2442067-12-30
801123-01-01 873024-12-30
291109-01-01 1419039-12-30
1020129-01-01 1029029-03-30
909126-01-01 1311036-12-30
654119-01-01 664019-04-10
765122-01-01 1164032-12-30

Sorted Prophetic Dates

The following table takes all the found dates from the previous table and displays them in sorted order.

Note that the day number in the following table can be thought of as a year number from Adam. The dates can be thought of as dates in Jesus' life. Beyond year 30 these would be dates across the time of Acts and ending with the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans.

Sorted Kings Dates
Joashstart 36102-01-01
Abijahlast 108003-12-30
Athaliahlast 216006-12-30
Joashlast 255007-13-30
Joashstart 255108-01-01
Josiahstart 291109-01-01
Manassehstart 435113-01-01
Uzziahstart 582117-01-01
Jehoiachinstart 654119-01-01
Jehoiachinlast 664019-04-10
Ahazstart 726121-01-01
Zedekiahstart 765122-01-01
Ahaziahstart 801123-01-01
Amonstart 801123-01-01
Ahaziahlast 837023-12-30
Amonlast 873024-12-30
Asalast 909025-12-30
Amaziahstart 909126-01-01
Jothamstart 909126-01-01
Hezekiahstart 909126-01-01
Jehoiakimstart 909126-01-01
Jehoahazstart 1020129-01-01
Jehoahazlast 1029029-03-30
Davidstart 1092131-01-01
Zedekiahlast 1164032-12-30
Jehoramstart 1164133-01-01
Jehoshephatstart 1275136-01-01
Ahazlast 1311036-12-30
Jehoiakimlast 1311036-12-30
Josiahlast 1419039-12-30
Solomonlast 1455040-12-30
Jehoramlast 1455040-12-30
Jothamlast 1491041-12-30
Rehoboamstart 1491142-01-01
Joashlast 1710047-12-30
Amaziahlast 1968054-12-30
Hezekiahlast 1968054-12-30
Rehoboamlast 2115058-12-30
Jehoshephatlast 2187060-12-30
Manassehlast 2442067-12-30
Uzziahlast 2478068-12-30
Davidlast 2550070-12-30

Note something very important about the dates in this list. These are much more extensive than any other single list of stories. Much of the NT is not written with dates at all. Why?

Because the previous table provides both dates and prophetic back stories.

Consider king Joash. After his first year he was hidden away for fear of his life. This lasted 6 years. He was protected across that time. Why did Joseph have a dream to take his son to Egypt? When did they travel? When did they return? These stories are the same. This is the back story to what is going on in the NT times.

Consider Acts. There are a few minor dates in Acts, but nothing like an extensive chronology. Might it be that the dates given in the table above are telling us both dates and extensive back stories to the stories in the NT? Probably.

That is the basis for another study. But it looks to be so.

Jubilee Dates

Starting at about Matthew 16 there is a long series of date related parables. Each parable moves up the historical timeline in order.

By late in Matthew 18, the ongoing series of parables has reached the time of the Exodus. The key lesson of the Exodus is in Leviticus 26. The people have entered a covenant when they passed out of Egypt. If they break that covenant they will suffer 7 times, or 2550 years, of trouble.

Peter catches that chapter in the following quote from Matthew.

21Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?" Matthew 18:2122Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times. Matthew 18:22
(Matthew 18:21-22 NIV)

Jesus answers not 7 times but 70 times seven. There is a math riddle in this. 7 times can be 7 years. But it can also be the 7 Sabbaths of a Jubilee. So this can be 50 years. So overall length is 3500 years.

So each Jubilee runs end-to-end for 70 years. Proof that this is the correct interpretation is based on the rest of the quote from Matthew 18.

23"Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. 24As he began the settlement, a man who owed him ten thousand talents was brought to him. 25Since he was not able to pay, the master ordered that he and his wife and his children and all that he had be sold to repay the debt. Matthew 18:23-2526"The servant fell on his knees before him. `Be patient with me,' he begged, `and I will pay back everything.' 27The servant's master took pity on him, canceled the debt and let him go. Matthew 18:26-2728"But when that servant went out, he found one of his fellow servants who owed him a hundred denarii. He grabbed him and began to choke him. `Pay back what you owe me!' he demanded. Matthew 18:2829"His fellow servant fell to his knees and begged him, `Be patient with me, and I will pay you back.' Matthew 18:2930"But he refused. Instead, he went off and had the man thrown into prison until he could pay the debt. 31When the other servants saw what had happened, they were greatly distressed and went and told their master everything that had happened. Matthew 18:30-3132"Then the master called the servant in. `You wicked servant,' he said, `I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. 33Shouldn't you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?' 34In anger his master turned him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed. Matthew 18:32-34
(Matthew 18:23-34 NIV)

This is of course a story of forgiving debt. It was to happen at the Jubilee. So the parable is build on 70 sets of Jubilees.

The following table does runs this math. It starts at the Exodus in 9501 AA and counts forward. The longest possible length is the life and reign of David, 70 years, so 70 jubilees * 50 years/jubilee or 3500 years.

The following list is sorted in historical order. Note that these dates range well beyond the recorded history of the Bible. They end in our era at the millennium break in 2010.

If the dates given within the table have historical support, then we are living in the era when it is time to take an accounting. Jesus will now demand an accounting from his wicked servant.

Note also, this is using the kings of Jerusalem, so the tribe of Benjamin. This has many implications relative to financial systems on earth generally run by this community.

This table also includes New Style, so Gregorian, dates for each of these dates. This to give quicker reference for first time visitors. The exact dates are overly precise. Think within a couple years either way for possible historical matches.

For example, Joash will map to the formation of modern Russia. Manasseh maps to the US Civil War. The others appear to be as significant but in other parts of the globe.

2 entries in the following table are day accurate. Notes on those follow below.

Sorted Kings Jubilee Dates
Joashstart 1 + 009551-01-01 (22 April -1436 NS)
Abijahlast 0 + 309650-13-30 (8 March -1336 NS)
Athaliahlast 0 + 609800-13-30 (1 January -1186 NS)
Joashlast 1 + 609850-13-30 (10 December -1137 NS)
Joashstart 7 + 009851-01-01 (11 December -1137 NS)
Josiahstart 8 + 009901-01-01 (19 November -1087 NS)
Manassehstart 12 + 010101-01-01 (23 August -887 NS)
Uzziahstart 16 + 010301-01-01 (26 May -687 NS)
Jehoiachinstart 18 + 010401-01-01 (12 April -587 NS)
Jehoiachinlast 18 + 100-- day accurate --
Ahazstart 20 + 010501-01-01 (27 February -487 NS)
Zedekiahstart 21 + 010551-01-01 (5 February -437 NS)
Ahaziahstart 22 + 010601-01-01 (13 January -387 NS)
Amonstart 22 + 010601-01-01 (13 January -387 NS)
Ahaziahlast 22 + 110650-13-30 (21 December -338 NS)
Amonlast 22 + 210700-13-30 (29 November -288 NS)
Asalast 0 + 2510750-13-30 (7 November -238 NS)
Amaziahstart 25 + 010751-01-01 (8 November -238 NS)
Jothamstart 25 + 010751-01-01 (8 November -238 NS)
Hezekiahstart 25 + 010751-01-01 (8 November -238 NS)
Jehoiakimstart 25 + 010751-01-01 (8 November -238 NS)
Jehoahazstart 28 + 010901-01-01 (3 September -88 NS)
Jehoahazlast 28 + 90-- day accurate --
Davidstart 30 + 011001-01-01 (20 July 12 NS)
Zedekiahlast 21 + 1111100-13-30 (5 June 112 NS)
Jehoramstart 32 + 011101-01-01 (6 June 112 NS)
Jehoshephatstart 35 + 011251-01-01 (1 April 262 NS)
Ahazlast 20 + 1611300-13-30 (9 March 312 NS)
Jehoiakimlast 25 + 1111300-13-30 (9 March 312 NS)
Josiahlast 8 + 3111450-13-30 (1 January 462 NS)
Solomonlast 0 + 4011500-13-30 (11 December 511 NS)
Jehoramlast 32 + 811500-13-30 (11 December 511 NS)
Jothamlast 25 + 1611550-13-30 (18 November 561 NS)
Rehoboamstart 41 + 011551-01-01 (19 November 561 NS)
Joashlast 7 + 4011850-13-30 (8 July 861 NS)
Amaziahlast 25 + 2912200-13-30 (4 February 1211 NS)
Hezekiahlast 25 + 2912200-13-30 (4 February 1211 NS)
Rehoboamlast 41 + 1712400-13-30 (8 November 1410 NS)
Jehoshephatlast 35 + 2512500-13-30 (25 September 1510 NS)
Manassehlast 12 + 5512850-13-30 (22 April 1860 NS)
Uzziahlast 16 + 5212900-13-30 (1 April 1910 NS)
Davidlast 30 + 4013000-13-30 (15 February 2010 NS)

Jehoiachin has a start that is pointing at the fall of Jerusalem in his own era. The 100 days of day-accurate reign will add 100 years to this story. So those 100 days point at the end of the year 10500 AA. This is most likely pointing at the 180 day feast held in Babylon. (Esth 1:4) Those 180 days stretching between the holidays in that year.

Jehoahaz is also day accurate. The start of his reign is listed above as 10901 AA. If the days of his reign are years then it points to the year 10990 AA. Note that Jesus was born in 10989 AA. So this is pointing at the year after. Likely the Wise Men from the East are bringing a king's ransom. Herod's attempt to kill Jesus in his 2nd year is in order to track down that wealth. That gift likely funded his entire life and ministry. Perhaps it even funded most of the NT.

Meaning Of These Jubilees

The parable from which these tables are built is calling out the forgiveness of debt at the end of each Jubilee. There is no Biblical record of that ever happening, not even 1 time..

The base parable is also calling out kings and their servants. This is an important detail. The kings listed in the table above are all based in Jerusalem. That city was a foreign Jebusite city until being taken over by the remnant of the tribe of Benjamin. By the time of king Solomon the name of the city, Jebus, has been changed to Jerusalem. At the same time in history The tribal name Benjamin is replaced by the term known today, Jew.

That tribe had been reduced to 600 fighters and was driven by revenge against the other tribes. That tribe appear to have made all of the kings mentioned in the Bible into their public face to their ongoing and continuous governmental administration.

So what are the expected prophetic fulfillment headlines on the listed Jubilees?

The most important industry, both of Jerusalem in Solomon's day, and throughout all history, is central banking. That banking function has several important features. In times of war it makes banker favored kings able to get their enemy's public to fund their war.

So the central bank and military systems setup in Jerusalem in Solomon's day have been able to effectively conquer the world.

By inspection in the table above you can see the end of that series in 13000 AA, or 2010. We know this as the tail end of the Great Financial Crisis. That crisis centered on the US Dollar, the world's reserve currency. Only through a public bailout of the western bankers was that currency saved. But, when the west attacked Russia in 2014, and later sanctioned Russia after they returned fire in 2022, the days of USD hegemony were numbered.

The principle of the Jubilee is that all debt must be extinguished at the same time every 50 years, or 18240 days. This did not happen in 2010. Nor did this happen in any of the other Jubilees listed above. The last time this law was upheld was at the Exodus itself. The law of the Jubilee has never been upheld since. The banking cartel has constantly expanded for the better part of 3000 years. Except for Russia it has reached its theoretical geographical limit.

Note that the private actions of central bankers attempting to protect their monopoly on money are not likely to get records in recorded history. What is likely instead to follow these dates is are national level events that mark the hidden hand of central bankers. Wars are the most common expression of their work. It has been rightly said, All wars are banker's wars.


Look backward in time down the list above. You can see the banking pattern unfold.

12900 AA (1910) is when the US Federal Reserve was being designed and rammed through the US Congress. That legislation was finally passed in 1913. Since the time of the founding of the USA, until that time, there had been little inflation seen across the lives of most citizens.

After 1913, inflation has been constant. By some estimation $100 today had the same purchasing power as $1 in 1913. Inflation is effectively a private tax on anyone holding dollars. To the benefit of the central bankers, so Benjamin's bankers.

12950 AA (1860) is the next date back. This should be readily recognized as the American Civil War. The reasons for that war are explained by different historians in different ways. From a financial perspective the south was facing tariffs that disproportionately burdened southern financial interests. From a financial perspective, the south was effectively debt serfs to the north before the war ever began. If the south had won, they would have split from the bankers in New York City.

Presumably, the financial motives of that war would not have existed if there had been a regular practice of debt Jubilee.

11850 AA (861) is another interesting date. This is essentially the year of the formation of modern Russia. The details of that formation relative to other countries are unclear.

But note, that central banking, without Jubilees, is dependent on a constantly expanding service area. Everyone living in that service area is subject to inflation of the currency and debt financed competition for capital assets like houses and cars.

So growing the service area requires constantly conquering new lands and peoples. It also demands that Benjamin's bankers always control the world's largest army. This pattern of expansion only ends at the physical limits of earth itself, something that appears to have happened in the 2010 financial crisis.

All colonization across earth seems to have been driven to meet Benjamin's central banking needs for control over successively more capital. Once Benjamin's bankers conquer all of earth, without, say, opening colonies on Mars, central banking will naturally collapse.

The divine purpose of this? To bring literacy to all nations, especially starting after Martin Luther's reformation. Once these purposes are met, then fiat based central banking can no longer function.

In Russia's case the "revolution" in Russia after World War I is widely thought to have been funded by Bankers, especially based in the USA. For most of the decades of the 1900s, those western bankers had effective control of the Russian economy through communism. But, in a strange twist of fate, Russia was able to shed that control at the same time as the collapse of the USSR. That shedding event is called the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ. That is subject for a different day.

Those same western bankers must still conquer Russia to regain control of the $80T in natural wealth in that country. If they win the war, they may buy themselves 100 years of additional time before their Ponzi collapses.

This is the fundamental but unnamed the basis of the ongoing war in Ukraine. It is not possible for Western bankers to make peace with Russia because only control of Russia's wealth extends the Ponzi. Collapse will happen naturally otherwise. Russia's best strategy is to simply wait it out. The western financial collapse is already happening.