Research Report on 1 Kings 19

There are various counts of things buried in the Bible’s story. One such story is in 1 Kings 19, where God reserves 7000 for himself. One such placement is as 7000 modern days, as shown here. Note: 7000 Historical days is more likely than this rendering.


Elijah to Horeb(1 Kgs 19:1)
Epoch at 3491/9/4 FE, D/Y replay of Exodus.
This is the end of the 40 years in the desert.
Derived from the visit and time of (1 Kgs 19:8)
Sat12991-09-04 AA9 Sep 2000 NS27 Aug 2753 AUC4738954 AAN
3491-09-04 FE27 Aug 2000 OS27 Aug 2000 AD2451797 JDN
Driven by those reserved to himself.(1 Kgs 19:18)
Sat13010-10-14 AA9 Nov 2019 NS27 Oct 2772 AUC4745954 AAN
3510-10-14 FE27 Oct 2019 OS27 Oct 2019 AD2458797 JDN


The story points at the 40 days Israel spent in the wilderness. It then mentions 7000 "set apart" for God himself. No doubt this was the total in Israel at the time but the literary device suggests the Levites, the "set apart" ones of Israel itself.

The report runs out 7000 days from the end of the day-for-a-year day at the end of the 40 days in the wilderness. This date indicates something to do with Levites and is confirmed by the 12 yoke of Oxen, the next set of features in 1 Kings 19. This is 24 total oxen and is the number of Levite elders, broken down 8 and 16, and it identifies the tribe again.

This is pointing at the resurrection dates for the tribe of Levi and serves to confirm the placement of the resurrection dates in the overall time line.