Introduction to Judean Kings Prophetic dates

Each of the ancient Judean Kings appears prophetic as an indicator for some event in the history of one of the ancient tribes. This article introduces the topic.


When the angel Gabriel appeared to Daniel he said that 70 weeks had been decreed for Daniel’s people. What, exactly, those weeks are is unclear. One possible meaning is that a week as used in this prophecy is a Jubilee. We have more or less assumed this as one possible interpretation in various other parts of this site. What we explore here is one possible second source that confirms this interpretation, what we call here the Kings Table Dates.

What we usually want to find for any prophetic date in the Bible is a second source. One that expands the meaning and gives us more to work with in terms of finding fulfillment in world history. What we need for Gabriel’s prediction is another reference to 70 of something. When we’ve found it we will have more data for figuring out what Gabriel meant.

Few other references to 70 of something exist for us to crack this puzzle. One such reference involves 70 years both as a standard length of life and also as a length of a king’s life. [1] [2]

The standard life length does not help us much but the clue regarding a kings life gives us something very important. We know almost every Judean’s king’s life, and we typically know something about their stories. No king, for example, lived past 70 years, suggesting that these stories are some how linked. If these kings lives map to the same 70 weeks as Gabriel announced to Daniel, then we have far more data involving these 70 weeks than what is given directly to Daniel.

This subsection takes this idea and explores it fully. What we do here is take every king’s life and map it to Jubilees As we will see below this does indeed give us a prophetic outline of world history from Bible times to the present.

As with so many other such stories this does not exactly tell us where to look, only when to look. We must still find other stories that give us more information about each date and what it might mean.

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1. Psalms 90:10
2. Isaiah 23:15