Kings Table Prophetic Jubilees

Each of the ancient Judean Kings appears prophetic as an indicator for some event in the history of one of the ancient tribes. This article introduces the topic.


When the angel Gabriel appeared to Daniel he said that 70 weeks had been decreed for Daniel’s people. What, exactly, those weeks are is unclear. One possible meaning is that a week as used in this prophecy is a Jubilee.

We have more or less assumed this as one possible interpretation in various other parts of this site. What we explore here is one possible second source that confirms this interpretation, what we call here the Kings Table Dates.

What we usually want to find for any prophetic date in the Bible is a second source. One that expands the meaning and gives us more to work with in terms of finding fulfillment in world history. What we need for Gabriel’s prediction is another reference to 70 of something. When we have found it we will have more data for figuring out what Gabriel meant.

Few other references to 70 of something exist for us to crack this puzzle. One such reference involves 70 years both as a standard length of life and also as a length of a king’s life.(Pss 90:10) (Isa 23:15)

The standard life length does not help us much but the clue regarding a kings life gives us something very important. We know almost every Judean’s king’s life, and we typically know something about their stories. No king, for example, lived past 70 years, suggesting that these stories are some how linked. If these kings lives map to the same 70 weeks as Gabriel announced to Daniel, then we have far more data involving these 70 weeks than what is given directly to Daniel.

The table below explores this idea fully. What we do here is take every king’s life and map it to Jubilees. As we will see below this does indeed give us a prophetic outline of world history from Bible times to the present.

As with so many other such stories this does not exactly tell us where to look, only when to look. We must still find other stories that give us more information about each date and what it might mean.

Judean Kings'
Lives as Jubilees
David 70 years, prophetic end at...
Tue13001-01-01 AA16 Feb 2010 NS3 Feb 2763 AUC4742401 AAN
3501-01-01 FE3 Feb 2009 OS3 Feb 2010 AD2455244 JDN
Rehoboam 58 years, prophetic end at...
Fri12401-01-01 AA9 Nov 1410 NS31 Oct 2163 AUC4523521 AAN
2901-01-01 FE31 Oct 1410 OS31 Oct 1410 AD2236364 JDN
Jehoshephat 60 years, prophetic end at...
Mon12501-01-01 AA26 Sep 1510 NS16 Sep 2263 AUC4560001 AAN
3001-01-01 FE16 Sep 1510 OS16 Sep 1510 AD2272844 JDN
Jehroam 40 years, prophetic end at...
Sat11501-01-01 AA12 Dec 511 NS10 Dec 1264 AUC4195201 AAN
2001-01-01 FE10 Dec 511 OS10 Dec 511 AD1908044 JDN
Ahaziah 23 years, prophetic end at...
Fri10651-01-01 AA22 Dec -338 NS11 Oct 407 AUC3885121 AAN
1151-01-01 FE27 Dec -338 OS11 Oct 347 BC1597964 JDN
Joash 47 years, prophetic end at...
Sat11851-01-01 AA9 Jul 861 NS5 Jul 1614 AUC4322881 AAN
2351-01-01 FE5 Jul 861 OS5 Jul 861 AD2035724 JDN
Amaziah 54 years, prophetic end at...
Sat12201-01-01 AA5 Feb 1211 NS29 Jan 1964 AUC4450561 AAN
2701-01-01 FE29 Jan 1210 OS29 Jan 1211 AD2163404 JDN
Uzziah/Azariah 68 years, prophetic end at...
Sat12901-01-01 AA2 Apr 1910 NS20 Mar 2663 AUC4705921 AAN
3401-01-01 FE20 Mar 1909 OS20 Mar 1910 AD2418764 JDN
Jotham 41 years, prophetic end at...
Thu11551-01-01 AA19 Nov 561 NS17 Nov 1314 AUC4213441 AAN
2051-01-01 FE17 Nov 561 OS17 Nov 561 AD1926284 JDN
Ahaz 36 years, prophetic end at...
Sun11301-01-01 AA10 Mar 312 NS9 Mar 1065 AUC4122241 AAN
1801-01-01 FE9 Mar 311 OS9 Mar 312 AD1835084 JDN
Hezekiah 54 years, prophetic end at...
Sat12201-01-01 AA5 Feb 1211 NS29 Jan 1964 AUC4450561 AAN
2701-01-01 FE29 Jan 1210 OS29 Jan 1211 AD2163404 JDN
Manasseh 67 years, prophetic end at...
Mon12851-01-01 AA23 Apr 1860 NS11 Apr 2613 AUC4687681 AAN
3351-01-01 FE11 Apr 1860 OS11 Apr 1860 AD2400524 JDN
Amon 24 years, prophetic end at...
Wed10701-01-01 AA30 Nov -288 NS28 Feb 459 AUC3903361 AAN
1201-01-01 FE4 Dec -288 OS28 Feb 295 BC1616204 JDN
Josiah 39 years, prophetic end at...
Mon11451-01-01 AA2 Jan 462 NS1 Jan 1215 AUC4176961 AAN
1951-01-01 FE1 Jan 461 OS1 Jan 462 AD1889804 JDN
Jehoahaz 28 years, prophetic end at...
Tue10901-01-01 AA3 Sep -88 NS5 Sep 664 AUC3976321 AAN
1401-01-01 FE5 Sep -88 OS5 Sep 90 BC1689164 JDN
Jehoiakim 36 years, prophetic end at...
Sun11301-01-01 AA10 Mar 312 NS9 Mar 1065 AUC4122241 AAN
1801-01-01 FE9 Mar 311 OS9 Mar 312 AD1835084 JDN
Jehoiachin 18 years, prophetic end at...
Mon10401-01-01 AA12 Apr -587 NS15 Nov 150 AUC3793921 AAN
901-01-01 FE18 Apr -587 OS15 Nov 604 BC1506764 JDN
Zedekiah 32 years, prophetic end at...
Mon11101-01-01 AA6 Jun 112 NS7 Jun 865 AUC4049281 AAN
1601-01-01 FE7 Jun 112 OS7 Jun 112 AD1762124 JDN

Note: The previous table only includes kings where the years of life before coming to reign are given in the text. This limits the list to a subset of all the heirs of David. This selecting process may have some other significance.


This table is listing all the kings from David forward. David is the king with a promise to have a dynasty. That dynasty lasted until the fall of the city of Jerusalem to the Babylonians.

David had 30 years of life before reign and then 40 years of reign. 70 years in total.

As Jubilees, this is 70 * 50 = 3500 years.

Note that 70 Jubilees from the Exodus is a theme in many other stories.

This interval for David, measured from the Exodus, is up in our generation. This seems to be fulfilling in the general fight currently going on over who will rule all the world itself.


King Manasseh was the 2nd longest king in the list above. Manasseh was the only king with a name matched to a tribe. That tribe is the modern USA. See for full details.

Note the date in the previous table for Manasseh lands the death of Manasseh in April of 1860. This was the start of the US Civil War.

Presumably this was a death to the ideals upon which the USA was founded. States no longer had any rights in the structures that were built after that war.


The other king worth noting here is Jehoiachin. He was the 2nd to the last king who reigned on David's throne. He lived in the years just ahead of the Babylonian Captivity.

Jehoiachin did not die in office, but was hauled away captive to Babylon. (2 Kgs 24:15-17) His uncle replaced him, breaking the normal family line flow. He was hauled away about 3 years head of the prophetic date given for him in the table above. His reign, more than any other, represents the end of the line of David in Jerusalem.

The final Babylonian captivity was in 10409 AA. The table above shows his life/reign ending just a few years ahead. So there can be around a decade of tolerance in these intervals, So the Manasseh date from 2010 may have some slop too.