Research Report on 1 Chronicles 9

This passage helps identify important points in world history. The three indicated here are the rise of the Christian Church at Rome, the Rise of Christianity in Russia and first war after Israel’s independence in 1956.


The census reports from 1 Chronicles 9 gives a year count that indicates various times in the future history of Israel when 3 important tribes would be doing interesting things. The following is the report.

Prophetic Dates From First Chronicles 9
Epoch at 41/1/15 FE, 40 years to the day from leaving Egypt.
Sat9541-01-15 AA30 Mar -1446 NS10 Mar 864 BAUC3480165 AAN
41-01-15 FE12 Apr -1446 OS10 Mar 1617 BC1193008 JDN
1760 Priests(1 Chr 9:13) at 1/year
Sun11301-01-15 AA24 Mar 312 NS23 Mar 1065 AUC4122255 AAN
1801-01-15 FE23 Mar 311 OS23 Mar 312 AD1835098 JDN
690 From Judah(1 Chr 9:6) at 1/year
Sat11991-01-15 AA11 Apr 1001 NS5 Apr 1754 AUC4373925 AAN
2491-01-15 FE5 Apr 1001 OS5 Apr 1001 AD2086768 JDN
956 From Benjamin(1 Chr 9:9) at 1/year
Tue12947-01-15 AA14 Feb 1956 NS1 Feb 2709 AUC4722675 AAN
3447-01-15 FE1 Feb 1955 OS1 Feb 1956 AD2435518 JDN
212/4 = 53 years at 1/year
Thu13000-01-15 AA5 Feb 2009 NS23 Jan 2762 AUC4742025 AAN
3500-01-15 FE23 Jan 2008 OS23 Jan 2009 AD2454868 JDN


This report basically identifies three of the tribes of Israel, or at least their "foot print" in history. The following are those tribes:

  • 313 AD, Edict of Milan: Christianity legal, state religion of Roman world. This date is to old to identify modern people group. They left their mark at Rome in the period starting here.

  • 1000 AD. King Stephen of Russian, though at the time it was we know of today as Kiev, is granted a crown from the Pope. This is still a very old date, the people group indicated here appears to have migrated further north in the intervening 1000 years. The modern nation of Russia is the ancient tribe of Judah.

  • 1956 AD. Israel invades Egypt’s Sinai in retaliation for persistent terrorist raids. Modern nation of Israel is ancient tribe of Benjamin.

  • 2009 AD. We’ll see. The seal dates spread out across the year.