Elijah, Obadiah and the Bull on Mount Carmel

Elijah’s offering on mount Carmel suggests a chronological story. This article explores.


It appears that most, maybe all, of Elijah and Elisha’s miracles are performed so as to indicate some story though out world history. This particular one is easy to spot because it links chronologically with other stories in the Bible.

The story begins in the "third year"(1 Kgs 18:1) which is prophetically the 3rd year of the exile. That third year began about 110 AD, and ended about 470 AD. The story says that the famine in Samaria was severe, and this reference picks up a link to the choice of a 3 year famine offered David by the destroying angel. This pegs the starting epoch for this report as 1849/1/15 FE, the same period that ends David’s famine choice.

This story also includes a reference to the two sets of 50 prophets, that Obadiah had hidden in caves. This is a "double 50" reference and is a key that the story is indicating the United States in some way or another. This 50 year prophetic interval is mapped exactly to the same 50 year interval mentioned in David’s story at Second Samuel 24:24.

Elijah on Carmel
Epoch of 1849/1/15 FE, from story in Second Samuel 24
Tue11349-01-15 AA12 Jan 360 NS11 Jan 1113 AUC4139715 AAN
1849-01-15 FE11 Jan 359 OS11 Jan 360 AD1852558 JDN
50 years later
2 caves each had 50(1 Kgs 18:4)
Sun11399-01-15 AA20 Dec 409 NS19 Dec 1162 AUC4157955 AAN
1899-01-15 FE19 Dec 409 OS19 Dec 409 AD1870798 JDN
50 years later again, for second cave
Fri11449-01-15 AA28 Nov 459 NS27 Nov 1212 AUC4176195 AAN
1949-01-15 FE27 Nov 459 OS27 Nov 459 AD1889038 JDN
450 years later, 1/year for each prophet of Baal(1 Kgs 18:19)
Mon11899-01-15 AA13 May 909 NS8 May 1662 AUC4340355 AAN
2399-01-15 FE8 May 909 OS8 May 909 AD2053198 JDN
400 years alter, 1/year for each prophet of Asherah(1 Kgs 18:19)
Sat12299-01-15 AA17 Nov 1308 NS9 Nov 2061 AUC4486275 AAN
2799-01-15 FE9 Nov 1308 OS9 Nov 1308 AD2199118 JDN
450 years later, 1/year for each prophet of Baal, again.(1 Kgs 18:22)
Tue12749-01-15 AA2 May 1758 NS21 Apr 2511 AUC4650435 AAN
3249-01-15 FE21 Apr 1758 OS21 Apr 1758 AD2363278 JDN
2 years later 1/year for each bull.(1 Kgs 18:23)
Fri12751-01-15 AA20 Jun 1760 NS9 Jun 2513 AUC4651215 AAN
3251-01-15 FE9 Jun 1760 OS9 Jun 1760 AD2364058 JDN
12 years later 1/year for each stone.(1 Kgs 18:31)
Mon12763-01-15 AA18 May 1772 NS7 May 2525 AUC4655565 AAN
3263-01-15 FE7 May 1772 OS7 May 1772 AD2368408 JDN
12 years later 1/year for each jar.(1 Kgs 18:33)
Sat12775-01-15 AA15 May 1784 NS4 May 2537 AUC4659945 AAN
3275-01-15 FE4 May 1784 OS4 May 1784 AD2372788 JDN


This story links the fall of Rome to the rise of the United States.

Depending on choices with the last few numbers in this list the period in and around the formation of the nation is seen.

In the previous list, the June, 1760 date is essentially the same as the start of Manasseh’s seal, providing a second reference for this period in history.