Research Report on Ezekiel’s Dates

There are different ways to track the specific dates given by the prophet Ezekiel. One way is to assume they all offset from their historical period to the modern era. If so the stories indicate dates beginning in April, 2002. This report explains and reveals the modern dates indicated.


The prophet Ezekiel is unusual in that he provides quite a few dates for the times when God spoke to him.

This prophet also provides clues as to when these dates may be prophetic.

The way we tackle this is to take his story and work through the suggest math from his part of the age to the present. This is how it is done.

God first speaks to Ezekiel in the 5th year of the exile of King Jehoiachin, (Ezek 1:2) in what is the 30th year of something probably himself.(Ezek 1:1) On the 5th day of the 4th month the heavens were opened and he saw visions of God.(Ezek 1:1)

This 5th year was also year 10403 AA and the day in question is 3794735.

After seeing visions recorded across the better part of the first three chapters of his book, he proceeds to be taken to "Tel Abib" a prophetic name for the modern city of "Tel Aviv." B and V are pronounced the same in certain cases in Hebrew. There he sits among the exiles, overwhelmed.(Ezek 3:15) At the end of 7 days, God comes to Ezekiel and he proceeds to prophecy about what he is being shown.(Ezek 3:16)

This 7 day story reflects the 7 times punishment that the nation would soon undergo.(Lev 26:1) In this case we are apparently being told to compute the total number of days in those 7 times forward from the given start day of 3794735, were we are to begin a start day in the modern age. The total days in 2550 years is 930240, which, using our earlier date as a start date, is 4724975, or 3453/4/5, Saturday, 2 June, 1962.

It was on May 30, 1962, that Fidel Castro accepted the Soviet offer to place nuclear missiles on Cuban soil. This decision began the process of deployment, with technical advisers arriving in July, and equipment being shipped from the Black Sea beginning around July 15, 1962. These events would reach world headlines later in the fall.

Ezekiel’s story continues, with him being told to portray the sins of Israel and Judah at the rate of 1 of his days for each of their years.(Ezek 4:5) This is early in the development of the modern nation of Israel and there is reason to believe that we should run 40 years of years of days, forward from this date. We reject the idea of running 390 years forward since this puts us well past what other evidence suggests is the end of the age of nations. There are 14550 days in 40 years, so we take our start date, 4724975 and add 14550, with the resulting day being 4739525 or 3493/3/5 FE, or April 3, 2002.

On the day for a year system, this is the year in which King Ahaziah dies at Megiddo.(2 Kgs 9:27) Megiddo is the Hebrew place name for the more popular Greek name Armageddon. The Cuban Missile Crisis was the last time the world was on the brink of Armageddon. April 2002 the world will be next.

Other dates in Ezekiel

IF this is a correct rendering of the date sequence, the other dates in Ezekiel’s scroll might just be prophetic as well. The process we’ll follow here is to compute the number of days away from his start date for all the other dates and run them the same distance from April 3, 2002.

The following table is the result of this operation.

Ezekiel’s Prophetic Dates
5/4/5:(Ezek 1:1) Four Living Creatures, fire coals, etc.
Wed10403-04-05 AA5 Jul -585 NS4 Mar 153 AUC3794735 AAN
903-04-05 FE11 Jul -585 OS4 Mar 601 BC1507578 JDN
6/6/5:(Ezek 8:1) Lifted by hair to see idol that provokes to jealousy.
Sat10404-06-01 AA24 Aug -584 NS5 Mai 154 AUC3795151 AAN
904-06-01 FE30 Aug -584 OS5 Mai 600 BC1507994 JDN
7/5/10:(Ezek 20:1) Can’t enquire of master, detestable practices, rebellion
Tue10405-05-10 AA29 Jul -583 NS18 Apr 155 AUC3795490 AAN
905-05-10 FE4 Aug -583 OS18 Apr 599 BC1508333 JDN
9/10/10:(Ezek 24:1) King of Babylon has attacked, Jerusalem is a cooking pot.
Thu10407-10-10 AA16 Dec -581 NS29 Sep 157 AUC3796360 AAN
907-10-10 FE22 Dec -581 OS29 Sep 597 BC1509203 JDN
11/1/1:(Ezek 26:1) Prophecy against Tyre, over gloating over fallen Jerusalem.
Sat10409-01-01 AA31 Mar -579 NS27 Jan 158 AUC3796831 AAN
909-01-01 FE6 Apr -579 OS27 Jan 596 BC1509674 JDN
10/10/12:(Ezek 29:1)Prophecy against Egypt, dead Nile, Aswan to Cush no travel 40 years(Ezek 29:11)
Thu10408-10-12 AA11 Jan -579 NS6 Nov 158 AUC3796752 AAN
908-10-12 FE17 Jan -580 OS6 Nov 596 BC1509595 JDN
27/1/1:(Ezek 22:17) Nebuchadnezzar’s army unsuccessful in Tyre, sent to Egypt.
Tue10425-01-01 AA7 Mar -563 NS19 Jun 175 AUC3802651 AAN
925-01-01 FE13 Mar -564 OS19 Jun 579 BC1515494 JDN
11/1/7:(Ezek 30:20) Pharaoh’s arm broken, will not heal, other will be broken.
Fri10409-01-07 AA6 Apr -579 NS4 Feb 158 AUC3796837 AAN
909-01-07 FE12 Apr -579 OS4 Feb 596 BC1509680 JDN
11/3/1:(Ezek 31:1) Egypt to be cut down like a tree.
Wed10409-03-01 AA30 May -579 NS30 Mar 159 AUC3796891 AAN
909-03-01 FE5 Jun -579 OS30 Mar 595 BC1509734 JDN
12/12/1:(Ezek 32:1) Lament for Pharaoh.
Wed10410-12-01 AA19 Feb -577 NS7 Jan 160 AUC3797521 AAN
910-12-01 FE25 Feb -578 OS7 Jan 594 BC1510364 JDN
12/1/15:(Ezek 32:17) Wail for hoards of Egypt, nations with her.
Tue10410-01-15 AA9 Apr -578 NS17 Feb 159 AUC3797205 AAN
910-01-15 FE15 Apr -578 OS17 Feb 595 BC1510048 JDN
12/10/5:(Ezek 33:21) Word arrives to Ezekiel that Jerusalem has fallen.
Wed10410-10-05 AA25 Dec -578 NS9 Nov 160 AUC3797465 AAN
910-10-05 FE31 Dec -578 OS9 Nov 594 BC1510308 JDN
25/1/10:(Ezek 40:1) Visions of future Jerusalem.
Fri10423-01-10 AA27 Mar -565 NS18 Jun 173 AUC3801940 AAN
923-01-10 FE2 Apr -565 OS18 Jun 581 BC1514783 JDN

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Ezekiel is strange, full of dates. What scale and what base is used by Ezekiel? Unclear.