Modern Exodus Plagues -- Introduction

The Book of Exodus contains a schedule for an extensive set of End-Times Plagues, modeled after the narrative for the ancient plagues on Egypt. This series of prophetic dates has been known generally as the "Financial Crisis." Each of the dates in the series has generally carried a series financial system headline as that system of financial slavery is both plagued by Jesus and collapses for all the world to watch.

The modern Exodus Plagues series began in 2006 and by late 2009 had reached the point in the narrative where it expected the Plague of First Born. In August of 2011 the financial side of that plague was showing up in the headlines..

Plague Series

Predictive dates usually come in series, and the Exodus plagues are no different. Generally speaking there are about 30 predicted dates in this series. These dates began in 2006 with war cross the Israel-Lebanon border. This was the attempt to "kill the Hebrew babies" from the narrative at the start of the book of Exodus.

The first real plague fell in the middle of 2007. This was the Plague of Blood on the river of Egypt. The headline was the collapse of the I-35W Bridge across the Mississippi in Minneapolis. 13 people died in America's Nile that day. Behind the scenes the secondary market for Mortgage backed securities collapsed due to widespread fraud. The "river of blood" in the financial sense had begun.

Various headlines followed more stories across the rest of 2007, '08 and '09, including the Lehman collapse, AIG bailout and TARP. All of the slavery institutions of modern Egypt were being decimated. Each time the modern Egyptians refused to believe it was at the hand of God where these plagues originated.

By January 1, 2010, the Exodus narrative and corresponding dates got to the "First Day of your year." The story and date marked an alignment of the series with the first day of the calendar year 2010.

At that point the narrative of the book of Exodus looses its chronological form. The reader is NOT told how much time there should be between that point and the pinnacle of the plague series, the "Plague on First Born." Identifying the specific dated start of the First Born Plague requires observation. Since the start of 2010 we've speculated as to what might be the starting headline in this last and greatest plague on End-Times-Egypt.

Since the plagues themselves were generally attacking slavery instruments, including mortgages, insurance, school loans and government debt, the natural "First Born" financial instrument likely to be plagued at this point is currency itself. Under the existing Fiat currency regime each Dollar (or Euro) was brought into existence through the enslaving of someone through the issuing of government debt.

In early August, 2011, with the news of a shooter loose on the Virginia Tech campus, we appear to have hit that plague. In the financial world the European Central Bank was having to intervene directly in the sovereign bond markets, the US Congress had raised the borrowing limit of the United States by an astonishing $2.4 Trillion and the financial markets spun into turmoil.

The plague of First Born appears to follow the entire plague series again, but at a faster rate. There are reasons for this, related to the tribal alignment of the first born plague with Joseph. In order to follow details headlines I've broken out a set of about 30 additional dates that appear to chronicle the day-by-day narrative through this plague. At the First Born Plague proper, the rate is 1 day "on the ground" for each day in the narrative.

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