Summary of Exodus Plagues Dates

The basic idea for how the Exodus Plagues are dated uses a mathematical riddle. Each occurrence of a "day" in the Hebrew narrative of the Book of Exodus becomes a modern month.

This is a 30:1 ratio that may offend some readers. It is the same number as the 30 pieces of silver used to betray or reveal Jesus to the Pharisees. This is also the number that reveals the Exodus chronology to us today.

This rule works before the plagues start, and runs beyond their end, which is how the June 2006 dates precede the formal start of the plagues.

The entire set of dates is calculated to land 3500 yeas after they first happened, which is how they are placed in absolute history.

They also have interesting internal consistency checks, including a reference to the "first day of your year" which is January 1, 2010, a prophetic fulfillment that can be seen even now.

Each time the narrative of Exodus mentions a "day" the modern prophetic date skips ahead 30 modern days, to the next date that matters now.

Bible Quoting systems don’t work well at this level so the quotes shown here break at full verses, which is sometimes an awkward distance from the word "day." The text has been checked, but read carefully if you’re auditing the work done here.

What follows is a list of the interesting dates, and each is given a title and the text is show. This list is run out through early 2010, but the text of the Book of Exodus runs further. Perhaps as many as 20 more years reaching to the time of the Apollos comet which is apparently referenced in the text. I’ll update this material at some future point and show the full schedule to that point.

What follows here is 1 long list of dates, which are presented this way so that interested readers can print out the entire list and follow along as the dates unfold. This is like other Bible Time date series that we’ve been watching unfold since 1998. We’re not jiggling the dates to fit headlines, instead the dates are known ahead. Anyone can theoretically follow their unfolding in the news.

As each date passes I add a fulfillment article to this section, those are linked at the left of the pages in the section of the web site. These articles review the date, the scripture story, and cover the fulfillment headlines to whatever depth they are understood.

Exodus Plagues -- Modern Dates and Scriptures