Looking at just about any interesting problem requires specialized tooling. In the case of Bible Time, the tooling is mostly software. This tab provides a full range of software tooling for understanding time as described in the Bible.

  • Gregorian Calendar Query

    This page provides a cross-calendar tool for querying modern dates. These dates are also called "New Style" or NS dates for short. (825 words)

  • Julian Calendar Query

    Query dates when you already know an "Old Style" Julian date. (641 words)

  • Bible Calendar Calculator

    Query dates when you already know a Bible date. (794 words)

  • Day By Number -- AA Number

    Use this page to look up a day by AA day number. (124 words)

  • Day By Number -- JD Number

    Use this page to look up a day by JD day number. (106 words)

  • Days In Years

    This form displays how many days are possible when a certain number of Biblical years are known. The number of days in a year average 364.8 days/year. But, exact years are never this length. This variance is because of leap year constraints. (1,312 words)

  • Life Diary and Birthday Calculator

    Given someone's birthday, we can infer some rather stunning things about someone's life. This page provides the tool for finding someone's "Life Diary" and "Birthday" story. (1,627 words)

  • Clock

    This page gives the definition of the Bible clock. It also explains why each time is displayed as it is and develops a model clock for use with prophecy. (4,301 words)

  • Annual Prophetic Calendar

    There are 2 holiday seasons that have timed prophetic significance each year, Passover and Tabernacles. Across these 2 weeks time folds through to the rest of the year at 1 day within the holiday week to 1 month later in the year. (148 words)

  • World Clock

    This page tells time in several ways. Using it you can convert between times given at different times around the world. (182 words)