Frequently Asked Questions

Along the way there have been many, many questions. This Chapter takes the best and deals with them.

  • History of the Bible Time Project

    I have been working on documenting this Bible Time Theory since January of 1998. As Bible studies go this study is larger than all other Bible related studies except for those dealing with the original language grammars and vocabulary. It encompasses all direct (and many indirect) references to time spread throughout the entire Bible. The printed Bible Time charts have roughly 6000 end notes, if that helps establish scale. (2,534 words)

  • When is... Are you sure?

    A frequent question leveled against the Bible Time project involves asking when something happened in history. Usually the answer is rejected out of hand because it seems different than something someone has learned before. In this FAQ we tour some of the common historical dates and then look at Jesus’ dates suggested by the same system. What we show here is a thin slice of potentially thousands of dates that all work together consistently. On the witness of Jesus and his life we assert the system is trustworthy. (3,651 words)

  • When is the Rapture?

    Rapture is a keyword with certain special meanings ascribed to it in various end-times theories. If it means the departure from planet earth of the human race, then we can find the date: 4000 years from the birth of the Patriarchs, 2000 years from Jesus’ own ascension and 7000 years from Noah’s flood. Instead of dating the event relative to the tribulation, we date it relative to the general resurrection, a much more fruitful approach. (1,400 words)

  • Are the headlines random?

    Does the day for-a-year story just hit random headlines? A common question. (1,935 words)

  • Those days will come like a Thief in the night

    Objections are often raised that this period in history will surprise everyone like a thief in the night. This thief motif occurs often in scripture. It applies to non-believers. The Bible passages that use the thief motif teach that followers of Jesus, paying attention to him, will know the timing of his return. (1,294 words)

  • It is not for you to know the time.

    Acts chapter 1 is often used as a reason why we cannot know the dates surrounding the return of Jesus. Jesus told the disciples it was not for them to know the times. This charge does not exclude a later generation from knowing. Jesus also included one of the signs that would identify his soon return. (881 words)

  • Not even Jesus?

    Jesus told his disciples that nobody but the father knows the date of Jesus’ return. This is a problem since Jesus is God. Jesus limited himself to a human form while here 2000 years ago. He was one with the father, and still is, and knowledge was not withheld. The problem was one of significant time distance from the question and the structure of the answer based on a specific sign. This article explores. (1,884 words)

  • Daniel’s 70 Weeks: Revealed

    The most frequently asked questions here at Bible Time is about Daniel’s 70 weeks. Even when not asked as a question, we do get preached at over how this supposedly works. This article reviews the original prophecy, provides the questions we usually ask when debunking pop Christians, then provides exact timing for the 4 known major fulfillments of Daniel’s 70 Weeks. (6,890 words)

  • Does Time End?

    Many things in the creation wear out and die. Time, though, is not one of these. A clear reference in the Psalms explains that time does not end. (638 words)

  • Left Behind

    The Bible Time project is often compared to the Left Behind Series. Are they similar? No. Bible Time actually calls out real-world headlines. It has been doing so for more than a quarter century. This article explores why Left Behind is what has happened to people who follow that series. (1,779 words)

  • Bible Code?

    Michael Drosnin wrote a book, The Bible Code, that purports to show how the Bible can be used to uncover details about headlines passing now. (289 words)

  • When is the tribulation?

    Many folks sit around waiting for a special period of 7 terrible years. Funny, Revelation does not mention 7 years even 1 time. (349 words)

  • Thoughts on Christian Jargon and how it blinds

    One of my favorite Bible study subjects is actually a simple game. The group is asked, "What does it mean to be a Christian?" Each person, in turn, is free to answer the question. They must be complete, and they must state the answer for everyone else to hear. (1,036 words)

  • Lots

    This article explains our history and current understanding surrounding the Christian practice of "casting lots." It started in the late 1990s as a game. It grew into a indispensable part of our regular walk with Jesus. (6,065 words)