Revelation 7

Revelation Chapter 7 contains one of the most difficult passages in the Bible. Someone, or something, of a count of 144,000 are sealed. What does that mean? Something to do with time, of course. In this case 144,000 days. It also provides the foundation for finding each of the tribes named in the chapter. This report provides the dates indicated by the story.


Biblically speaking a "seal" is a thing used to sign documents. Judah’s seal was taken from him as collateral for payment for services of a prostitute and the discovery of the seal later would let the prostitute off the hook and identify Judah. This story provides the proof text for use of seals to identify tribes. This is how the concept of a seal is used in Revelation 7.

Since seals are placed on paper, typically a scroll, in the middle, the sealing period should be 12,000 days wide with the seal date on the middle day. Since 12,000 is an even number the sealing date must be two days wide. (Or else the range begins and ends mid day, allowing the seal to fall in the middle, near sunrise, on the given seal date.)

The start of the seal period is beyond the scope of this report. It basically begins at the end of the 7 times punishment.

The following report indicates the exact modern dates for each of the seal date periods indicated by the story in Revelation 7.

Seal Dates
Tue12570-03-23 AA16 Oct 1579 NS6 Oct 2332 AUC4585223 AAN
3070-03-23 FE6 Oct 1579 OS6 Oct 1579 AD2298066 JDN
Thu12603-01-23 AA23 Aug 1612 NS13 Aug 2365 AUC4597223 AAN
3103-01-23 FE13 Aug 1612 OS13 Aug 1612 AD2310066 JDN
Sat12635-13-23 AA1 Jul 1645 NS21 Jun 2398 AUC4609223 AAN
3135-13-23 FE21 Jun 1645 OS21 Jun 1645 AD2322066 JDN
Mon12668-11-23 AA9 May 1678 NS29 Apr 2431 AUC4621223 AAN
3168-11-23 FE29 Apr 1678 OS29 Apr 1678 AD2334066 JDN
Wed12701-09-23 AA18 Mar 1711 NS7 Mar 2464 AUC4633223 AAN
3201-09-23 FE7 Mar 1710 OS7 Mar 1711 AD2346066 JDN
Fri12734-09-23 AA24 Jan 1744 NS13 Jan 2497 AUC4645223 AAN
3234-09-23 FE13 Jan 1743 OS13 Jan 1744 AD2358066 JDN
Sun12767-07-23 AA1 Dec 1776 NS20 Nov 2529 AUC4657223 AAN
3267-07-23 FE20 Nov 1776 OS20 Nov 1776 AD2370066 JDN
Tue12800-06-23 AA10 Oct 1809 NS28 Sep 2562 AUC4669223 AAN
3300-06-23 FE28 Sep 1809 OS28 Sep 1809 AD2382066 JDN
Thu12833-05-23 AA18 Aug 1842 NS6 Aug 2595 AUC4681223 AAN
3333-05-23 FE6 Aug 1842 OS6 Aug 1842 AD2394066 JDN
Sat12866-03-23 AA26 Jun 1875 NS14 Jun 2628 AUC4693223 AAN
3366-03-23 FE14 Jun 1875 OS14 Jun 1875 AD2406066 JDN
Mon12899-03-23 AA4 May 1908 NS21 Apr 2661 AUC4705223 AAN
3399-03-23 FE21 Apr 1908 OS21 Apr 1908 AD2418066 JDN
Wed12932-01-23 AA12 Mar 1941 NS27 Feb 2694 AUC4717223 AAN
3432-01-23 FE27 Feb 1940 OS27 Feb 1941 AD2430066 JDN
Fri12964-12-23 AA18 Jan 1974 NS5 Jan 2727 AUC4729223 AAN
3464-12-23 FE5 Jan 1973 OS5 Jan 1974 AD2442066 JDN
Sun12997-11-23 AA26 Nov 2006 NS13 Nov 2759 AUC4741223 AAN
3497-11-23 FE13 Nov 2006 OS13 Nov 2006 AD2454066 JDN


This report provides the primary key for identifying the tribes of ancient Israel as modern nations.

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I have added another seal beyond the last tribe related seal. This date is the theoretical next seal date, not mentioned by name in Revelation 7. This date has many important prophetic stories dealing with the hidden or uncounted multitude.

This last seal is also the house church that Paul started in Acts 18:7 and is the main prophetic movement going on now.