Research Report on Second Chronicles 13

The large counts of people found in the Bible are often prophetic for large intervals of time. This report looks at a time when the Northern Kingdom lost 500,000 men. The prophetic interval points at the early 400s when Rome was attacked.


Huge counts, typically census counts, are prophetic for large intervals in world history.

17Abijah and his men inflicted heavy losses on them, so that there were five hundred thousand casualties among Israel's able men. 18The men of Israel were subdued on that occasion, and the men of Judah were victorious because they relied on the LORD, the God of their fathers.
(2 Chronicles 13:17-18 NIV)

Abijah’s reign is likely the starting point for this prophetic interval. The following is the report.

Prophetic Dates from Second Chronicles 13
Start of Abijah’s Reign
Fri10034-01-01 AA14 Aug -954 NS29 Six 273 BAUC3660001 AAN
534-01-01 FE23 Aug -954 OS29 Six 1026 BC1372844 JDN
Forward 500,000 days
Tue11404-07-21 AA28 Jul 415 NS27 Jul 1168 AUC4160001 AAN
1904-07-21 FE27 Jul 415 OS27 Jul 415 AD1872844 JDN

Tolerance on this is the number of years of Abijah’s reign, in this case 3 years forward from this day.

This period in the early 400s is prophetic of the attacks on Rome by the Visigoths. Rome is the Northern Kingdom in Gentile country. The prophetic stories are a match.