Research Report on 1 Kings 20

1 Kings 20 is another chapter with large counts given in the story. This report suggests a possible modern placement. Since being written my sense of the starting epochs has changed. Left here as an example of how this might be done.

The Report

Ben-Hadad Attacks Samaria
Epoch set to match epoch of 144K story.
Fri12570-04-03 AA26 Oct 1579 NS16 Oct 2332 AUC4585233 AAN
3070-04-03 FE16 Oct 1579 OS16 Oct 1579 AD2298076 JDN
100,000 days later.[1]
Wed12844-05-13 AA10 Aug 1853 NS29 Jul 2606 AUC4685233 AAN
3344-05-13 FE29 Jul 1853 OS29 Jul 1853 AD2398076 JDN
Ben-Hadad’s army escapes to Aphek
Wall collapses on 27,000[2]
Thu12918-05-13 AA14 Jul 1927 NS1 Jul 2680 AUC4712233 AAN
3418-05-13 FE1 Jul 1927 OS1 Jul 1927 AD2425076 JDN
Strike! No strike.[3]
Lion Mauls Man[4]
1 talent (3000 days) for failure.[5]
Mon12926-08-13 AA30 Sep 1935 NS17 Sep 2688 AUC4715233 AAN
3426-08-13 FE17 Sep 1935 OS17 Sep 1935 AD2428076 JDN


These dates are close to the following events:

At this writing I have no idea what this might be about.

  • October, 1853 Turkey declares war on Russia. This kicks off the Crimean War. England and France will join the war in 1854. The war started over debates of who would control/protect holy places in Palestine.

  • May 13, 1927 Black Friday in Berlin. Is the collapse of the wall indicating economic collapse? The name "wall street" may have a more profound meaning if so. Economic collapse would hit New York by October of 1929.

  • October 3, 1935 Italy moved against Ethiopia, considered by some the first military activity of world war II.


The "strike me" command that the prophet gives in 1Ki20:35-36 might be something of the British response to Germany in the mid 1930s.

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