Bible Code?

Michael Drosnin wrote a book, The Bible Code, that purports to show how the Bible can be used to uncover details about headlines passing now.


Is Bible Time anything like the Bible Code?

  • I agree with the premise that there could me much more information in the Bible about the world around us. Indeed, the day-for-a-year time line is just such a method.

  • I don’t like the random way that students of the Bible Code just go looking for stuff. You get what you look for. Contrast this with the Bible Time time line. We can only look on certain days and then only for certain stories. That strategy follows some very strong clues given in the Bible that this is how this period of history should work.

As per the Bible Code strategy, I would prefer that someone found a key somewhere in the Bible that said just how to use equidistant letter sequences in order to compose sentences that could be read and debated by all.