Finding Jesus’ Life Dates

This chapter contains articles that establish the dates for Jesus' overall life. This includes the angel visits, birth dates, age 12 temple visit and the dates for his death and resurrection.

  • Misconceptions

    There are a bunch of popular misconceptions about dating events in the New Testament. This articles explores some of the worst. (1,891 words)

  • Jesus’ Age 12 Visit to the Temple

    Jesus stayed behind at the temple when he was age 12. This is the only fixed event in his life (besides his birth) when we know his age with certainty. He explained to his mother that if she (and we) knew him we’d know he had to be in his "father’s house." This was the reason he had to stay behind in this particular year. If we can figure out the riddle we’ll know the specific year of this visit and that year will also fix the year of Jesus’ birth. (2,945 words)

  • Jesus’ Birth Date Riddle

    The birthday of Jesus is given in the New Testament in clear text. The problem is the clue is given as a riddle. Solve the riddle and learn why Lent lands were it does and why Herod killed the babies. (1,865 words)

  • Gabriel Visits

    The angel Gabriel tells Daniel a story that reveals when Gabriel will be appearing in New Testament times. Those appearances precede the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. (2,568 words)

  • Jesus’ Day 8

    When Jesus was 8 days old he was named, circumcised and presented to the community. Based on earlier dates, this date can be known. (414 words)

  • Day 40 -- Presenting Jesus in the Temple

    When Jesus was 40 days old his mother was clean and could accompany her new son into the temple at Jerusalem. The oldest Church holiday not based on Old Testament tradition remembers Mary’s 40 days of cleansing and helps confirm when this happened. (1,131 words)

  • March 25, Traditional Christian New Years

    The early Christian church bucked Roman New Years of January 1 and instead chose March 25. This messed up date calculations yet made a statement about the central event in Christianity. (987 words)

  • Introduction to the Dates of Jesus’ Ministry

    Jesus quoted Isaiah and revealed the length of his public ministry. That quote locks into the dates of John’s call to baptize in the Jordan. (2,222 words)

  • Total Life Length of Jesus

    The total length of Jesus’ life is given in several different ways. The day-accurate length of his life matched the number of years of his absence since Adam. The approximations given in the New Testament contain yet another puzzle. (883 words)

  • Dates Around 70 AD -- Jerusalem Falls

    The fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD was predicted in various places in the Bible. Jesus used the Sign of Jonah to warn the people around him, linking that sign to the visit of the Queen of Sheba. Gabriel suggested the destruction as measured from his visit to Mary at Jesus’ conception. Finally Matthew provides a chronology in his introduction. In this article we look at each of these and how they triangulate. (3,482 words)

  • Enoch and Jesus’ Age 12 Visit to the Temple

    Jesus’ life was a day-for-year repetition of the chronology of the old testament. The only time mentioned as an event in Jesus’ life and in the historical chronology is the age 12 visit to the temple, this pairs with Enoch’s ascension. Together the two stories provide the date of Jesus’ visit to the temple. This article explores. (943 words)

  • Ash Wednesday

    Ash Wednesday is the start of a roughly 40 day Christian holiday known as Lent. This is celebrated in various ways, but is generally a time of cleansing. This holiday is an ancient memory of Jesus' birthday. Dust you are and to dust you shall return. (902 words)

  • Introduction to Long Distance Triangulation

    There are a bunch of stories that can be used to triangulate on at least the year of Jesus' resurrection. This includes the cup bearer and baker’s dreams, the woman healed after 18 long years, the civil war in Israel, Noah’s Ark, and even Adam’s life. This article explores. (2,025 words)

  • Christmas

    The Christmas holiday lands at an essentially random date on the Bible Calendar. There are a few places in history where the date really has been on Jesus’ birthday. This article provides a date report showing the dates in question. (485 words)

  • Dating Jesus’ Baptism

    The New Testament chronicles the detailed events in Jesus’ public ministry. Was there a schedule that drove the events? This article shows why this was likely a replay of the historical chronology of the Bible. If so, the past 200 years were particularly important and there are dates still to come. (1,813 words)