The Christmas holiday lands at an essentially random date on the Bible Calendar. There are a few places in history where the date really has been on Jesus’ birthday. This article provides a date report showing the dates in question.


A previous article showed that Ash Wednesday is the cultural memory of the birth of Jesus. The key points there being the timing ahead of Easter, and the ceremony itself referencing Adam's fall. Jesus' birth was a prophetic match to Adam's life.

There are often debates about Christmas, could it be correct? Most likely it is an early Church attempt to repurpose Saturnalia. The Christmas wreath a memory of the rings of Saturn, and so on.

The question that still remains, is how often is Christmas landing on the correct date?

Because prophetic time is measured on a calendar out of phase with modern calendars, Christmas can be on the right date every so often. What follows here is exactly when those dates are correct.

Julian Calendar Christmas

Because the Bible Calendar is out of phase with the Roman/Christian calendar it is possible for certain occurrences of Christmas to land at exactly the correct place to be an actual birthday. The following report explores.

The last time this happened on the Julian calendar was 5 January 1783 OS. This would have been the Russian Christmas that year. The next time it happens is 11 January 2543 OS.

Christmas Dates on OS Calendar
Sun11091-08-29 AA24 Dec 102 NS25 Dec 855 AUC4045829 AAN
1591-08-29 FE25 Dec 102 OS25 Dec 102 AD1758672 JDN
Mon11131-08-29 AA24 Dec 142 NS25 Dec 895 AUC4060439 AAN
1631-08-29 FE25 Dec 142 OS25 Dec 142 AD1773282 JDN
Sat11892-08-29 AA30 Dec 902 NS25 Dec 1655 AUC4338029 AAN
2392-08-29 FE25 Dec 902 OS25 Dec 902 AD2050872 JDN
Sun11932-08-29 AA30 Dec 942 NS25 Dec 1695 AUC4352639 AAN
2432-08-29 FE25 Dec 942 OS25 Dec 942 AD2065482 JDN
Mon11972-08-29 AA30 Dec 982 NS25 Dec 1735 AUC4367249 AAN
2472-08-29 FE25 Dec 982 OS25 Dec 982 AD2080092 JDN
Sat12733-08-29 AA5 Jan 1743 NS25 Dec 2495 AUC4644839 AAN
3233-08-29 FE25 Dec 1742 OS25 Dec 1742 AD2357682 JDN
Sun12773-08-29 AA5 Jan 1783 NS25 Dec 2535 AUC4659449 AAN
3273-08-29 FE25 Dec 1782 OS25 Dec 1782 AD2372292 JDN
Fri13534-08-29 AA11 Jan 2543 NS25 Dec 3295 AUC4937039 AAN
4034-08-29 FE25 Dec 2542 OS25 Dec 2542 AD2649882 JDN
Sat13574-08-29 AA11 Jan 2583 NS25 Dec 3335 AUC4951649 AAN
4074-08-29 FE25 Dec 2582 OS25 Dec 2582 AD2664492 JDN

Gregorian Calendar Christmas

The other general type of Christmas dates follows the Gregorian calendar. The following provides the dates when this happened. Christmas in 1784 is the last time that Christmas fell on the Biblical anniversary of Jesus’ birthday in the English world. It does not happen again until 25 December 2591 NS.

Christmas Dates on NS Calendar
Tue11125-08-29 AA25 Dec 136 NS26 Dec 889 AUC4058249 AAN
1625-08-29 FE26 Dec 136 OS26 Dec 136 AD1771092 JDN
Wed11165-08-29 AA25 Dec 176 NS26 Dec 929 AUC4072859 AAN
1665-08-29 FE26 Dec 176 OS26 Dec 176 AD1785702 JDN
Wed11933-08-29 AA25 Dec 943 NS20 Dec 1696 AUC4352999 AAN
2433-08-29 FE20 Dec 943 OS20 Dec 943 AD2065842 JDN
Thu11950-08-29 AA25 Dec 960 NS20 Dec 1713 AUC4359209 AAN
2450-08-29 FE20 Dec 960 OS20 Dec 960 AD2072052 JDN
Thu11973-08-29 AA25 Dec 983 NS20 Dec 1736 AUC4367609 AAN
2473-08-29 FE20 Dec 983 OS20 Dec 983 AD2080452 JDN
Fri12735-08-29 AA25 Dec 1744 NS14 Dec 2497 AUC4645559 AAN
3235-08-29 FE14 Dec 1744 OS14 Dec 1744 AD2358402 JDN
Sat12775-08-29 AA25 Dec 1784 NS14 Dec 2537 AUC4660169 AAN
3275-08-29 FE14 Dec 1784 OS14 Dec 1784 AD2373012 JDN
Sun13583-08-29 AA25 Dec 2591 NS8 Dec 3344 AUC4954919 AAN
4083-08-29 FE8 Dec 2591 OS8 Dec 2591 AD2667762 JDN
Sun13606-08-29 AA25 Dec 2614 NS7 Dec 3367 AUC4963319 AAN
4106-08-29 FE7 Dec 2614 OS7 Dec 2614 AD2676162 JDN

These reports are a wonderful demonstration of the quirks of parallel calendars. If you understand these reports and what drives their structure you probably have the calendar issues understood.