Introduction to Long Distance Triangulation

There are a bunch of stories that can be used to triangulate on at least the year of Jesus' resurrection. This includes the cup bearer and baker’s dreams, the woman healed after 18 long years, the civil war in Israel, Noah’s Ark, and even Adam’s life. This article explores.


In a previous article I gave the date for Jesus' resurrection. Sunday, March 25, 31 AD. Here is the date report, showing this same date on various calendars.

Resurrection Sunday
Sun11019-10-11 AA23 Mar 31 NS25 Mar 784 AUC4019621 AAN
1519-10-11 FE25 Mar 31 OS25 Mar 31 AD1732464 JDN

Various stories in the Bible point at the dates surrounding Jesus’ public ministry. The following are a few.

Time of Israel’s Civil War to Jesus

Look carefully at the previous report. The year 11019 AA is the year of Jesus’ resurrection. This year has some interesting collateral from the historical chronology. The date is the 19th year after a millennium break and we can look back and see other events which pattern after this same interval.

In the year 10019 AA, 1000 years before Jesus, we saw the last of three years of civil war in Israel. For three years after the death of King Solomon, the sons of Jacob were at war with themselves. They had broken covenant with God and had suffered the consequence of being torn into two pieces. Half, known as the Northern Kingdom, followed Jeroboam, the other half, known as the Southern Kingdom, followed Rehoboam. 10019 AA was the last year that the priests of the Northern Kingdom supported Rehoboam as king. After that the religions and governments of the two kingdoms were separate.

The reason that Solomon’s kingdom was split into two pieces was because they had broken covenant with God. Jesus, 1000 years later, at the Cross, made a permanent way for all of mankind to be reconciled back to God. Jesus provided a way to heal the break, not only between the two kingdoms but between God and man.

Much of the gritty work of this actually becoming manifest in mankind has not yet happened, but the way was opened for all the other details to work out.

Curiously, the Cross itself is actually a reported cause for further division between the two kingdoms.(Zech 11:13-26) The split itself will not be healed until just before the return of Jesus.(Ezek 37:16-40)

Noah’s Ark

Chronologically, Noah’s Flood, and the loading of the Ark, happened almost exactly 5000 years before the Cross.

We have already calculated the flood start date as 6020-02-17 AA, the warning that the flood was eminent was given 7 days earlier, or 6020-02-10 AA. Compare this with 11019-10-10 AA the date that Jesus was in the tomb. These two dates are off by only 4 months, or 120 days, over a 5000 year interval. Something about the distance from the millennium break is showing here too.

Consider the symbolism of the two events. Jesus provides a way for any who would follow him to get out of this world alive. Believers in Jesus are offered endless life in Heaven with Him after spending life here on earth. Jesus also promised that for those still alive that he would return and fetch any of us that remained.

Noah is a model of this same story. Noah offered a way off the world of his day, a way to a new world and life. The Ark, specifically, is a picture of the New Jerusalem, the place where much of this will happen. Curiously, the Cross provides the way off earth, but it was without an Ark like object. We still await the New Jerusalem and its arrival.

Adam’s Story and the Cross

Technically speaking we are not given the year that Adam sinned and was kicked out of Eden. We are, though, given some clues.

The age that someone under the Old Testament Law needed to be in order to serve in the Army was 20 years. This meant specifically that a Hebrew Male had to be in his 20th year in order to serve. As we count years today this means that he must have been past his 19th birthday.

This also meant that the man would be counted in national census’ and it meant that he was an adult, with full responsibility in the affairs of the community. He was also able to enter into legal contracts.

When we take this standard and apply it to Adam, it suggests that he would have been considered an adult at the date 20-01-01 AA.

If God was just, and ignored childish behavior from Adam, it would have been this date when he could have been judged sinful as an adult under the full force of law.

Pay attention, we are not saying here that we know this to have been the case, only that this is the date consistent with the other standards for adulthood given in the Bible.

Jesus died to save each of us from the sin introduced into the race at Adam’s time. He died on 11019-10-09 AA and was out of the tomb on the morning of 11019-10-11 AA when the women came to anoint his body.

This is 80 days short of 11,000 years from the date Adam could have been judged. Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit was given back to Adam’s race in full force happened 50 days later and misses the 11,000 year mark by only 30 days.

Cup Bearer and Baker’s Dreams

There are various stories which point at Jesus found in various other parts of the Bible. These stories often point at Jesus’ crucifixion in one way or another. One of these stories is the dreams of the Cup Bearer and Baker found in Genesis 40 and 41.

Each man had been put in the Pharaoh’s dungeon and while there they each had a dream. Joseph interpreted the dreams for them and they subsequently came true.

These dreams have long been known to be foretelling the ministry of Christ. What is even more interesting is the veiled time references buried in the stories pointing right at his crucifixion.

In both cases the men had three of something, either loaves or branches. The dreams occurred three days before Pharaoh’s birthday. On his birthday they were fulfilled, one man was hanged, one was returned to his position in Pharaoh’s court.

After 2 "full" years the one who survived hears of Pharaoh’s own dreams and recalls Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams. This causes Joseph to be fetched from the dungeon and asked to interpret for Pharaoh.

The first fulfillment of this dream is this very restoration of Joseph to a place of honor in Pharaoh’s court. Not as an administrator in a household of a member of his court, but of Pharaoh himself. Part has died, part has been restored. "After 2 full years" means on the 3rd year, but very close to 2 years, not 3, so as we look for the next fulfillment, we will use 2 years not 3.

There were three baskets, or three branches, in each of the two dreams. Stated as years, the math works thus: 3 branches * 2 years * 360 days/year = 2160 day-branches. When we investigate the calendar we see that Abraham’s call to Canaan was in 8859 AA with his arrival very early in 8860 AA.

2160 years later, 8859 AA + 2160 = 11019 AA, is the year of Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus is known prophetically as the "branch", which is what this story is pointing at. Note that on the biblical calendar Jesus’ resurrection Sunday was 11019-10-11 AA, very close to the end of the year and very close to being exactly 2160 years from Abraham’s call.

The other dream uses the same math, and points to the same day, but instead uses a different symbol, loaves. In both cases these symbols are pointing at the bread and the wine, the communion elements which Jesus asked us to use as we pronounce his death until he comes again. The dreams point at the time and the events of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Woman Healed After 18 Long Years

Luke 13 records Jesus healing a woman who has been bound by Satan 18 "long" years. He then proceeds into a discussion about the Kingdom of God.

The math that he appears to be pointing us at is this: The Woman is probably pointing at his own bride, the 18 long years are probably 18 long generations, which are 80 years each. 18 years * 1 generations/year * 80 years/generation = 2160 years. Same number of of years as before. So the math again?

When we inspect the calendar we see that Abraham was called in the year 8859 AA and probably arrived in Canaan early in the year 8860 AA. This is pointing at the year break of 8859 AA/8860 AA.

2160 years later, 8859 AA + 2160 = 11019 AA, is the year that Jesus was crucified. When was the healed? For all those that would simply believe, at the resurrection of Jesus, on Sunday, March 25, 31 AD, also known as Sunday 11019-10-11 AA.

What did Jesus do at this point? He had started to usher in the Kingdom of God. What is the kingdom of God? Those who are under his leadership, those who are saved.

Advanced Notes

The entire calendar since Adam breaks into 1000 years blocks. By stated date they appear to break in years that format like this: 'XXX1-01-01 AA'. This was a mistake I made early on.

Those millennium day blocks breaks late in the 19th year at the start of each millennium. This is seen in above material with Adam, Noah, The Civil War and again with Jesus. His resurrection is marking the start of a new Millennium, and the point in that millennium when he will deal differently with the world.

Noah's Flood was special, the start of the 7th millennium, and time for Jesus to take a Sabbath. Mankind was mostly wiped out at that point. This is the most severe, the others are less so, but equally important. Not mentioned above, the end of Jacob's 20 years working for Laban, marks another millennium break when the tribes begin.

There is another similar break coming up soon, late 2028 NS and early 2029 NS marks another break into a Sabbath Millennium. Another time when Jesus will be taking a break from dealing with mankind.


The next article deals with dates of Christmas.