Total Life Length of Jesus

The total length of Jesus’ life is given in several different ways. The day-accurate length of his life matched the number of years of his absence since Adam. The approximations given in the New Testament contain yet another puzzle.


Confirmation that we have Jesus’ birthday and Resurrection dates correct is found in numerous references to the total length of Jesus’ life. These references reinforce what we already know, the birthday and Resurrection day of Jesus.

Jesus’ Dates in Review

The following date report shows the key dates in Jesus’ life and ministry.

The headers for reach row include the day number in Jesus' life. This will be important below. Day numbers begin with 1 on his birthday and then increase by 1 for each additional day.

Summary of Jesus’ Dates
1) Jesus’ Birthday
Fri10989-08-29 AA16 Feb 1 NS17 Feb 754 AUC4008629 AAN
1489-08-29 FE18 Feb 0 OS17 Feb 1 AD1721472 JDN
40) Jesus’ Presented in Temple (40th day)
Tue10989-10-08 AA27 Mar 1 NS28 Mar 754 AUC4008668 AAN
1489-10-08 FE29 Mar 1 OS28 Mar 1 AD1721511 JDN
10990) Jesus’ Crucifixion
Thu11019-10-08 AA20 Mar 31 NS22 Mar 784 AUC4019618 AAN
1519-10-08 FE22 Mar 30 OS22 Mar 31 AD1732461 JDN
10993) Jesus’ Resurrection
Sun11019-10-11 AA23 Mar 31 NS25 Mar 784 AUC4019621 AAN
1519-10-11 FE25 Mar 31 OS25 Mar 31 AD1732464 JDN
11033) Jesus’ Ascension
Fri11019-11-21 AA2 May 31 NS4 May 784 AUC4019661 AAN
1519-11-21 FE4 May 31 OS4 May 31 AD1732504 JDN

Difference in Dates

By inspection the date that Jesus was presented in the Temple at his 40th day is the exact same Biblical date as his crucifixion 30 years later. This 30 year span between the dates shows up in several stories contained in the Bible. Those stories confirm the dates as shown above.

Length of Life, to the Day

Notice the AA numbers of these dates. The last date, 4019618, and the first date, 4008629. The difference in these two numbers is 10989. This is importantly also the year number of the first date, Jesus’ birthday.

Jesus walked earth for exactly 1 day for each year since the first year of Adam’s life.

Jesus was God incarnate, walking around as a man. Some of his divinity can be seen in this single aspect of Jesus’ life length. Jesus had shown up to rescue Adam’s race. The entire race, at least those who decide to follow him and be saved, are his "wife." That Jesus’ age would exactly map his "wife’s" age to the day is evidence of the divine plan behind his life and actions.

This day count of 10989 days between is birth and his death on a cross also strongly links these two dates. The odds of this being random are essentially 1 in 11,000. No other dating strategy shows such high odds of being accurate.

Several other stories also point at this interval. They do not carry the same precision.

Jesus Public Ministry Began "About" Age 30

Jesus was "about age 30" when he started his public ministry.(Luke 3:23) No doubt the author believed himself to be writing about the age of Jesus’ baptism. In actual fact his was probably about 29 full years old when this happened. In keeping with this scripture.

What we should also see is that is other public ministry began when the Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost. This was about 90 days beyond 30 full years of life. The public ministry began when Jesus impacts the planet, began at the cross just at the end of his life.

Note that it is a strange argument, but can be made, that the Holy Spirit did not allow Luke to just write "age 30" because that would have been incorrect, so we can presume Jesus was 29,28,31 or further away just from the structure of this comment. Compare this to Luke’s comment that Jesus was 12 years old when he stayed behind at the temple. It was not "about" age 12, but exactly age 12.

30 Pieces of Silver

When Judas betrayed Jesus, he agreed on a price of 30 pieces of silver for Jesus.(Matt 26:15) (Matt 27:3-11) This price was given prophetically as the amount of money that would be used to betray Jesus.(Zech 11:12) We have previously seen that there is a general biblical principle of one unit currency for one unit time that runs throughout scripture.

When we apply the one unit currency per unit time principle here we find that there is significance in this value. The 30 pieces of silver are covering the fee paid for a man 30 full years of age. Jesus was 30 years old, or, if you will, had completed 30 full years of life when he was betrayed.