Phil Stone’s Biography

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I have been a born-again believer in Jesus since October of 1979. Because of various job changes and schooling I have been members of various churches, including Free Methodist, Foursquare, Presbyterian, Lutheran and non-denominational. When this project began I was an elder in a Church in the Seattle area.

Over the past few years I have been completely called out of Church, and instead fellowship monthly.


I hold Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Washington State University, 1982. I also hold a Masters degree in Business Administration, from Seattle Pacific University, 1994.


I have been a computer programmer since graduating in 1982. While working in the computer industry I have held virtually all job categories related to development of commercial software including programmer, team lead, software architect, and manager.

The Call to This Project

The vision that caused Bible Time to exist happened late January, 1998. I have heard of others who had visions, but never before had I had one myself. The encounter with Jesus was life changing, to say the least.

After much prayer it became clear that I was to quit my IBM work in order to devote full time to this Bible Time project. By the 15th of April 1998, I was working on this project full time. By the summer of 1998 I sold my Seattle area house and moved to a cabin in the shadow of Mount Hood in northern Oregon.

While in Oregon my understanding of this extensive topic grew considerably. So did my understanding of the scope. The initial visions were dealing with a thin strip of information gleaned from the Bible. My understanding grew to the point where I now believe the entire text of the Bible weaves onto the time line in powerful and profound prophetic ways.

My time in Oregon also gave me the chance to study prophetic headlines as they unfolded. This was an emotional roller coaster ride that most people new to Bible Time also go through.

I ended up remaining in Oregon across a complete repetition from Genesis 11 through the time of the Babylonian deportation. This was an enormous time of learning, as I doubt anyone else has ever watched detailed day-accurate Bible prophecy unfold like this before.

Off to Idaho

I remained in Oregon until late in 2004. This time the call was to up and move to northern Idaho. A series of prophetic encounters nearly as profound as the first set from 1998, set in motion this move.

While in Idaho the project grew out. The Bible Tribes website was spun off, the Bible Clocks website grew from an understanding of the clock and its structure.

In Idaho the need to address the text of the Bible became clear. The 2005 versions of the charts had over 2500 scripture references and auditing those references started to approach 10% of the entire Bible. It was also clear that there were issues of sequencing many of the stories of the Bible, especially the minor prophets. A major answer to that set of riddles came through sequencing the books correctly, and Bible Book Order was born.

Back to Western Washington

In early 2008 it was time to move again, and in a series of prophetic words similar to what triggered earlier moves, it was time to head to a distant suburb of Seattle.

Work focused turned to the structure of the scripture itself. Ryan had been working on We were going to need to have our own tooling for managing the text. Eventually, what is now the grew out of that work.

In late 2009 there was a serious round of prophetic insight. The fundamental design of the alphabet became clear. There is an inspired, letter based, manuscript audit system. The website for that work is the entire family of projects is now hosted at

Problems of recovering the text in order to finish the Bible Time work are detailed at that website.