A few articles about the project itself.

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    ...for truly I say to you, a great many prophets and righteous men have longed to see what you see... (Matthew 13:17) (1,182 words)

  • Statement of Faith

    Saying that we believe in the authority of the Bible and the divinity of Jesus is usually not enough for skeptics. Rather than write a new document, we offer as our statement of faith the Nicene Creed. (758 words)

  • Bible Time Vision

    What started out as a simple study of the chronology of the Bible became more, much more. This website started after a prompt from Jesus to dig deeper into the study of time in the Bible. (2,122 words)

  • Phil Stone‚Äôs Biography

    I have been a born-again believer in Jesus since October of 1979. Because of various job changes and schooling I have been members of various churches, including Free Methodist, Foursquare, Presbyterian, Lutheran and non-denominational. When this project began I was an elder in a Church in the Seattle area. (881 words)

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