The Book of Mark has a interesting feature. Jesus repeatedly crosses the Sea of Galilee by boat. When he gets off the boat he gives timed parables about historical events. These travels are historical parables measuring time forward from Noah. Articles here take each parable in turn.

  • Mark and the Ark

    The Book of Mark is unraveled using... Noah’s ark. This article explains. (486 words)

  • Demon Possessed Man

    The story of the Demon Possessed Man happens after the disciples get out of the boat. The story links prophetically to Noah’s flood and a period in history when the same demon was cast out. (1,435 words)

  • Jesus Heals a Girl Age 12 and a Woman Sick 12 Years

    After crossing the Sea of Galilee by boat Jesus heals a woman sick 12 years and a girl age 12. The two stories are pointing into history 12 times from Noah’s flood when two women are healed. This is the period in history of the Assyrian deportation. Several parables follow explaining that period in history. (2,619 words)

  • Jesus Feeds 5000

    Jesus takes the disciples by boat to a private place. After a time he feeds 5000. This parable marks 5000 years from Noah’s flood where Jesus begins to feed the people. The interval is the number of years from Noah to Jesus and is only off by 126 days. This article explores. (468 words)

  • Jesus Walks on Water

    Jesus sends his disciples ahead by boat then he meets them walking on the water. This is a parable pointing at the Red Sea crossing. This article explores. (1,787 words)

  • Yeast of Pharisees and Yeast of Herod

    Jesus summarized what he has been doing with a sermon to the disciples after another trip in the boat. The subject this time? Two forms of yeast. This article explores. (1,767 words)