2000 Years From Jesus’ Life

2000th anniversaries of every date in Jesus’ life and ministry provide part of the material we need to verify that we have the ancient dates correct. The dates began landing in 1998 and run into 2028.


The various dates around Jesus’ life may involve prophetic components. The most fruitful is found by taking the 2000th anniversary dates on the Biblical calendar and finding those dates in our modern era. They validate we have done the ancient math correctly and help to show off the prophetic players involved in preparing the world for Jesus’ next visit.

2000 Year Anniversaries of Jesus’ Dates

When Jesus deliberately spent time across the Jordan River from Jerusalem after he had heard of Lazarus’ death, he was deliberately portraying the 2000 years that would take place between his first and second public ministries. This same number appears in the story of the Good Samaritan and in the story of the Woman at the Well. What we want to do here is look at the exact anniversaries of the interesting dates already derived.

Jesus’ Birthday + 2000

The period of Jesus’ birth projects out on the Biblical Calendar to dates in our modern era. The following chart is the chart surrounding Jesus’ birth, but with the dates pushed forward by 2000 Biblical years.

Jesus’ Birth + 2000 Years
Jesus’ Birthday
Fri10989-08-29 AA16 Feb 1 NS17 Feb 754 AUC4008629 AAN
1489-08-29 FE18 Feb 0 OS17 Feb 1 AD1721472 JDN
Jesus’ Birth Anniversary
Tue12989-08-29 AA15 Sep 1998 NS2 Sep 2751 AUC4738229 AAN
3489-08-29 FE2 Sep 1998 OS2 Sep 1998 AD2451072 JDN


  • A Man from the east visits the United Nations and follows the story of the Magi. (The Iranian president visited the UN and gave an extensive speech.)

  • Wye River Memorandum signed outside Washington DC at the 2000th anniversary of the Jesus being presented in the temple for the first time.

Jesus’ Temple Visit + 2000 Years

A previous article established a theoretical date for Jesus’ visit to the temple based on the thought that Jesus’ life was itself a prophetic replay of the main time line. His visit, in his 12th year, matches Enoch’s ascension where Enoch visited the temple in heaven itself.

That visit has an anniversary in our generation, which is very interesting to watch because there are so many other prophetic dates in the months ahead.

The following report shows both and runs that date forward 2000 years.

Jesus in the Temple + 2000 Years
Age 12 Temple Visit Date
Fri11001-04-09 AA26 Oct 12 NS28 Oct 765 AUC4012899 AAN
1501-04-09 FE28 Oct 12 OS28 Oct 12 AD1725742 JDN
2000th Anniversary
Tue13001-04-09 AA25 May 2010 NS12 May 2763 AUC4742499 AAN
3501-04-09 FE12 May 2010 OS12 May 2010 AD2455342 JDN


Is still to be determined, but is the most likely modern date when Jesus will somehow be found in the temple.

Jesus’ Passion + 2000 years

Resurrection Sunday can also be run forward 2000 years.

Jesus’ Passion + 2000 Years
Jesus’ Resurrection
Sun11019-10-11 AA23 Mar 31 NS25 Mar 784 AUC4019621 AAN
1519-10-11 FE25 Mar 31 OS25 Mar 31 AD1732464 JDN
2000th Anniversary
Thu13019-10-11 AA19 Oct 2028 NS6 Oct 2781 AUC4749221 AAN
3519-10-11 FE6 Oct 2028 OS6 Oct 2028 AD2462064 JDN


The fulfillment of this date is also still to be determined.

BUT: There is Comet Apophis which is scheduled to make a near miss early in 2029, and then returns again 7 years later. Many fear this comet, named the Destroyer, is a danger to the entire planet.

Noah’s Flood + 7000 years

This period is also remarkably close to the 7000 anniversaries of the various events of Noah’s flood. Only 70 days separates the end of the Passion week stories and the start of the Noah’s flood stories. So the relationships between these stories and their anniversaries can be seen, they are all provided on this combined chart.

Birth of Jacob’s Sons + 4000 years

The tree of life has a specific chronological component, 12 years of 12 months each. Jacob’s sons were born across 12 years, supplying an Old Testament second reference to a process of birth that aligns with the same time interval.

The story of the resurrection of Lazarus provides a 4000 year interval from that general period in history. If 4000 years exactly is indicated then there is a 144 month period where the dead will be raised to life. That potential time period is also charted here as "Tree of life possible months."

If this is the correct time for the general resurrection of the dead, it has been going on for several years before this point. The last son, Benjamin, was born when his family was headed home. When he was born, his mother died in childbirth. Ben was the 12th son, so the 12th year of this period may be while the rest of the race is "headed home." This 12th year, 1st month, starts at the day just after the 2000th anniversary of Pentecost. Related? I don’t know, provided for your consideration.

Comments on the Asteroid

This is one of the largest objects known to astronomers that will be making a close approach to planet earth in the future. This object is presently estimated to be about 1 mile across.

Christians await an object known in the Bible as the "New Jerusalem" an object of planetary size, about 1500 miles in width, height, and breadth. (Somewhat smaller than the earth’s moon.)

I do not know if the size of 1997XF11 is determined by weight or by visible observation. If by weight, the hollowness of the New Jerusalem may allow these to be the same.

This object would not otherwise attract our attention if it was not for the way it lands on an indicated date. Might it be that this is "announcing" or in some other way supporting or indicating the events taking place on earth? Only time will tell.

For more on this asteroid (including a picture) visit the Space Reference 35396 (1997 XF11)11 page.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics has issued a press release that covers the history of its discovery, why it was thought to be passing so close and the current thoughts on its distance from earth.

Those who have read Jack Hayford’s recent book on the end-times will recognize this object as the one he discusses.

This date is in a period of other anniversaries, but is beyond the scope of this article.