Millennia Parables

There are a series of parables that give the flow of human history. These are normally measured in 1000 year blocks. This Chapter explores how this works and when they apply.

  • Peter and Moses’s Clues on 1000 Year Long God’s Days

    Both Peter and Moses explain that with God 1000 years are like 1 day. This is a key that unlocks Jesus’ time keeping as recorded in the Gospels. (993 words)

  • When Are the Bible’s Millennium Breaks?

    God has counted mankind’s time since Adam’s fall. Various event have fallen on past millennium breaks. What were those events? When are these millennium breaks? When is the next? (1,059 words)

  • The Wedding Day

    The first chapter of John provides an intricate prophetic calendar for various events between the start of Mankind at Adam and the wedding supper of the Lamb. (1,446 words)

  • The Time Story of the Raising Lazarus

    Jesus made a deliberate point of waiting two days after he heard that Lazarus was sick. When he finally got around to it, Lazarus had been dead four days. (1,043 words)

  • 3 Days in the Tomb

    Jesus comes out of the tomb on the 3rd day. Who else will do that and when? (801 words)

  • The Parable of the Good Samaritan

    Why is it important to know the pay the Innkeeper earned to help the Samaritan’s injured friend? Because it says how long the Innkeeper works for the Samaritan. (1,270 words)

  • Jesus Stays Behind at the Temple

    When Jesus was 12 years old he remained behind in Jerusalem After three days his family found him in the temple. If we knew him, we’d know where he had to be. (313 words)

  • Keep Watch

    When Moses explains that 1000 years are as a day, he also includes a watch in the night. Jesus picks up on this and uses a watch in the night story to reveal the season of his return. (390 words)

  • The Time story of the Woman at the Well

    The woman at the well starts to believe Jesus at the 6th hour. After two days her entire town has had a visitation of Jesus and is saved. (546 words)

  • 2000 Years From Jesus’ Life

    2000th anniversaries of every date in Jesus’ life and ministry provide part of the material we need to verify that we have the ancient dates correct. The dates began landing in 1998 and run into 2028. (1,233 words)