Jesus’ Passion Dates

The Passion of Jesus, the week of his crucifixion, is the most well documented week in all of the Bible. The timing of the week can be established as a high-speed replay of his ministry and therefore of all of human history. Unlike his ministry the week continues past his era and is highly prophetic for future, including end-times, events. There are 3 key sections.

  • Passion Week Time Principles

    Details follow in later articles, but the principle for the Passion Week narrative is this: At the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem He began yet another replay of the historical time line of the Bible. (1,574 words)

  • Jesus’ Time In Tomb

    Finding the exact prophetic ratios for Jesus’ Passion week involves a study of Jesus’ time in the tomb. This time was a match to Jonah’s 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of a fish. By determining the total hours, and by making a guess as to what this meant then the math can be seen. With exact math in hand it then becomes possible to study out the rest of the week and fully understand what Jesus was doing... (1,775 words)

  • Passion/Easter Week Chronology

    The process for figuring out Passion Week’s chronology is simply to catalog all the time references in Passion Week. The key word here is all. In the following chart green is used to mark time references. Using those references like puzzle pieces it is possible to put together the week’s schedule using Gospel references alone. The following chart shows the entire week, with all key events drawn. (1,802 words)