Passion Week, Prophetic Replay Hour: 1121

Passion Week As Lived

Passion Week Hour: 1141
Passion Replay Hour: 1121

11019-11-21 DH 01:1:01 AA
4 May 31 OS

Day of Week: Fri

Hour of Day: 1
Time Of Day: AM 06:00:00 TMMT

Prophetic Biblical Years

235201 AA through 235410 AA

Modern Passion Prophetic

14216-01-27 AA - 14217-05-02 AA
11 September 3223 NS - 9 December 3224 NS

Modern Day/Year Dates

13610-02-14 AA - 13610-09-13 AA
22 June 2618 NS - 17 January 2619 NS

Modern 2009 Quick Replay

13004-05-30 NH 02:1:01 AA
2013-06-28 PM 07:00:00 TMMT NS

Modern 2000th Anniversaries

13019-11-21 DH 01:1:01AA
2028-11-28 AM 06:00:00 TMMT NS

40 Days Later: Ascension

This date is 40 days after Resurrection Sunday. This is close to Jesus’ departure. It is a prophetic match to the time of the general ascension. It closely matches the end of 19,000 days since the start of the modern day-for-a-year time line. (See 18,700 in the label above.)

The theme is departure. It may be revealing Jesus’ departure from earth ahead of everyone else so people can later "meet with him in the air." In the original account Jesus left so he could send the Holy Spirit, or breath of God. He left so we could meet with him in the wind. The wind would of course come as fire at about 10 days later.