This Chapter looks at the chronology across Passion Week.

  • Intro: Passion Harmony

    This website sections provides a harmony of the Gospels based on the historical chronology of the Bible. Jesus replayed the historical chronology of the Bible in his life, his ministry, and his passion. Knowing that structure allows a reconstruction of the Passion Week chronology using the prophetic schedule as the key. There is an article for each timed event which includes the scripture passages as well as modern headline fulfillments when known. (1,236 words)

  • First Hour of Week

    I've placed this here for reference. It is sunset on Saturday night, the first hour of the Biblical Calendar day of the week. (141 words)

  • Sunrise Hour

    This is the first hour of daylight on Sunday of the Triumphal Entry. (123 words)

  • Fetching the Donkey

    Jesus directs his disciples to fetch a donkey. This event is likely in preparation to the formal entry. (193 words)

  • Triumphal Entry

    This story matches Adam’s first year. (476 words)

  • Jesus In the Temple

    This entry springs from an obscure reference in Mark 11 where Jesus is said to have gone into the temple, then looked around and it being dark decides to go out to Bethany with the 12. (271 words)

  • Curses a Fig Tree

    On the way in on the second morning Jesus cursed the fig tree. The tree would come up again in further parables. (125 words)

  • This story is a prophetic match to Enoch’s ascension into the Temple in heaven in 4270 AA. It is also a match to Jesus’ age 12 visit to the temple where he stays behind. (238 words)

  • Leaves the City to Lodge

    This small reference in two books appears to be the match to Noah’s flood. Matches 6020 AA, the year of Noah’s flood. (129 words)

  • Fig Tree Withered

    The parable matches the flight to Egypt. The keyword is "millstone" which is the trips to Egypt for grain that Joseph had stored up. Jesus’ additional editorial deals with the brother’s lack of forgiveness towards each other. Matches 9071 AA, the year of going to Egypt. (240 words)

  • Jesus’ Authority Questioned

    A prophetic match to Korah’s rebellion at the time of Moses. Matches 9481-9540 AA. Notice that it is the elders, chief priests and scribes who come to Jesus. This is a prophetic match to Aaron, Moses, Joshua (scribe) and the 70 elders who went above Mount Sinai for dinner. (221 words)

  • Parable of Wicked Vine Dressers

    Parable of the Vineyard applies generally at the time of Solomon. Solomon behaves prophetically as a type of Christ. Matches the years 9991-10020 AA and more. The parable is telling a story that stretches across the time of the kings. (292 words)

  • The parable focuses on the issue of giving to God what he asks. The net is this: Don’t give it to God? Then give it to Caesar. The historical event is either the Assyrian Invasion (as charted here) in 10274-76 AA or perhaps the Babylonian invasion in 10390 AA. (1,231 words)

  • Place Prepared

    This is a prophetic match to John the Baptist. Several features match. First, time when the true Passover Lamb was sacrificed was when Jesus was crucified. This puts it on the millennium of his sacrifice, or any time on or after 11001 AA. (540 words)

  • The Request of James and John

    James and John want to sit on Jesus’ right and left in his kingdom. They will be part of that, they are disciples who match one-on-one to the tribes. The problem is these two are a team by themselves, and do not sit on either side. The other disciples get indignant and the entire episode erupts into an argument. (544 words)

  • Watch

    Jesus took a smaller group of his disciples and then called them to "watch" this is likely a pun on "watch" as in a 3 hour period of the night. Three times, over the next three hours, will Jesus repeat his actions of returning to find these disciples asleep. This carries the time line forward to about midnight. (167 words)

  • Goes Away to Pray

    Jesus goes to pray. (108 words)

  • Betrayal

    At this hour Judas arrives and betrays Jesus with a kiss. This event mimics the tribe of Judah’s conversion to Christianity around 12000 AA. Many interesting parallels between these stories and the prophetic events at the Christianization of Russia. This is also a prophetic match to Satan being bound 1000 years, which began at this era. (176 words)

  • Denial?

    Possible timing for Peter's Denial. (106 words)

  • Jesus Did Everything In Public

    Jesus is taken before Annas where he makes several important comments about how everything he did was done in public. This is a prophetic reference to the time of Martin Luther and "Solo-scriptorium." (252 words)

  • Jesus Before Caiaphas, Will Come With Power

    This scene of the trial finds two direct references to time. The first, mentioning the time until Jesus’ return, is the reference to the "3rd day" rebuilding of the Temple. This is the action Jesus will be part of at his return. The second is Jesus’ prophetic reference to his return in power from the sky. (353 words)

  • Peter’s Denial

    Another of Peter's Denials. (114 words)

  • Jewish leaders gather and decide to send Jesus to Pilate. (155 words)

  • Before Pilate

    Jesus brought before Pilate. (108 words)

  • Jesus brought before Pilate again. (129 words)

  • Jesus brought before Herod. (112 words)

  • Pilate Yet Again

    Jesus before Pilate yet again. (107 words)

  • Replay Hour 70: Jesus Presented As King

    The following reference forces Wednesday into the picture since it cannot be before 9:00 AM on Thursday. It is also after an evening arrest which by this reference must be on Tuesday PM. (184 words)

  • Via Dolorosa

    Timed here simply as sunrise. (125 words)

  • Simon Carries The Cross

    Timed as the next hour. (113 words)

  • Jesus Crucified

    This event lands prophetically at 19020 AA. It is a match to the end of the 1000 generations of 19 years. Note Jesus is "numbered with the transgressors" at this point, as the race can now be "numbered in the census" as anyone passing into their 20th year would be. (161 words)

  • Behold Your Son

    Technically, hour 92 is 1 hour past the end of historical time line symmetry about the Exodus back to Adam. Likely this hour is also symmetric, back to what was labeled at the start of this table as "hour 0." (248 words)

  • Darkness Over The Land, Hour 1

    Across the following three hours there was darkness over the land. The darkness continues until the death of Jesus. (173 words)

  • Darkness Over Land, Hour 2

    This is the 2nd hour of darkness. (107 words)

  • Darkness Over Land, Hour 3

    This is the 3nd hour of darkness. (107 words)

  • Jesus Dies On The Cross

    At the end of the 3 hours of darkness Jesus dies on the Cross. (268 words)

  • Jesus Put In Tomb

    This is when Jesus was put in the tomb. (127 words)

  • Special Sabbath Begins

    John makes the point that there was a special sabbath, not a normal Sabbath, that caused the quick removal of the bodies from the cross. This special Sabbath is the day that began at 6:00 PM on Thursday, instead of Friday as would be expected for a regular Sabbath. (155 words)

  • Buy Spices

    After the weekly Sabbath the women are able to buy spices. (137 words)

  • Empty Tomb

    Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb and finds the tomb empty. (167 words)

  • Morning Encounter

    After the disciples left for home over the empty tomb, Jesus appeared to Mary. (117 words)

  • Jesus Appears To The Disciples

    On the evening of that first Sunday Jesus appeared. (157 words)

  • 1 Week Later: Doubting Thomas

    This hour is a week later, the first day of the second week when the disciples are gathered together again. Famous doubting Thomas. (172 words)

  • 40 Days Later: Ascension

    This date is 40 days after Resurrection Sunday. This is close to Jesus’ departure. It is a prophetic match to the time of the general ascension. It closely matches the end of 19,000 days since the start of the modern day-for-a-year time line. (See 18,700 in the label above.) (225 words)

  • 50 Days Later: Pentecost

    This was 50 days later and it is the last day in the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. This is when the power had come. (174 words)