Passion Week Time Principles

Details follow in later articles, but the principle for the Passion Week narrative is this: At the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem He began yet another replay of the historical time line of the Bible.

This time the ratio is 1 week from his ministry is now running per hour across passion week.

Reducing the math this is 210 historical years to the hour.

The Passion Week time line gets interesting on Tuesday Night. Just after sunset on Tuesday, Jesus replays his own time in history. It is at this point in the week that Jesus does several key things:

These are all explaining his own place in history. He is our true Passover, Communion begins at this place in history, and he had various purposes for coming to earth as a man which he did at this point in history. After this hour, the rest of Passion Week is predictive of future events.

This is similar to his public ministry. In that case he raised the dead son of the widow of Nain as a prophetic act that matched his own resurrection. (In the understanding of the parable, he is the widow’s son, and thus Mary is a widow too.)

After this passover on Tuesday night, the narrative moves to a predictive mode. Each hour moves 210 years forward, so for the next roughly 10 hours Jesus is giving prophetic insight about the time from his walk on earth to our current time in history.

The hour that most applies now is between 4:00 and 5:00 AM on Wednesday morning, when Jesus appears before Ciaphas. Here Jesus says, "You shall see me coming with power and great glory..."

This line has confused many across the ages, but what appears to be going on is that Jesus is indicating what will happen when that hour replays in history. He is revealing at least in a 210 year window, when he will be seen returning.

Note how the number of hours in the week is 24 * 7 = 168 total hours. When run at 210 years to the hour yields 168 hours * 210 years/hour = 35,280 years of possible prophetic narrative for the human race. This is either running past a natural end in the race’s history, (so an end of a replay) or it is giving a very long ranged prophetic outline of the history of the race.

A working value for a possible natural limit is 19,020 years. This value is the end of symmetry that starts at Adam and folds symmetrically across the Exodus. Most of the key event’s in human history (those at the millennium breaks) are symmetric about the Exodus, so the start of Adam’s life folds through to either 19,000, or 19,020 depending on the use of Adam’s adult age as a starting point.

19,000 years is an important value for various reasons. When millennia are mapped to years of life, the human race passes into its 20th millennia, which is biblically defined as adulthood. (We’re crossing adolescence now, at 13,000 years, when the human body takes on its adult, resurrected, form.) 19,000 years is also 1000 generations, a very common biblical interval for the duration of God’s promises to man. The 19 years of life when a person is considered a child form the factor for multiplying the 1000 generations. In either case Adam’s race reaches adulthood at 19,000 years.

The hour in Passion week, at 210 years to the hour, when this 19,000 year point is passed is on Thursday Morning, at the 4th daylight hour of the morning. Jesus was hung on the cross 1 hour before and at this hour there is a narrative involving Jesus’ mother. Jesus uses very strange vocabulary to give care of his mother to Lazarus. (Mother, behold your son, son behold your mother.)(John 19:27) The choice of vocabulary seems to be suggesting that when Adam’s race reaches the 19,000 year point, it is introduced to its own mother. A very odd commentary on what may be going on at around 6000 years after the resurrection.

2 hours later the 3 hours of darkness begins and the passion week replay has likely ended, though who knows what future history may be indicted here.

Ministry Year Ratios

The 210 years-to-the-hour ratio for Jesus’ Passion week is not the only ratio that applies across Passion week. Jesus had been using a ratio of 30 years to the day before he got to passion week, and that ratio is also running across passion week.

With that bit of insight, it is easy to map the hours of Passion week against the years of history. What suddenly leaps off the page is how Jesus is providing editorial about world history across the last week, or last 210 years, before Jesus is found alive as part of the resurrection Sunday story.

In effect Jesus is revealing not only when he will be found, but every detail of the "week" of 210 years ahead of that final discovery. And, all of the world events that are seen in those 200 or so years are also a replay of his same story.

The last week of his ministry spans 210 years ending in 13020 AA, or 2029 AD on our current calendar. This runs back to about 1820 AD. It spans some of the most interesting times in world history including World War II. Indeed, what we today would call the modern world only develops within this 210 year period.

Some Highlights from World War II

The darkest ’hour’ of Jesus’ life was actually 3 hours long, the 3 hours when Jesus was on the cross, 2 others were on crosses on either side, and there was darkness over the land from the 6th through but not including the 9th hour.

Those hours landed in the calendar day that began at sunset on Wednesday of Passion Week and ended at sunset on Thursday. That full calendar day maps to the Biblical years 12,911 AA through 12,940 AA. Specially those 30 Biblical years measured from Adam began in April of 1920 and ran through March of 1950.

Those 3 hours of darkness within that calendar day are accurately timed too and can be computed as to their start and stop times. Those hours began at the start of July in 1941 and ended late in March of 1945.

The start of those 3 hours is just after Germany attacked Russia June 30, 1941. This is considered by many military historians to be Hitler’s biggest blunder, since it brought Russia into the war against Germany.

The end of those 3 hours is when World War II was drawing to a close. The United States crossed the Rhine on March 12, 1945. The Russians had reached the outskirts of Berlin in February of 1945. US President Roosevelt died April 12, 1945. The United Nations organizational meetings began in San Francisco on April 25, 1945. (It was formally opened in June of 1945) Germany surrendered April 30, 1945, the same day as Hitler’s suicide.

Those 3 hours become the core years of World War II.

Note also that the 3 crosses on Golgotha replayed prophetically with the 3 crooked crosses on the banners behind the stage in Hitler’s famous Nuremberg rallies early in World War II.

It is very curious that Jesus’ own story line would be copied by history’s best candidate as the anti-Christ. Hitler was as hostile towards God as any man who has ever lived, yet the joke was on him. He could not help but replay Jesus’ crucifixion, accurately timed in extensive details. As the Book of Revelation says, Hitler met his end in a lake of fire...