Bible Time Vision

What started out as a simple study of the chronology of the Bible became more, much more. This website started after a prompt from Jesus to dig deeper into the study of time in the Bible.

Jesus said, "You, don’t understand my abundance!"

With that the vision ended.

It was late January, 1998. For the previous two months I had been in a serious study of Time in the Bible. Jesus had already had His hand in the project. I knew a lot already. Now I was being told I did not understand. What was I missing?

The start of the Project

Over the Thanksgiving Holidays, the last week of November, 1997, I had set out to chart the historical chronology of the Bible. My purpose was relatively benign, I wanted to see what I could learn by piecing together all the various time references spread throughout the old testament.

Those two months were some of the strangest I had ever experienced in my walk with Jesus to that point. The time line project was scheduled into my late afternoons. In what I thought should be unrelated morning devotionals the pieces of the puzzle kept "arriving" for that afternoon’s work. Nearly every day, through situations that could only be a "God thing" more and more clues kept adding to the original chronology.

Those clues are still visible in the stories found on this website. One example was my understanding of 1 based math as it applies to the lives of people. I came to understand that the first year of a life recorded in the Bible is counted by the Bible author as year 1. Not year zero as we count today. This was strange but important since so many life lengths chain together to compose the Bible’s chronology.

One morning I opened my mail and found the monthly church newsletter. The first article, in normal fashion, was a letter from our church pastor. In the article he quoted the length of Peter the Great’s life. His count was one year lower than I had read the previous day in my set of dusty encyclopedias. What was up? My 50 year old set had used the ancient style of counting, his modern set had converted to modern style where the first year is year zero.

The Vision

By late January 1998, I thought I was done. The historical chronology from Adam to the present, with an estimation of the current biblical year from Adam was done. What more was there? What more besides an interesting historical chronology?

On the afternoon in question I had been at work in my office. I worked at home, telecommuting 3000 miles from the Seattle area to my employer’s offices in North Carolina. I had been sitting at my computer doing company business. Then, all of a sudden, I could not stay awake.

To keep from falling out of my chair and hurting myself on the tile and concrete floor, I headed for the bedroom to lie down. Better to give into this need to nap than to get hurt.

After my head hit the pillow, but before I ever fell asleep the vision began. I was sitting in a classroom. Jesus was at the front. Everything was very fuzzy, nothing was easy to make out. There were tables, and it appeared, others, in the classroom also taking lessons.

"Professor Jesus" was at the front. He looked at me, pointed his finger and said, "You don’t understand my abundance."

At that the vision ended. I was no longer sleepy at all. I had an intense emotional feeling of shame. I did not understand something. What, I wondered, was there not to understand about the historical chronology of the Bible?

Praying for understanding

The only thing to do at this point was to pray and ask Jesus, "What does abundance mean? What is it that I don’t understand?"

After praying this way for several days, I had the answer. An answer that if correct meant that the Bible contained a stunning amount of information about the end times. More than anyone had ever dared suggest.

The original, historical, chronology of the events of the Bible are now repeating as predictive stories about modern, end-times, events. The beginning, as recorded in the Bible already, is the end, unfolding before our eyes for all the world to watch.

Jesus has provided a stunningly "abundant" chronology of everything He is about to do in the affairs of mankind and the world. It takes nearly the entire Bible to describe all the things that are part of His plan for this part, our part, of the age. There is so much that He has planned to do that the only reasonable way to describe it was to reuse the stories in the Bible again. There was no other way He could get all the details to us in a way that was trustworthy.

Running the math, checking the dates

The aligning math, the math that shows where the replay falls in modern world history, springs directly from stories in the Bible. After running the math we are presented with a list of dates on which each story within the Bible will replay. The first such date is in July of 1974, the last in 2029.

Once I understood how the math worked, and were the stories fell against modern dates, I still did not know if it was right. I needed to validate them against past events in world headlines to see if they worked.

I took the list of dates produced by this story and went on a trip to the local Public Library. I pulled out the microfilm rolls that contained copies of the local newspaper. What, I wondered, did this time line predict?

After about two hours it was clear. We were being given an outline of the dates to look at when the world "changes." The first date, innocently enough, was the date of President Nixon’s resignation. The United States had lost a leader and lost face.

By 1985 the dates turned to the Soviet Union and Russia. Every date indicated by the story pointed at a time when Mikhail Gorbachev did something to permanently change the makeup of the Soviet Union.

By 1991 the story of Noah’s flood, with 40 days of rain and other details, mapped directly to the 40 day air war of the Persian Gulf War. Not only political events, but military were following the outline.

A seven year period of relative quiet followed the Persian Gulf War before the time line suggested other important dates.

Though I could not tell in February of 1998 what the events of the following fall and winter would bring, it was clearly not going to be the quiet time that had been going on since late 1991. I’d have to wait before I could know what the events were that followed the Bible’s day-for-a-year story.

Quitting work, selling the house

By April 15, 1998, I had quit my job. Thinking I could have the story written up fast I went right to work full time. By July it was clear that the money would run out long before the project ended. What, I prayed to Jesus, was I to do?

"Simplify," was his response.

With that I set about to simplify my entire life, to make room for what He wanted me doing.

By August the house was sold and most of the contents given away or thrown away.

Watching early headlines unfold

Seeing past dates work is no indication that they will continue to work into the future. It may "fit" history yet have nothing valid to say about the future. My chance to see that the dates work as time passed began in the fall of 1998.

The Wye River Memorandum signing dates and the events of mid December when Clinton reopened wide spread bombing in Iraq showed that the story continues. NATO’s first war ever, located in Kosovo, added to the story. Many other dates and details also passed confirming that everything was working.

Getting an eye for the details

Those early months were very satisfying. The time line worked historically as well as predictably. Problems still remained.

The historical record in the Bible, the source of most of the historical dates, is mostly about the political intrigues of its central players. From Abraham’s deceptions to Moses leading the people out of Egypt. Even the records of the various kings’ reigns are filled with stories of "palace intrigue." Those intrigues are hard to see in modern headlines, but they are there.

By the spring of 2000 my eye for seeing the details had changed dramatically. I began a process of revisiting each of the prophetic dates. The number of clear stories where modern dates and events matched exactly the stories of the Bible was much larger than I ever imagined. Many of those stories are going online now.

Conventional wisdom about the end of the age says there will be an intense time of trouble. When Clinton bombs Iraq or Kosovo we can see those times of trouble unfolding. This conventional wisdom does not serve well in understanding the Bible’s actual end-times chronology. It is much less troubling, at least so far, than conventional wisdom would suggest.

Hundreds of detail stories are unfolding before our eyes, reported in the major media, and are following along an intricate plan recorded in the Bible many centuries ago. The focus of the Bible in this time is on Jesus’ control of world events in this era before his soon return. It is not primarily on destructive disasters, though they are there too. Don’t be fooled by the conventional wisdom.

Concluding Remarks

Needless to say, the Bible provides an abundant, intricate, outline of important world events throughout this period of history. I have been watching the stories unfold for two years and continue to be amazed at the way details from the Bible’s stories agree with the people, places, and events found in the headlines.

I doubt I ever could have had that vision, a vision that radically changed my life, if I was not already walking with Jesus regularly.

I don’t have an exclusive on this, not the time line, nor on Jesus himself. Jesus wants a relationship with you too.

If you don’t already know Jesus, start today, start now. Decide that you are going to follow Him, and get to know Him and be obedient to him. Jesus is alive and well. His spirit speaks to all that would listen. Get to know Him, do what He says. Only Jesus knows his plans for this period, only Jesus can show you how to walk through this very dangerous time in world history.

In Jesus’ service,