Jesus Stays Behind at the Temple

When Jesus was 12 years old he remained behind in Jerusalem After three days his family found him in the temple. If we knew him, we’d know where he had to be.


When Jesus was 12 years old he stayed behind at the temple. Thinking him in their company the family proceeded towards home when they realized he was not in their company. They return to Jerusalem to look for him.

On the 3rd day they found him in the temple. When asked he said that if they knew him they’d know that he had to be in "his father’s house."

This story contains the same three day interval seen in the other stories where Jesus is telling us that he will be found in the temple on God’s 3rd day. This can be any time at or after the spring of 2010 AD.

In a detail covered later in the story, we will show that all of the Jesus’ dates have a 2000 year offset from them and are set to replay. This particular story, then, says that we will find him in the temple very close to the millennium break as he was celebrating the millennium break of his day at this occasion.