When Are the Bible’s Millennium Breaks?

God has counted mankind’s time since Adam’s fall. Various event have fallen on past millennium breaks. What were those events? When are these millennium breaks? When is the next?


The Bible describes the history of mankind from the fall of Adam through the prophetic events of the present. Except for the past 2000 years, most of the important events of mankind’s history is recorded within the Bible itself. By looking a Biblical events on or near the millennium breaks we can begin to get a sense of what those breaks mean in the overall calendar of God’s dealing with mankind.

When Were the Millennium Breaks?

The cross-calendar tools found on this website can be used to generate various date reports. The following report shows each millennium break since Adam.

For the purposes of the following report the 15th day of the first month of the first year of each Biblical millennium is shown. This is the day after Passover and is the usual date for measuring this sort of long-distance day-accurate time.

Millennium Dates, Cross Calendar
Millennium 1: Adam’s Birth
Thu1-01-01 AA17 Nov -10975 NS7 Apr 12312 BAUC1 AAN
-9499-01-01 FE9 Feb -10975 OS7 Apr 13065 BC-2287156 JDN
Millennium 2
Sat1001-01-01 AA31 Aug -9976 NS7 Apr 11112 BAUC364801 AAN
-8499-01-01 FE16 Nov -9976 OS7 Apr 11865 BC-1922356 JDN
Millennium 3
Mon2001-01-01 AA16 Jun -8977 NS7 Apr 9912 BAUC729601 AAN
-7499-01-01 FE24 Aug -8977 OS7 Apr 10665 BC-1557556 JDN
Millennium 4
Wed3001-01-01 AA30 Mar -7978 NS7 Apr 8712 BAUC1094401 AAN
-6499-01-01 FE31 May -7978 OS7 Apr 9465 BC-1192756 JDN
Millennium 5: Contains Enoch’s Ascension
Fri4001-01-01 AA12 Jan -6979 NS7 Apr 7512 BAUC1459201 AAN
-5499-01-01 FE7 Mar -6980 OS7 Apr 8265 BC-827956 JDN
Millennium 6
Sun5001-01-01 AA27 Oct -5981 NS7 Apr 6312 BAUC1824001 AAN
-4499-01-01 FE13 Dec -5981 OS7 Apr 7065 BC-463156 JDN
Millennium 7: Noah’s Flood and Aftermath
Tue6001-01-01 AA11 Aug -4982 NS7 Apr 5112 BAUC2188801 AAN
-3499-01-01 FE19 Sep -4982 OS7 Apr 5865 BC-98356 JDN
Millennium 8
Thu7001-01-01 AA25 May -3983 NS7 Apr 3912 BAUC2553601 AAN
-2499-01-01 FE26 Jun -3983 OS7 Apr 4665 BC266444 JDN
Millennium 9: Tower of Babel at start
Sat8001-01-01 AA9 Mar -2984 NS7 Apr 2712 BAUC2918401 AAN
-1499-01-01 FE2 Apr -2984 OS7 Apr 3465 BC631244 JDN
Millennium 10: Jacob’s dream, Slavery in Egypt, Exodus, Judges
Mon9001-01-01 AA22 Dec -1986 NS7 Apr 1512 BAUC3283201 AAN
-499-01-01 FE8 Jan -1986 OS7 Apr 2265 BC996044 JDN
Millennium 11: Solomon’s Temple at start, Split Kingdom, lost in Babylon
Wed10001-01-01 AA6 Oct -987 NS7 Apr 312 BAUC3648001 AAN
501-01-01 FE15 Oct -987 OS7 Apr 1065 BC1360844 JDN
Millennium 12: Jesus’ visit, Church Age
Fri11001-01-01 AA20 Jul 12 NS22 Jul 765 AUC4012801 AAN
1501-01-01 FE22 Jul 12 OS22 Jul 12 AD1725644 JDN
Millennium 13: Christianity to Russia, Christ Rules
Sun12001-01-01 AA5 May 1011 NS29 Apr 1764 AUC4377601 AAN
2501-01-01 FE29 Apr 1011 OS29 Apr 1011 AD2090444 JDN
Millennium 14: Begins in 2010: New Jerusalem
Tue13001-01-01 AA16 Feb 2010 NS3 Feb 2763 AUC4742401 AAN
3501-01-01 FE3 Feb 2009 OS3 Feb 2010 AD2455244 JDN


The Bible records the events at some of these dates, suggesting a pattern.

Adam’s Fall

The first event at the very start of this period was Adam’s fall. Though nothing is known about the precise timing of this event, it is the point where time is measured in the epoch of mankind.

Noah’s Flood

Noah’s flood happened in the year 6020 from Adam and is very close to the millennium break of his day. The report above shows the millennium break at the year 6001 from Adam.

The interesting feature to note about this millennium break is that this was just in the start of God’s 7th day. God was taking a rest. The very last millennium date shown in the list above is also just inside God’s 14th day and is also a time for God to take rest.

Jacob’s Dreams

Jacob fled from Esau, headed for his uncle’s land in the year 9000 (or very early in 9001) from Adam. In route he has a dream of a stairway to heaven. After awaking he sets up a stone to mark the place and marvels how God was in that place.

This is 3000 years since Noah’s flood and is the start of the major events recorded in the Bible’s chronology. Every 500 years from this point on, aligned with the 1000 year millennium cycle, the Bible records important headlines.

Solomon’s Temple

At the next 1000 year mark Solomon completes his temple building project. Solomon began work at the year 480 from the Exodus. His project took 7 years for the temple and then 13 for his palace. When the two were complete the priestly and administrative functions of David’s kingdom were in place.

Jesus’ Visit

Very early in God’s 12th day, in the year 11001 from Adam, Jesus stayed behind at the Temple. When is mother enquired he answered, "if you knew me surely you’d know I had to be in my father’s house."

This rather brief New Testament passage was careful to record Jesus’ age. Of course days and years are equivalent in a prophetic sense so Jesus’ age is being used to indicate the reason and timing of his visit to the temple.

The Last Millennium

So what happened on the last millennium? Much.

This date is mocked by many both within and outside of the church. Many are said to have expected the return of Jesus at this point. It did not happen. This is also why, many claim, we should not expect his return at the next Biblical millennium either.

Take a close look at the time table above. The actual biblical millennium break was not at the Julian calendar break, but 10 years later. The events that where happening that marked this millennium break were important indeed. Many important nations where now, finally, adopting Christianity. They were making Jesus their spiritual king. The most important of those nations is known in the Bible as Gog/Magog. That nation is known today as Russia.

Next Millennium

The next millennium breaks early in 2010. What might Jesus be doing then?

For the record, the events of Jesus’ life, offset by 2000 years, to the day have been prophetic for events in the world today. The events at age Jesus age 12 are also prophetic on the same 2000 Biblical year offset.

If we knew him, we’d know he’d have to be in his father’s house.