Research Report on Second Chronicles 35

Josiah’s year 18 Passover animals suggest a prophetic offset to a full sacrifice. This report runs the math.


Josiah celebrates a Passover as recorded in 2 Chronicles 35:1-9. As with so many other counts, these counts suggest a prophetic time interval for these count to unfold across time. This page provides the report for how to track those numbers.

Issues: This report is intended for use in the prophetic, end-times, application. The math primarily runs through history, so the dates in question are given historically.

Prophetic Dates from Second Chronicles 35
Epoch is 10374/1/14, Josiah’s Passover Date
Sun10374-01-14 AA16 Apr -614 NS11 Feb 122 AUC3784064 AAN
874-01-14 FE23 Apr -614 OS11 Feb 632 BC1496907 JDN
30,000 goats and sheep at 1/day[1]
Fri10456-04-14 AA5 Jun -532 NS12 Six 207 AUC3814064 AAN
956-04-14 FE11 Jun -532 OS12 Six 547 BC1526907 JDN
3000 cattle at 1/day[2]
Tue10464-07-14 AA22 Aug -524 NS25 Jan 215 AUC3817064 AAN
964-07-14 FE28 Aug -524 OS25 Jan 539 BC1529907 JDN
2600 passover offerings at 1/day[3]
Fri10471-09-04 AA5 Oct -517 NS23 Mai 223 AUC3819664 AAN
971-09-04 FE11 Oct -517 OS23 Mai 531 BC1532507 JDN
300 Cattle at 1/day[4]
Thu10472-06-04 AA31 Jul -516 NS28 Mar 224 AUC3819964 AAN
972-06-04 FE6 Aug -516 OS28 Mar 530 BC1532807 JDN
5000 Passover Offerings at 1/day[5]
Sat10486-02-24 AA9 Apr -502 NS27 Apr 238 AUC3824964 AAN
986-02-24 FE15 Apr -502 OS27 Apr 516 BC1537807 JDN
500 Cattle at 1/day[6]
Tue10487-07-14 AA22 Aug -501 NS23 Sep 239 AUC3825464 AAN
987-07-14 FE28 Aug -501 OS23 Sep 515 BC1538307 JDN


The year 10487 from Adam, replays on April 14, 2003. This matches the time in history when Ezra was returning to rededicate the second temple.

If the 14 days to the date of the Passover is mapped in then this points at 10501, just after the huge dedication of the Second Semple.

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