Fractal Math

Is history described with a fractal? Day-for-a-year repetition, seen now in the headlines and in ancient times with the life of Jesus, might be the evidence of fractal math behind the story. This article explores. This is a big report.


Day-for-a-year repetition is an interesting end-times pattern. Headlines confirm the structure. We also see it with the life of Jesus where he lived through a similar, though smaller, period in history.

Are the other parts of history patterned the same way? If so it would be a fractal, like a fern branch, with each successive period before slightly smaller than the one after.

A test of this hypothesis would be to run a fractal pattern back across the history of the world. It would need to hit Jesus’ life with the known pattern at his day. The following is the math:

It is not clear how to work the math. No conclusions can be drawn from this report.