Exodus Plagues -- Calendar

Modern Timing

The Theory section of this site provides a long and intricate introduction to the process of rediscovering the 30 day/month calendar used to write the Bible. That Bible Calendar is discoverable, and still running and it is possible to establish the current date using that calendar.

Of course the calendar is set using a clock set by an observer located at Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Hours are fixed at 24 per day, and are of fixed length, so the Biblical idea of a clock is called by modern people a "Mean Time" or a time based on the average of all the days in the year. Even ancients could have easily set a clock to this modern definitions by setting their clocks to daylight hour 7 when the sun was overhead at high-noon.

The interesting time of day for calendar purposes 6:00 PM on this special clock, abbreviated in these articles as TMMT for Temple Mount Mean Time. The Bible’s calendar days break at "sunset" or 6:00 PM using TMMT.

Most modern clocks are set to their local timezone, and those zones are usually whole hours (sometimes 1/2 hours) from GMT, which is itself NOT a whole number of hours from Temple Mount. To give you a feel for this, that 6:00 PM average sunset time using TMMT is at 11:39 AM in the east coast of the US.

Question: What time of day did the towers fall at Ground Zero? Why that time?

Answer: They fell quite close to sunset in Jerusalem, at the day break, because they fell 1000 full days from the US bombing of Baghdad, December 18, 1998. Since it was a prophetic God-ordained interval, that interval was up at a whole number of days, and so the buildings generally fell by that 11:39 AM time of day. Observed headlines since 2006 can vary by as much as 50 hours from the theoretical time, though they are usually quite close.

As long as this page hasn’t gone stale in a browser or cache, the current time using TMMT in Jerusalem, right now is...


Calendar Days

Modern calendar days, besides using the wrong clock, also break their days at midnight. This is about 6 hours off and so there is forever confusion as to what calendar day we mean. In general we use modern day names, like Wednesday, and dates, like August 8, 2008, because people know these dates, but we must not forget that the days have a different Biblical numbering system, and a different day break point, that same one used to set the clock in Jerusalem. When looking for headlines we keep the Bible’s definitions in mind.

Without fully explaining why the net result of a lot of other Bible Time work is the Biblical Calendar system’s date for today can be discovered, or any other date, for that matter, using software.

These Bible Calendar dates are what were used for establishing the modern expected plague dates.

You’ll see what we call "Date Reports" in the various plague date write-ups. The following is a date report for right now. Depending on where you are in the world this may, or may not, be your local date.

Today’s Date
Thu13013-03-24 AA7 Apr 2022 NS25 Mar 2775 AUC4746834 AAN
3513-03-24 FE25 Mar 2022 OS25 Mar 2022 AD2459677 JDN

The lower left corner date, ending in FE is today’s current date using the 30 day/month calendar, using an Exodus Epoch, and measured at temple mount in Jerusalem.

The upper left date, ending in AA is the same calendar but measured since Adam’s first year.

By using the Exodus and the calendar established then as the Epoch, this date is measuring time against those same 70 jubilees that are repeated in the prophetic passages of scripture. The date 3501/1/15 FE is exactly 3500 years from the day the Israelites left Egypt.

The census counts taken of Israel when they left Egypt count people, but match the days in this same interval... It is the interval between the historical plague series and the modern rendition of the same series. Of course most of the plagues happened before the departed Egypt, and so most of the modern plagues happen before 3501/1/15 FE too. This is why we’re seeing them now.

With this you’re armed enough to dive into the plagues themselves. Enjoy!