The Bible stops direct counts of years at the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon. It contains a series of parables about the Jewish return to Jerusalem in our modern era. Using those parables we can pick up the calendar after a 2550 year gap. Articles in this chapter show how this is done, establishing day-accuracy from text to the modern era.

  • Timeline: Modern Jewish Return to Israel

    The return of the Jews to modern Israel caps one prophetic story in the Bible. When was it to happen? What Bible year from Adam must we be in now? This article deals with these questions. (4,423 words)

  • Finding Modern Day-for-a-Year Dates

    The articles included in this section cover the time line from Adam and establish the rough alignment between modern Gregorian year numbers and Biblical years counted forward from Adam. What remains is to establish an exact, day-accurate relationship between the Bible’s 30 day calendar and the modern Gregorian calendar. (6,071 words)

  • Define: A Generation

    Once the Bible’s chronology is known with precision it is possible to start using that chronology to explain interesting passages. (1,624 words)

  • Using Time Bands to Study Time

    The text of the Bible is uneven in the date references it provides. Some periods, like Noah’s flood, are elaborated day-by-day while others, like the period from there to the Exodus, find time references only every generation. These differences lead to our categorization of Bible date references into Bands. (1,729 words)

  • Timeline: Creation Week

    How long was the Creation Week of Genesis chapter 1? This article explores. (1,840 words)