Bible Time Appendix Articles

There are several additional articles that you may find interesting, but which are not part of the main flow of the Bible Time website.

Bible Time Vision

The Original Vision that triggered the Bible Time project, and eventually 20 years of full time work on a series of other projects. [1000 Words] Read More

The Bible's Definition of a Generation

Generational Lengths are related to life lengths run together end-to-end. They may help unpack places like Matthew Chapter 1. [1000 Words] Read More

Using Time Bands to Study Time

Time Bands explains the mental model needed to cope with the fractal nature of prophetic time. This is the basis for advanced software for time line tooling. [1000 Words] Read More

Creation Week Chronology

Creation Week is one of the strangest timed stories in scripture. A careful read suggests we remain in day 7. So, the lengths of those days must be quite long. This article explores the minimum possible lengths of Creation Week days. [1000 Words] Read More


Christmas is the holiday when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Because modern calendars are out of phase with the calendar used to write the Bible, the Christmas date is correct at times. This article explores those dates. [1000 Words] Read More