Sharing Information about Time from the Bible

This web site lays out an extensive and complete theory of how time works in the Bible. This page introduces the theory and provides pointers to articles across the website.

Key Ideas in Bible Time Theory

  • There is a calendar used to write the Bible that can be rediscovered. There was also a clock used to write the Bible and it too can be rediscovered.

  • The story of time since Adam to the present as documented in the Bible is considerably longer than generally thought. We're now about 13,000 years from Adam. Noah's flood was about 7,000 years ago. The Exodus was about 3,500 years ago.

  • The current Bible date, to the year, month and day, as called out on the Bible's calendar can be known.

  • That long form chronology replays "cookie cutter style" across documented Biblical history and predicted history since the canon was closed. At almost any point in history 1 or more such replays are ongoing.

  • Once the Bible's full framework for time is understood, a considerable number of predicted dates can be found in the Bible itself. Many of these are now historical, some are current, some are near future, and some are distant future.

  • Each millennia since Adam can be thought of as a year in the life of a regular person. Adam's race has just turned 14 and going through Adolescence.

Website Organization

There are currently around 480 articles in this website, including supporting pages and interactive tools. It is large, and takes some time to explore.

Use the tabs across the banner to explore specific sections, each begins with an introduction and index to articles in that section. Links to all the articles within a section are listed on the left inside that section.

There are next and prev links in the top right and footer of each page to continue to the next logical page in read-through order.

Current Work

The project is entering its 18th full-time year. Over that time it has spawned a bunch of other projects. The umbrella for the entire set is now called Paleo Institute. Its website has more on the related projects.

My time is current spent working on cleaning up the original language manuscripts. This Bible Time project is idling until some of that other work is finished. When that happens I'll return to this project and give it a complete review.

Home Tab Articles

There are a few more introductory articles here under this home tab. The following is a list of article titles and their introductions.

Statement of Faith

Saying that we believe in the authority of the Bible and the divinity of Jesus is usually not enough for skeptics. Rather than write a new document, we offer as our statement of faith the Nicene Creed.

Bible Time Vision

What started out as a simple study of the chronology of the Bible became more, much more. This website started after a prompt from Jesus to dig deeper into the study of time in the Bible.

Phil Stone’s Biography

I’ve been a born-again believer in Jesus since October of 1979. Because of various job changes and schooling I’ve been members of various churches, including Free Methodist, Foursquare, Presbyterian, Lutheran and non-denominational. When this project began I was an elder in a Church in the Seattle area.


May Jesus bless you abundantly with all the things he has for those who decide to follow him. May he open your eyes to the things he is doing now in the world. May he watch over you, protect you and shelter you from the ongoing storm. May you learn to hear his voice and become obedient to his direction in your life. In Jesus' precious and powerful name. Amen.