Bible Time

Read on for a complete model of how time works in the Bible.

Bible Time Theory

Bible Time Theory explores the mechanics of how time is written about in the Bible. This includes the consistent use of Counting Numbers and the structure of days, months and years. It explores prophetic counting and time transforms. It shows how the Bible lacks any clear chronologies, but instead decorates father-son genealogies with life lengths. It explores the need to always remain on the Bible's Calender instead of converting to modern calendars. It ends with finding starting epochs. [11 Articles] Read More

Across History

Across History works through each important time reference needed to convert the Bible's individual time references into an over-arching chronology. This effectively counts years from Adam and is the basis for knowing the current year. Each section of the Bible has a different time convention, so this task is broken into various sections. [7 Articles] Read More

Modern Recovery of the Calendar

Modern Recovery of the Calendar takes the position that the Bible's calendar never stopped, and continued to count days going forward, even though nobody bothered to remember that calendar. Through a series of steps this section shows how to rediscover the current date on that ancient calendar. [4 Articles] Read More

Finding Jesus' Life Dates

Finding Jesus' Life Dates dives into the events of the New Testament and derives the dates for the key events in Jesus' life. This is done by working backwards from present because the New Testment does not record events using the Bible's Calendar, since that calendar was already lost in his day. [14 Articles] Read More

Mark and the Ark

Mark and the Ark shows the structure of a section of the Book of Mark where time is measured from Noah's Ark to various stories in future history. [5 Articles] Read More

Grand Tour

Grand Tour shows another section of Mark, where the Bible's time line since Adam is the hidden structure behind a series of parables. It starts with the fall of Adam, and ends with Jesus' return. [13 Articles] Read More

Measuring Jesus' Millenia Parables

Measuring Jesus' Millennia Parables uses the ratio of 1 day is as 1000 years to explore a series other parables from the Gospels. Many point into our current modern era. [9 Articles] Read More

Introducing Jesus' Passion Dates

Introducing Jesus' Passion Dates explores key times in passion week, showing the prophetic ratios. It also includes a summary chart. [2 Articles] Read More

Bible Time Appendix Articles

Bible Time Appendix Articles has other articles that advanced readers may find interesting. [5 Articles] Read More


Bibliography provides links for further reading. Read More

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Current Work

In April of 1998 I quit my full time computer job and began a long journey following the Holy Spirit. This Bible Time project was the first of several distinct projects along that journey.

Each project pressed hard on the meaning of scripture. If you visit a Christian book store, most books available there are based on 1 or 2 verses. I was preparing printed charts for Bible Time and found those charts had over 2500 scripture references. At that scale there was on average 2 references per chapter, each of which needed to be checked against original language manuscripts.

Because of headlines in 2008 dealing what is now the invasion of Europe by Arabs I realized I needed to audit the entire Bible, not just those 2500 references...

By 2010 the fundamental problem was clear, the Bible itself has not been passed down to us without tampering. Instead of an audit, like conducted by most Christian authors against the verses they quote... I found the only way to finish this Bible Time project would require a complete original language manuscript restoration. And, by the strange experience gained across those years I knew how to recover the manuscript.

Not much of this manuscript restoration project is online, but if you want to read a little more, please visit Paleo Institute.

In November of 2016 I cut back this Bible Time website to the current article set, dropping over 300 additional articles. I've left the remaining articles online because I believe the math behind the calendar is still generally correct.

In a late 2016 proof read of these Bible Time articles, I found I no longer like the voice I used to originally write these articles. I also don't always like the theology I held when these were written. But, I have not extensively edited the remaining set of articles because they will need to be reviewed again once we have proven what Bible passages were originally inspred.

Phil Stone, first online 1998-02-01, last updated 2016-11-08