Projection 2000 Years from Jesus’ Life

2000th anniversaries of every date in Jesus’ life and ministry provide part of the material we need to verify that we have the ancient dates correct. The dates began landing in 1998 and run into 2028.


The various dates around Jesus’ life may involve prophetic components. The most fruitful is found by taking the 2000th anniversary dates on the Biblical calendar and finding those dates in our modern era. They validate we’ve done the ancient math correctly and help to show off the prophetic players involved in preparing the world for Jesus’ next visit.

2000 Year Anniversaries of Jesus’ Dates

When Jesus deliberately spent time across the Jordan River from Jerusalem after he had heard of Lazarus’ death, he was deliberately portraying the 2000 years that would take place between his first and second public ministries. This same number appears in the story of the Good Samaritan and in the story of the Woman at the Well. What we want to do here is look at the exact anniversaries of the interesting dates already derived.

Jesus’ Birthday + 2000

The period of Jesus’ birth projects out on the Biblical Calendar to dates in our modern era. The following chart is the chart surrounding Jesus’ birth, but with the dates pushed foward by 2000 Biblical years.

Jesus’ Birth + 2000 Years
Jesus’ Historical Birthday
Fri10989-08-29 AA16 Feb 1 NS17 Feb 754 AUC4008629 AAN
1489-08-29 FE18 Feb 0 OS17 Feb 1 AD1721472 JDN
Jesus’ Birthday + 2000 years
Tue12989-08-29 AA15 Sep 1998 NS2 Sep 2751 AUC4738229 AAN
3489-08-29 FE2 Sep 1998 OS2 Sep 1998 AD2451072 JDN


  • A Man from the east visits the United Nations and follows the story of the Magi. (The Iranian president visited the UN and gave an extensive speech.)

  • Wye River Memorandum signed outside Washington DC at the 2000th anniversary of the Jesus being presented in the temple for the first time.

Jesus’ Temple Visit + 2000 Years

A previous article established a theoretical date for Jesus’ visit to the temple based on the thought that Jesus’ life was itself a prophetic replay of the main time line. His visit, in his 12th year, matches Enoch’s ascension where Enoch visited the temple in heaven itself.

That visit has an anniversary in our generation, which is very interesting to watch because there are so many other prophetic dates in the months ahead.

The following report shows both and runs that date forward 2000 years.

Jesus in the Temple + 2000 Years
Jesus' Historical Age 12 Temple Visit Date
Fri11001-04-09 AA26 Oct 12 NS28 Oct 765 AUC4012899 AAN
1501-04-09 FE28 Oct 12 OS28 Oct 12 AD1725742 JDN
Modern 2000th Anniversary
Tue13001-04-09 AA25 May 2010 NS12 May 2763 AUC4742499 AAN
3501-04-09 FE12 May 2010 OS12 May 2010 AD2455342 JDN


At this point in his ministry he is basically making a private visit to the Temple in Jerusalem. His family and childhood friends know what he is doing, but the public does not know.

At this anniversary there is not yet a public millennium Temple, but there were very strange events going on in the skies west of Disneyworld in Florida.

Whatever work he was doing was not otherwise public, so whatever modern headlines might be following, the public, at least through news media, cannot know until years later.

Jesus' Baptism + 2000 Years

The following table shows the date in history when Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan.

At this point John stops his public ministry and Jesus and his disciples take over. This appears to happen immediately. It appears to be an event that sent ripples through the upper classes in Jerusalem. They had been tracking John's ministry, and now he was retired.

A significant headline on the 2000th anniversary date would be the first public evidence that this entire anniversary prophetic series is underway. Without it, the rest of the date series implied by the various dates given on this page are also in doubt.

Jesus’ Baptism + 2000 Years
Jesus' Historical Baptism Date
Sun11018-07-27 AA13 Jan 30 NS15 Jan 783 AUC4019187 AAN
1518-07-27 FE15 Jan 29 OS15 Jan 30 AD1732030 JDN
Modern 2000th Anniversary
Thu13018-07-27 AA12 Aug 2027 NS30 Jul 2780 AUC4748787 AAN
3518-07-27 FE30 Jul 2027 OS30 Jul 2027 AD2461630 JDN

Jesus' Reads Isaiah Scroll + 2000 Years

40 days later, on what was a Sabbath, Jesus read from the Isaiah Scroll.

He was back in his home town, and at this point he would begin his public ministry by saying good bye to those who knew him in Nazareth. The anniversary date could have a key headline.

Jesus’ Reads Scroll + 2000 Years
Jesus Reads Isaiah Scroll, Historical Date
Sat11018-09-08 AA23 Feb 30 NS25 Feb 783 AUC4019228 AAN
1518-09-08 FE25 Feb 29 OS25 Feb 30 AD1732071 JDN
Modern 2000th Anniversary
Wed13018-09-08 AA22 Sep 2027 NS9 Sep 2780 AUC4748828 AAN
3518-09-08 FE9 Sep 2027 OS9 Sep 2027 AD2461671 JDN

Jesus’ Crucifixion + 2000 Years

The 2000th anniversary of his crucifixion may mark the end of some sort of year of public ministry. That date's anniversary could be marked by a significant headline.

Jesus Crucified + 2000 Years
Jesus' Historical Crucifixion Date
Thu11019-10-08 AA20 Mar 31 NS22 Mar 784 AUC4019618 AAN
1519-10-08 FE22 Mar 30 OS22 Mar 31 AD1732461 JDN
Modern 2000th Anniversary
Mon13019-10-08 AA16 Oct 2028 NS3 Oct 2781 AUC4749218 AAN
3519-10-08 FE3 Oct 2028 OS3 Oct 2028 AD2462061 JDN

Jesus' Resurrection + 2000 Years

Resurrection Sunday is the date when Jesus, in his resurrected form, was seen, but only in private and only by his near disciples. A prophetic headline is possible, but unlikely to be public.

Jesus’ Resurrection + 2000 Years
Jesus' Historical Resurrection Sunday
Sun11019-10-11 AA23 Mar 31 NS25 Mar 784 AUC4019621 AAN
1519-10-11 FE25 Mar 31 OS25 Mar 31 AD1732464 JDN
Modern 2000th Anniversary
Thu13019-10-11 AA19 Oct 2028 NS6 Oct 2781 AUC4749221 AAN
3519-10-11 FE6 Oct 2028 OS6 Oct 2028 AD2462064 JDN

Jesus' Ascension + 2000 Years

Jesus' ascension is 40 days after first appearing.Acts 1:3 His first appeareances were on Resurrection Sunday when he appeared at the tomb to the women who had gone to anoint the body with spices.

Computed here as the 40th day, but it could be on the Sabbath, the next calendar day.

This date includes a reference that suggests he will return the same way he went up.Acts 1:11 That reference may imply he will return on the same date, ie on the 2000th anniversary following so many other prophetic stories to that end.

Jesus’ Resurrection + 2000 Years
Jesus' Historical Resurrection Sunday
Sun11019-10-11 AA23 Mar 31 NS25 Mar 784 AUC4019621 AAN
1519-10-11 FE25 Mar 31 OS25 Mar 31 AD1732464 JDN
Jesus' Historical Ascension Day
Fri11019-11-21 AA2 May 31 NS4 May 784 AUC4019661 AAN
1519-11-21 FE4 May 31 OS4 May 31 AD1732504 JDN
Modern 2000th Anniversary
Tue13019-11-21 AA28 Nov 2028 NS15 Nov 2781 AUC4749261 AAN
3519-11-21 FE15 Nov 2028 OS15 Nov 2028 AD2462104 JDN

Pentecost + 2000 Years

Pentecost is one of the dates that is hard to afix well, there is no second witness to a simple 50 day count.

Pentecost + 2000 Years
Jesus' Historical Resurrection Sunday
Sun11019-10-11 AA23 Mar 31 NS25 Mar 784 AUC4019621 AAN
1519-10-11 FE25 Mar 31 OS25 Mar 31 AD1732464 JDN
Historical Pentecost In Acts
Mon11019-12-01 AA12 May 31 NS14 May 784 AUC4019671 AAN
1519-12-01 FE14 May 31 OS14 May 31 AD1732514 JDN
Modern 2000th Anniversary
Fri13019-12-01 AA8 Dec 2028 NS25 Nov 2781 AUC4749271 AAN
3519-12-01 FE25 Nov 2028 OS25 Nov 2028 AD2462114 JDN

Alternative Pentecost + 2000 Years

Dating Pentecost is hard, without a clear second witness.

A study I did on this suggested that the real event the disciples were waiting for was the completion of the Passover of Moses early in the next year. The closing assembly of which was 100 days out, not 50 as popularly observed by the Christian world.

I cannot fully prove this, but it is an important date to watch. Here is the math.

Moses' Passover + 2000 Years
Jesus’ Historical Resurrection Sunday
Sun11019-10-11 AA23 Mar 31 NS25 Mar 784 AUC4019621 AAN
1519-10-11 FE25 Mar 31 OS25 Mar 31 AD1732464 JDN
Close of Moses' Passover, 100 days later.
Tue11020-01-21 AA1 Jul 31 NS3 Jul 784 AUC4019721 AAN
1520-01-21 FE3 Jul 31 OS3 Jul 31 AD1732564 JDN
Modern 2000th Anniversary
Sat13020-01-21 AA27 Jan 2029 NS14 Jan 2782 AUC4749321 AAN
3520-01-21 FE14 Jan 2028 OS14 Jan 2029 AD2462164 JDN

Noah’s Flood + 7000 Years

This period is also remarkably close to the 7000 anniversaries of the various events of Noah’s flood. Only a few weeks separate the end of the Passion week stories and the start of the Noah’s flood stories. So the relationships between these stories and their anniversaries can be seen, I'm running them out here too.

Note the same conditions apply as to the anniversary dates for Jesus' life. If the early dates hit with a strong headline, then the rest of the series is likely "in play."

Without a strong initial headline, the rest of the series is less likely to be in play.

The 7 warning to Noah was given in the Divine Voice, so it falls under the "1 day is as 1000 years" given to Peter.Second Peter 3:8

So 7000 years can be added to all dates in Noah's era as possible end-times prophetic headline dates.

7 Day Warning

7 days ahead of Noah's flood, a warning was given to load up.

This has seen various national parliaments declaring war, though other fulfillment is possible. The "fog of war" has made determining related headlines hard to do.

Noah's Flood, 7 day warning + 7000 Years
Historical Date of Noah's Warning
Thu6020-02-10 AA10 Aug -4963 NS14 Dec 5090 BAUC2195740 AAN
-3480-02-10 FE18 Sep -4963 OS14 Dec 5843 BC-91417 JDN
Modern 7000th Anniversary
Thu13020-02-10 AA15 Feb 2029 NS2 Feb 2782 AUC4749340 AAN
3520-02-10 FE2 Feb 2028 OS2 Feb 2029 AD2462183 JDN

Simple Flood Date

The simpliest date is Noah's flood itself.

The following shows the anniversary.

Noah's Flood + 7000 Years
Historical Date of Noah's Flood
Thu6020-02-17 AA17 Aug -4963 NS21 Dec 5090 BAUC2195747 AAN
-3480-02-17 FE25 Sep -4963 OS21 Dec 5843 BC-91410 JDN
Modern 7000th Anniversary
Thu13020-02-17 AA22 Feb 2029 NS9 Feb 2782 AUC4749347 AAN
3520-02-17 FE9 Feb 2028 OS9 Feb 2029 AD2462190 JDN

Noah's Rain Stops + 7000 Years

It rained for 40 days. The rains stopped, the anniversary may matter.

Noah's Flood Rain Stops + 7000 Years
Historical Date of Noah's Flood
Thu6020-02-17 AA17 Aug -4963 NS21 Dec 5090 BAUC2195747 AAN
-3480-02-17 FE25 Sep -4963 OS21 Dec 5843 BC-91410 JDN
Historical Date of Noah's Rains End
Tue6020-03-27 AA26 Sep -4963 NS1 Apr 5089 BAUC2195787 AAN
-3480-03-27 FE4 Nov -4963 OS1 Apr 5842 BC-91370 JDN
Modern 7000th Anniversary
Tue13020-03-27 AA3 Apr 2029 NS21 Mar 2782 AUC4749387 AAN
3520-03-27 FE21 Mar 2028 OS21 Mar 2029 AD2462230 JDN

Noah's Flood Recedes + 7000 Years

The flood waters covered the earth for 150 days.

Noah's Flood Waters Recede + 7000 Years
Historical Date of Noah's Flood
Thu6020-02-17 AA17 Aug -4963 NS21 Dec 5090 BAUC2195747 AAN
-3480-02-17 FE25 Sep -4963 OS21 Dec 5843 BC-91410 JDN
150 days later, waters recede, Ark rests
Sun6020-07-17 AA14 Jan -4962 NS20 Qui 5089 BAUC2195897 AAN
-3480-07-17 FE22 Feb -4963 OS20 Qui 5842 BC-91260 JDN
Modern 7000th Anniversary
Sun13020-07-17 AA22 Jul 2029 NS9 Jul 2782 AUC4749497 AAN
3520-07-17 FE9 Jul 2029 OS9 Jul 2029 AD2462340 JDN

Noah's Flood, Mountains Visible + 7000 Years

The mountains become visible. Has been prophetic for governments.

This triggers a possible flurry, measured in weeks, of raven and dove being sent out. Has been prophetic for peace negociations.

Noah's Flood Rain Stops + 7000 Years
Historical Date of Noah's Mountains Visible
Thu6020-10-01 AA29 Mar -4962 NS2 Oct 5089 BAUC2195971 AAN
-3480-10-01 FE7 May -4962 OS2 Oct 5842 BC-91186 JDN
Modern 7000th Anniversary
Thu13020-10-01 AA4 Oct 2029 NS21 Sep 2782 AUC4749571 AAN
3520-10-01 FE21 Sep 2029 OS21 Sep 2029 AD2462414 JDN

Noah's Flood, Earth Dry + 7000 Years

The earth becomes dry. Has been prophetic for commercial operations resuming.

Noah's Flood Earth Dry + 7000 Years
Historical Date of Noah's Dry
Wed6021-01-01 AA27 Jun -4962 NS2 Mar 5088 BAUC2196061 AAN
-3479-01-01 FE5 Aug -4962 OS2 Mar 5841 BC-91096 JDN
Modern 7000th Anniversary
Wed13021-01-01 AA2 Jan 2030 NS20 Dec 2782 AUC4749661 AAN
3521-01-01 FE20 Dec 2029 OS20 Dec 2029 AD2462504 JDN

Noah's Flood, Noah Leaves Ark + 7000 Years

Noah came out of the ark (and built at altar).

Noah's Flood, Leaves Ark + 7000 Years
Historical Date of Noah Leaving Ark
Wed6021-02-27 AA22 Aug -4962 NS27 Apr 5088 BAUC2196117 AAN
-3479-02-27 FE30 Sep -4962 OS27 Apr 5841 BC-91040 JDN
Modern 7000th Anniversary
Wed13021-02-27 AA27 Feb 2030 NS14 Feb 2783 AUC4749717 AAN
3521-02-27 FE14 Feb 2029 OS14 Feb 2030 AD2462560 JDN

Phil Stone, Updated 2016-11-06