Jesus’ Age 12 Temple Visit via Enoch

Jesus’ life was a day-for-year repetition of the chronology of the old testament. The only time mentioned as an event in Jesus’ life and in the historical chronology is the age 12 visit to the temple, this pairs with Enoch’s ascension. Together the two stories provide the date of Jesus’ visit to the temple. This article explores.


As explored in an earlier article, the birth date for Jesus was on February 17, 1 AD. The following is the date report for that date:

Jesus’ Birthday
Fri10989-08-29 AA16 Feb 1 NS17 Feb 754 AUC4008629 AAN
1489-08-29 FE18 Feb 0 OS17 Feb 1 AD1721472 JDN

This date began the life of Jesus on earth. The end of his life, the crucifixion, was 10,989 days later. The following is the report:

Jesus’ Crucifixion
Thu11019-10-08 AA20 Mar 31 NS22 Mar 784 AUC4019618 AAN
1519-10-08 FE22 Mar 30 OS22 Mar 31 AD1732461 JDN

This difference in day numbers matches the year number After Adam of the birth of Jesus. This suggests Jesus’ birth was a prophetic replay of the fall of Adam with Jesus’ death on a cross was a replay of his birth. This itself was a replay of the fall, so the stories suggest what we know from standard orthodoxy: Jesus became flesh and dwelt amoung us, and died, in order to take on himself the sins of mankind. He did this chronologically following the original story.

The Mid-Life Visit to the Temple

What we look at here is the only life event recorded in the New Testament that happened in the middle of Jesus’ life. That event was his age 12 visit to the temple. The following is the passage were that visit is described.

41And his people went every year to Jerusalem during the feast of the passover. 42And when he was 12 years old they went up to the feast as they were accustomed. 43And when the feast days were over they returned, but the boy Joshua remained in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother did not know it. 44They thought that he was with the sons of their party, and when they went 1 day's journey they sought for him among their own people and those who knew them, 45but they could not find him so they returned again to Jerusalem looking for him.

46After 3 days they found him in the temple sitting in the middle of the teachers listening to them and asking them questions. 47And all those who heard him were amazed at his wisdom and his answers. 48And when they saw him they were astonished and his mother said to him, My son why have you done this to us? Look, your father and I have been looking for you with great anxiety. 49He said to them, Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I would be in the house of my father? 50But they could not understand the words which he said to them. 51So he went down with them and came to Nazareth and he was subject to them, and his mother treasured all these words in her heart.

52And Joshua grew in his stature and in his wisdom and in favor with god and men. Luke 2:41-52

The key here is that Jesus was in the temple, a building meant as a pattern for the things in heaven, the place were Jesus would go after his resurrection. Generally speaking, the temple is always a pattern for heaven itself. Going towards the temple in scripture represents going towards the things of God. Going away represents going away from God.

Of course the specific date for this event is not given, so we have no detail with which to map this event back into the original historical chronology. What we do know is that Jesus was 12 years old. This suggests Jesus was between the start and end of his 12th year. This age can be reconned as days and must be between one of the following two day ages:

11 full years: 360 * 10 + 390 = 3990 days
12 full years: 360 * 11 + 390 = 4350 days

If Jesus’ temple visit really was replaying something from the original historical chronology then that original story must land between the year 3990 AA and 4350 AA, the years from Adam that this age 12 visit replays.

Enoch’s Ascension

By inspection on the master charts the specific event in question can be seen. The event is the ascension of Enoch in the year 4270 AA, the last year of Enoch’s life. The following is the original account:

21And Enoch lived 65 years, and bore Methuselah. 22And after he bore Methuselah Enoch found favor in the presence of god 300 years, and bore sons and daughters. 23And all the days of Enoch were 365 years. 24And Enoch found favor in the presence of god, and disappeared; for god took him away. Genesis 5:21-24

The last verse in this account is key, God took him away. This is the earliest account of an ascension given in the Bible. Hebrews adds details:

5In faith Enoch departed and did not taste death and he was not found because god took him, but before he took him away there was a testimonial about him that he pleased god. Hebrews 11:5

The key here is that Enoch was translated or taken up from the earth, in other words he was taken to heaven this is what going into the temple is symbolic for. In Enoch’s case he appears to actually entered into heaven itself.

There are two important parallels between Jesus’ temple visit and Enoch’s temple visit:

  • Neither Found Jesus could not be found in the company of Jesus’ traveling companions. Enoch could not be found either. (Presumably Enoch could not be found anywhere on earth.)

  • In the temple Jesus was found in the temple in Jerusalem, while Enoch was found in the temple in heaven. (Or, at least, in heaven itself. Perhaps not all the way into the temple itself in heaven. There are theological debates on just what happened to Enoch.) The details are not important to this point, the symbolism is the same.

Running Out the Specific Date

The year number of Enoch’s disappearance is likely the day-number within Jesus’ life of when Jesus’ remained behind at the temple. The date number within Jesus’ life can be computed by adding 4270 days to the first day of Jesus’ life. The math is this: 4008629 + 4270 = 4012899 AA. The report is this:

Specific Date for Jesus’ age 12
Visit to the Temple
Fri11001-04-09 AA26 Oct 12 NS28 Oct 765 AUC4012899 AAN
1501-04-09 FE28 Oct 12 OS28 Oct 12 AD1725742 JDN

Note this is beyond the millennium date that would be the expected point for this visit. The date in question is not unknown to the charts, it adds yet another detail that matters.

The Month and Day of the Visit

By inspection on the previous report it can be seen that the Bible Calendar month is 4 and the day is 9. This date is important because it maps to an exact date in the history of ancient Israel. It is the date that Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian army broke through the city walls and entered into the temple. The following is the account:

2And in the 11th year of King Zedekiah, in the 4th month, on the 9th day of the month, the city was breached. 3And all the princes of the king of Babel came in and sat in the middle gate, even Nergal-Sharezer of Samgar, Nebo-Sarsekim chief of eunuchs, Nergal-Sharezer a high official, with all of the princes of the king of Babel. 4And it came to pass, when Zedekiah, the king of Judah, and all the men of war saw them, they fled and went out of the city by night by the way of the king's garden by the gate between the 2 walls; and they went out by the way of the plain. 5But the Chaldean's army pursued them and overtook Zedekiah in the plains of Jericho; and all his army was scattered from him; and they took him and brought him up to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babel, to Riblah in the land of Hamath, where he pronounced judgment on him. Jeremiah 39:2-5

By inspection on the master charts the year of this invasion was 10409 AA, so the the following date report indicates the day the armies first entered Jerusalem, and presumably the temple.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Army breaks
Jerusalem’s Walls
Sat10409-04-09 AA7 Jul -579 NS8 Mai 159 AUC3796929 AAN
909-04-09 FE13 Jul -579 OS8 Mai 595 BC1509772 JDN

This 4th month, 9th day entry into the temple matches Jesus’ visit into the temple at the same time.

2000 Year Anniversaries

The other events in Jesus’ life can be run out to 2000 Bible year anniversaries with rather significant stories landing on those dates. This time of the visit to the temple appears to be similar. The following is the indicated date:

Jesus in the Temple at age 12
Plus 2000 years to the day
Tue13001-04-09 AA25 May 2010 NS12 May 2763 AUC4742499 AAN
3501-04-09 FE12 May 2010 OS12 May 2010 AD2455342 JDN

By inspection on the master charts this date can be shown as being about 3 weeks beyond a significant set of dates based on the 3500th anniversary of events at the Exodus.

Time will tell if this turns out to be an important predictor of events in world headlines at the time. Considering how many other dates have already worked well this way, we can state fairly confidently:

49He said to them, Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I would be in the house of my father? Luke 2:49

Phil Stone, 2016-11-06