Finding Jesus’ Life Dates

The articles under this tab show how to find the dates in Jesus' ministry. Here is a general outline of the sections.

  • Misconceptions Many starting points to the study of New Testament time are based in tradition, not the Bible's text. This explores some of the most popular problems and suggests how to start this study.

  • Age 12 At 12 Jesus remained behind at the temple and after 3 days was found in his “father's house.” This story is never used for setting his birthday, but it is the easiest place to set Jesus' life in history and fix his birth year.

  • Birth There are several stories surrounding the birth of Jesus that matter for setting the New Testament dates. This section explores.

  • Adult The key dates in Jesus' adulthood bracket his time in ministry. Articles in this section show how to find the final dates in Jesus' earthly life.

  • Support Once placed in history with accurate dates there are various other supporting stories that confirm those dates. Even Ash Wednesday gives Jesus' birthday. These articles explain.

  • Baptism Setting the start of Jesus' public ministry, setting his baptism, is yet another study.

Phil Stone, Updated 2016-11-05