There is a java program that displays the current working charts.

Caveats: This is still very much Alpha software, (see notes below) and has been made available as a preview to help with discussions on the Bible Time group.

Prereqs: You need Java 5.0 or better installed on your computer, Java Webstart needs to be working.

Launch Now

You can restart using your Webstart control panel.


I use the term "Alpha" to describe this program because of formatting problems related to the addition of thousands of headlines in the past year which still have formatting problems related to volume.

The underlying software is actually quite old, having been originally written in the middle of the year 2001 in preparation for a presentation in August of that year. It has been running for years and was used to produce the printed charts as they grew across the years. It has been run long enough that there is little risk of crashing as in most "Alpha" software.

The printing system in this version is the one for printing on 8x11 paper with a wide margin as would be appropriate for single pages for binding in a note book. This is not the same as the production print system that pushes near to the paper edges but which usually cannot be printed on regular household printers.

Where to Start

I recommend starting on page 468, the start of the day-for-a-year system that gets most of the text on the website. The bottom 1/3 of the pages, going forward from there, is the full map of "day-for-a-year" end-times prophecy theory and the related headlines.

The internal, fractal, pattern of time in the Bible defines the bands that are drawn in the top 2/3rds of the pages. The same historical time line from page 468 forward, folds into other places in time at other scales as found above this location. The other bands are labeled well, though perhaps hard to understand.

Pages before 468 are simply all the bands run backwards in time. This "prelude" was done to capture all 150 Psalm related dates seen in the upper most bands. The top most band goes back to the early 1500s since there have been prophetic dates every 1000 days related to the Psalms since the late 1500s.