George W. Bush

George Bush: Prophetic Pharaoh

George Bush was elected President of the United States in the year 2000. One of his key bases of support was the religious right. His stance on issues of faith have given him a reputation as a man of faith and he has some amount of personal testimony regarding deliverance from alcohol.

With this public record it is hard to image a man like this being named as a prophetic, end-times Pharaoh but the headline stories are bearing this out.

I believe that these public points from which he gained his political support were carefully crafted fictions and have little to do with his actual personal faith for which he is supposedly so well known.

When Bush has been swooned over by leaders of the Christian community they are themselves demonstrating a lack of any sort of spiritual discernment.

Bush needed this base for support in order to win both the Texas governorship and the US Presidency.

The prophetic stories that he has been involved in so far suggest rather that Bush is part of a system, and Egyptian system that goes by various names. He should not be accidentally mistaken for a man of Biblical faith, no more than say Pharaoh was a man of Biblical faith.

The Question

Since the Democrats were sworn into Congress in January of 2007, they have been attempting to get the US army out of Iraq. There have been various ways this has been tried, various votes, various meeting, all met with no success.

In the end these votes have been various ways of stating a simple prophetic question: Hey, Pharaoh, let the people go!

The Answer

And, of course, each time the answer is the same. No, Pharaoh is not going to let the people go.

Ban Ki-moon’s visit

George Bush was visited by Ban Ki-moon on January 16, 2007. Ban Ki-moon is the new General Secretary of the United Nations and prophetic Moses.

This was nearly Mr. Ban’s first day on the job and this was one of his first formal diplomatic visits. It is this visit and Ban’s such strong affiliation with the figure of Moses, that Bush has taken on the roll of Pharaoh.

The record of their conversion does not specifically mention Ban Ki-moon also trying to free the people from Pharaoh’s grasp, but the war in Iraq, no matter what the specific conversion, is clearly at the top of everyone’s conversation with Bush. It has become his only subject.

Ban Ki-moon can be expected to publicly discourse on the Iraq war at least through the end of the plagues early in 2010. The US army will likely remain caught in Iraq over this time.

The army itself must remain in Babylon for 7 years from the invasion in 2003, so it will not leave before early 2010. (No matter what the Democrats in Congress may try and do.)


We’ll continue to watch Bush to see if he can break out of this label. We’ll also continue to watch for a replacement Pharaoh at the time of the 2008 elections.

There is no record of there having been a change in Pharaohs at the time of Moses, and it is odd to think that will happen this time. The plagues series runs into late 2009 and the only way for that to happen with Bush in office is for the elections of 2008 to be suspended. There are of course several prophetic dates when there could be severe enough headlines for that to happen. Time will tell if it does.