Notes On Pope Benedict XVI: Prophetic Aaron

Pope Benedict XVI is the current Pope, normally residing at Vatican City. He is fulfilling the roll of prophetic, end-times Aaron.

The main evidence of this linkage is 2 key meetings that he had with Ban Ki-Moon, the General Secretary of the United Nations.

The first of those meetings was held on April 18, 2008, at the Vatican, the first meeting between these men. See the Press Release for specifics on their meeting. At this meeting Ban Ki-Moon invited Pope Benedict to visit the United Nations in New York.

This meeting was 1 aspect of the fulfillment headlines for April 16, 2008 which included in the prophetic story a meeting between Aaron and Moses. The exact prophetic date, the 16th, Ban Ki-Moon was in New York while the Virginia Tech shootings where taking place. He soon departed for Italy where the 2 men held their first meetings.

The second of their meetings was at the United Nations in New York City 1 year later, on April 18, 2008. This meeting included a visit by Benedict to US President Bush on April 16, 2008, before he traveled to New York City. This visit was also a fulfillment event, though Aaron’s visit to Pharaoh instead of Moses, which had happened in January of 2007.

General Links of Aaron to the Pope

It is possible to identify the Pope, especially the office of the Pope, as the current location of some of the Biblical promises to Aaron and the Levites. A full treatment is beyond the scope here. Key points:

  • The 500 year Temple Cycle begun with Jacob’s dream of a ladder to heaven continued through the age and includes the current St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The Pope is the head over the church that runs St. Peter’s and thus an heir to the temple tradition that includes Aaron’s tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple as well as Ezra’s and Herod’s temples. (Can you guess the other 2 temples? At 510 AD and 1010 AD?)

  • Promise to the Levites that they would tend the temple fulfills in modern times as the Swiss Guards which attend the Pope in all of his public appearances. This is woven into the lost tribes story of the Levites, and the enduring promise of a sacrifice of praise that fulfills in the general priest system headed by the Pope.

2008 Visit by Benedict to the US

There were 12 public events in Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to the United States in April 2008. Some had more than one venue, each was prophetic for timed prophetic events across the year 2008 as well as the first date in 2009.

I’ve written those events up separately, here.

Other Prophetic Events

A survey of other key events in his papacy suggest he has been prophetic in other venues as well. More on that when time allows.