Day-for-a-Year Replays

In the last few months of 1997, and January of 1998, I had been drawing each indicated time reference onto a large time line. Most of those references were for specific life lengths, some times for specific historical events.

I only had 1 specific prophetic story that I could hope to chart outside of the simple chronology, and that was the last chapter, or so, from the Book of Daniel. That chapter includes a cluster of prophetic time references that are sealed until the time of the end.

Daniel’s Time References

The following is the relevant passage from Daniel.

7I heard the man clothed in linen who stood above the waters of the river. He held up his right hand and his left hand to the skies and swore by him who lives forever that, It will be for a time, times, and half a time, and when the holy people are delivered all these things will be fulfilled.

8I heard something but I did not understand. Then I said, My master what will come after these things? 9He said, Go your way Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end. 10Many will be chosen and made white and tried, but the sinners will continue to sin and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have done good works will understand. 11From the time that the daily sacrifice will be abolished and the abomination is given to destruction there will be 1,290 days. 12Blessed is he who waits and reaches to the 1,335 days. Daniel 12:7-12

If you’ve been following along in this article series you know that this chapter has already been used to help establish the calendar. The 1290 day interval given in this passage is a special 3.5 year period, and the 1335 day interval is especially interesting.

Normally, a 3.5 year period has 1260 days. The Sabbath year has an extra month, and so a 1290 day period spans across a Sabbath.

1335 days adds an additional 45 days. This is 1 full month and 15 days extra.

Those extra 45 days make sense in the context of a Jubilee. A Jubilee is the 50 year in a Jubilee cycle, the last year before the calendar begins again with a year number 1 in that cycle. Jubilee years are also 390 days, 13 months long. A 1335 day period can begin on a mid-year break and end on a Passover only across the last 3.5 years of a Jubilee cycle.

If this 3.5 year period has any bearing in our generation, then it must land on the Biblical years 12,997 (the 2nd half), 12,998, 12,999, and 13,000. The extra 15 days must land inside the year 13,001, the first year of a new Jubilee cycle.

If it helps, the following is a table that shows these days against the calendar.

Day Date
1 12997-07-01 AA -- Trumpets
2 12997-07-02 AA
... and so on...
1334 13001-01-14 AA -- Passover at evening
1335 13001-01-15 AA -- Special Sabbath

That last date is mightily important because it is the holiday that follows the Passover which is normally at sunset on the 1st month, 14th day. This date is the day when the Israelites left Egypt, and the tone of that departure is like the tone of the prophecy in Daniel. Blessed are those who wait for the end of this period, like those who were slaves in Egypt waited for their end to slavery.

There are several specific prophecies about this date, that make more sense when seen in relationship to the Exodus itself. Recall that the Exodus was 9501-01-15 AA. Note also that the difference between 13001-01-15 AA and 9501-01-15 AA is 3,500 years. This is 70 full Jubilees.

70 Jubilee Prophecies

Jesus himself addressed this interval when he was asked a question by Peter.

21Then Peter came up and said to him, My master, if my brother is at fault with me, how many times should I forgive him, up to 7 times? 22Joshua said to him, I do not say to you up to 7 times, but up to 70 times 7.

23Therefore the kingdom of the skies is likened to a king who wanted to take an accounting from his servants. Matthew 18:21-23

Peter has asked the question about forgiveness, and apparently asked the question personally. But, he used an expression that is directly out of the Mosaic covenant and which was the full interval used to establish the relationship between the calendars.

Peter, in effect, asked if forgiveness lasts 7 times, or 2550 years.

Jesus gives an equally technical, and stunning, answer. He says no, that forgiveness, until the time when the king settles accounts, is bigger and is 70 times 7 or 70 sets of 7 Sabbaths or 70 * 50 = 3,500 years.

Note that it must be this interval because the nature of Jesus’ correction of Peter. 2550 years is what Peter actually asked, and this value is not the full interval, so the total must be larger. The smaller candidates, or 7 * 70 = 490 years is not greater than 2,550 so it is not what is in view. 7 * 7 = 1 Jubilee * 70 = 3500 is in view instead.

The classic "tribulation" passages in Daniel can easily be applied to a similar long period, 3,500 years from the Exodus. Also, as shown previously the total census counts in the period of the Exodus totaled to 3,500 years exactly. 3,500 years from the Exodus is when accounts are settled, or at least the process begun to settle accounts. (Recall, that the first Exodus included almost 2 years of specific events.)

Jesus is making a word play on 2 aspects of the Mosaic covenant. There would be a total of 7 times when the nation was separated from covenant land, and there would be 70 times 7 or 3,500 years until the kingdom accounts for each of the tribes would be settled.

The date, 13001-01-15 AA, is 3,500 years from the Exodus, and like the Exodus marks the start of a season, likely several years long, when accounts are settled.

At this point in the growth of my understanding my interest was piqued, because I could chart it on the Bible’s 30 day calendar and know that the final day in Daniel’s 1335 days, if they occur in our generation, land at the end of 70 Jubilees from Exodus. The day that must be waited through must land early inside what we know of as 2010.

Another Answer

BUT: There is another answer.

Whenever a prophet speaks some number of days, there is a rule, that the days for the prophet become years for the nation to which the prophet is speaking.

Is this chapter of Daniel addressed to himself, personally, or to people individually like himself? or is this passage addressed corporately? If it is corporate, to a nation, then when might it apply?

There are various answers, but the 7 times period of punishment in the Mosaic Covenant is broken down into 2 periods of 3.5 times each, and this chapter in Daniel could simply be a restatement of that entire 7 times period.

In other words, the 3.5 times early in the chapter are the first 3.5 times in the 7 times, restated through Daniel, and then the second 3.5 times period is really these two longer intervals, one of 1290 years another parallel in time of 1335 years. If this is how it runs, those extra 45 years simply run beyond the end of the Jewish return to modern Israel.

There are several possible times when this could be charted, but a strong candidate puts the last year of the 1335 years at 13,001 AA or what we normally know of as 2010.

Notice that in this rendering of the passage from Daniel, that the start of this period is year 676 AD. The passage itself discusses how this is the end of sacrifice and offering.

This era in on-the-ground history was marked by the a Muslim invasion of Jerusalem and the construction of the Dome of the Rock. That building ended Jewish access to Temple Mount and was the historical end of sacrifice and offering in Jerusalem.

This historical event matches, within our ability to understand, the details of the historical stories on the ground in Jerusalem.

I held back charting the intervals from Daniel Chapter 12 because it wasn’t clear which application was right. Should it be a 3.5 year period at the end of the current Jubilee, ending early in 2010? Or, should it be charted as 3.5 years as days in world history... The choice was a show stopper until...


I knew both of the possible positions on how Daniel 12 may apply and was unable to decide which was right.

I asked in prayer, "Which is it?" Which of these interpretations is correct?

I had not expected an audible answer, but an audible answer is what I got.


The Root of Day-for-a-year End-Times Prophecy Theory

If Daniel 12’s time line components are in both time lines, and by this I mean that Daniel 12 applies in history as a 1335 year period and in the present as a 1335 day period, then those 2 time lines are linked by Daniel 12.

That linkage is through the standard prophetic day-for-a-year ratio. But, unlike a one-off event, or even passage, this linkage is establishing a series, a time-ordered series where days going by in the modern era are mapping from years that have happened in history.

the following table shows off the pattern.

Biblical Year Biblical Day Daniel’s Day
13001 AA 13001-01-15 AA 1335
13000 AA 13001-01-14 AA 1334
12999 AA 13001-01-13 AA 1333
12998 AA 13001-01-12 AA 1332
12997 AA 13001-01-11 AA 1331
And so on back to Daniel’s day 1
11666 12997-07-01 AA 1


How far back does this go? Is it limited to 1335 years and 1335 days as per Daniel chapter 12? Or does it go back to the year 1, the first year of Adam’s life?

The following are a sample of those sorts of dates.

Event Biblical Year Biblical Day Modern Year
Deportation to Babylon 10410 AA 12994-01-04 2003
Solomon’s Temple 10000 AA 12992-12-14 AA 2001
Noah’s Flood 6020 AA 12981-12-24 AA 1991
Adam’s Fall? 1 AA 12965-06-05 AA 1974

At the time of this discovery, early 1998, this idea, that the day-for-a-year time line suggested by Daniel, would go back to Adam’s year 1, meant that there was a time line, an end-times time line, that went all the way back to 1974. It was already active, and had been for 24 years.

The list given here is a tease. Were there headline news stories, that mapped to these bible stories? Could the Bible’s time line be used predictively to foretell headline events?

To get there, with precision, would be easier, and much easier to test, if there was a way to find a day-accurate map between the Bible’s 30 day calendar and the modern calendar. Given that linkage, these day-accurate prophetic predictions would have day-accurate fulfillment dates and it would be possible to scientifically test if there was a prophetic series of headline events going on now.

The way to establish the linkage was staring out of the data itself.

Modern Calendar Alignment

The modern year alignments have already been derived. Known, for example, is that the year 2010 AD is 13001 from Adam, or 13001 AA.

Also known is what the day alignment is between biblical years and end-times biblical days. The table given above shows just a sampling, but every event that is known in the Bible, accurate to a year, has a replay date given on that same 30 day/month Bible calendar.

Unknown, though, is how the biblical dates line up with modern dates.

Just how might the day-accurate alignment be figured out?

Initially I thought that the natural way to align the calendars was to find a strong predicted event and find the modern date when that happened. Though conceptually simple it contains problems of interpretation. A better answer comes directly from the math of the time line itself.

Early in the Book of Genesis is recorded the genealogical record for Enoch. Enoch walked the earth 365 years before God took him away and he was no more. We can look up the Biblical dates on which this time segment falls. The following table shows the results:

Event Biblical Year Mapped Biblical Day
Enoch’s first year 3906 AA 12976-03-10 AA
Enoch’s last year 4270 AA 12977-03-14 AA

What should be obvious is that the 365 years that Enoch walked the earth map to 365 days as a period in the end-times. This is one solar year as found in common years on our current calendars. This ancient life span is pointing at some sort of modern year at this end of the age.

Note that 12976 AA is roughly the year 1985 AD, so this year is very near in terms of modern time.

This is also interesting because the Bible is giving the clue needed to align the Bible’s calendar and its ancient prophetic outline with present, modern calendars. To find the alignment all we need do is figure out what aligns with this 365 day long year, a year that overlays very roughly with 1985.

Of course it would be possible to go look for a 365 day long headline event, but it is also possible that the math is pointing directly at a modern solar calendar year.

This calendar alignment possibility is very interesting since it is nearly purely mathematical, and would align without any sort of measurement tolerance that would be implied by, say, a 365 day peace council or some similar event.

Picking an Alignment Calendar

There are two possible calendar choices for what this 365 day year replay of Enoch’s life might be aligning with.

  • That 365 day period is either exactly the modern year 1985, from start to finish.

  • Those 365 days are the Julian year 1985 from start to finish. No other modern calendars fit the 365 day length to align in this way.

Which is it?

Enoch’s year starts 3476-03-10 and ends 3477-03-14. The right answer here, too, rests on empirical evidence that will be visible when done. Choose wrong and the answer will be off by more than 3 months and no headlines will line up with this series of prophetic stories.

There were 2 basic reasons for aligning this 365 day "Enoch Year" with 1985 Julian:

  • First the Julian year starts in what we today call March, the 3rd month. By choosing Julian the ancient Biblical year aligns roughly with the modern Gregorian calendar. At certain points they align exactly, but since the lengths of years are not the same, they cannot always align.

  • The Julian calendar is also the calendar in use at Jesus’ time and when March 25 is used as New Years Day it agrees with what the ancient, early, church thought the calendar ought to be. This was certainly more appealing that the Gregorian revision which, among other things, placed new years day back on the historical pagan new years day. If the other case, a Gregorian alignment had been chosen, you probably would not be reading this now.

The Julian Calendar starts its new year on March 25 and it ends on March 24 on the following year. In 1985 March 25 Julian fell on April 7, 1985 Gregorian. The following shows the previous table with the Julian and Gregorian calendars also included using this alignment.

Event Biblical Year Mapped Biblical Day Julian Date
Gregorian Date
Enoch’s first year 3906 AA 3476-03-10 FE March 25, 1985 OS
April 7, 1985 NS
Enoch’s last year 4270 AA 3477-03-14 FE March 24, 1985 OS
April 6, 1986 NS

Knowing one date on both calendars is powerful. Knowing that 12,976/3/10 from Adam is also known as April 7, 1985 Gregorian, lets all other dates, everywhere, on both calendars, be converted simply by writing (or running) calendar conversion software.

This conversion ability is not only for end-times dates but for all ancient dates. As long as any day, or event, can be dated accurately relative to either the Bible’s 30 day/month calendar or placed accurately relative to the modern calendar, the date on the other calendar can always be computed.

This alignment establishes a day-accurate relationships between any dated event anywhere in scripture with any dated event anywhere in modern history.

Recognize that if this "works out" with headline support (which it will...) then this is a massive miracle. The same God that took Enoch away long before Noah’s food did so knowing a modern calendar that would be introduced over 6700 years in the future. Both must have been Divinely designed.

Tools Plug

Of course, knowing 2 dates is not very interesting. A little bit of software goes along way to providing a full and complete linkage between any date in any calendar, and the same label for that date in the other calendars. There are a series of software tools related to computing dates across calendars with web-page interfaces on in the tool section of the website. If you decide to try and covert dates yourself, you can use the web interfaces provided there.

Some Examples

Given that there is a mathematical relationship between the historical time line and modern dates, and that relationship is day-accurate, it is possible to start to show the prophetic alignment between the original Bible stories and the end-times dates on which those stories will replay.

Some exmaples:

Event Biblical Year Mapped Biblical Day Gregorian Date
Adam’s fall 1 AA 3465-06-05 FE Jul 29, 1974 NS
Noah’s flood 6020 AA 3481-12-24 FE Jan 20, 1991 NS
Saul Made King 9997 AA 12992-09-11 AA Sep. 11, 2001 NS

Charts like this can be constructed for all dates known in the Biblical record. The charts can also be draw as time lines and is is possible to build up some very fancy charts. There is considerable power in the theory revealed here, and proper tooling can take it a very long way.

What isn’t known yet is if it works. What happened, if anything, on these indicated dates?

July 29, 1974

The first date, the day that maps from the first year of Adam’s life, turns out to be the date of the second of three votes to impeach then United States President Richard Nixon. Arguably the most powerful man on the planet was forced out of office because of this vote.

Many Americans reading this site will recall the famous "I am not a crook" speech as well as the famous good-bye wave as Nixon boarded the helicopter on the White House lawn. Within 7 days of the indicated prophetic date Nixon was a disgraced ex-president who would live out the rest of his life in obscurity.

Does this mark a prophecy? Did the fall of man map to the fall of Richard Nixon? Yes, indeed it does. The following are some of the parallels.

Feature of Adam’s Story Feature of Nixon’s Story
Adam denied responsibility for his sin.Genesis 3:12 In Nixon’s famous "I am not a crook" speach he too denied the sin.
Adam was blocked from Eden through a fiery cherubim.Genesis 3:24 The Helicopter, backdrop to his famous wave, played the role of the "fiery cherubim" that forever blocked Nixon’s return to office.
Adam did not actually talk to the serpent, Eve did.Genesis 3:1 Nixon did not actually break into a Watergate office, others did.
Adam was the only man in the world at the time, thus the most powerful. Nixon was the most powerful man in the world at the time.

This story actually opens up more questions than it answers. Why Nixon? Why look at the United States for a fulfillment?

Why would this particular headline matter for anything?

These questions are not answered at this level of the story. (We’re in the Bible Time 101 Lecture series, after all.)

All that is seen here is a date, a prophetic date with a Bible story attached and a candidate event that could be the fulfillment, an event that any reasonable adult was most likely watching on TV news that night.

Establishing the certainty that we’re looking at headlines well and spotting fulfillment in a trustworthy way will come after, say, 200 such headlines have been spotted and explained. Then the level of confidence will go up.

January 20, 1991

The second date given above, January 20, 1991, is obviously related to the (the first) Persian Gulf War. There is more to this story so we cannot yet fully unpack all the prophesies surrounding this war, but at this level of the story it is obvious that Noah’s flood had something to do with the start of that war.

God told Noah, in the Rainbow Covenant, that He would not destroy the entire world in a flood again, so this set of events cannot replay quite like the others. A war, though, maps nicely to a flood.

In this particular case the Persian Gulf War would start with 40 days of air based bombardment of installations in Iraq. Those 40 days were followed by roughly 100 hours on the ground. Those 40 days when the bombs dropped on Iraq are the 40 days of rain spoken of in the related Bible passage.

September 11, 2001

September of 2001 was interesting in a calendar sense. The days in that month aligned exactly with the days in the underlying 30 day Bible Calendars. So the key date that month, 9-11, was 9-11 on both systems of measuring time, the Bible’s and the modern world’s.

The headline?

Everybody knows that the World Trade Towers were destroyed.

What isn’t known is that the Bible had a story for that date. The subject was Saul being made king over Israel, and the dire threats of what would happen to the nation because they had rejected God as king.

As of this writing, many, but not all, of the consequences of rejecting God as king have happened to the United States public.

Also curious, but not yet explainable at this level of the Bible Time theory, are the stories close to Saul in time like Samson pushing 2 columns over and killing 3,000 people on the roof. These stories, and many more, will end up folding into the single 911 date and events.


It is obvious at this point that choices regarding dates seen earlier in this section, especially regarding the inflection date on the 13,001/1/15 and the choice of using the Julian Calendar mattered.

Any other choice, in fact any other choice along the entire time line from Adam, and the entire system does not work, no headlines can be spotted.

The headlines given here are a very small sample enough to give readers a taste for how they work. There are now hundreds of known headlines, spanning far more than simply 1974 forward. But, systems like this must be shown to work in the small, and that is what has been done here with a few key headlines.

Back to Noah’s Flood

The modern date that maps from the ancient year of Noah’s Flood is January 20, 1991. This would seem to be the date when something should happen that has something to do with a flood. It is, but more textual details in that scripture must be accounted for.

The Noah’s Flood story gives more than just the year of the flood. It also gives the specific days around the flood. 7 days before the flood Noah is warned that the flood is about to start.Genesis 7:4 The rains come down for 40 daysGenesis 7:4 and 40 nights.Genesis 7:4 The rains cover the earth for 150 days.Genesis 7:24 Genesis 8:3 Then once the waters start to recede the mountains become visible on the 1st day of the 10th month.Genesis 8:5

What should be done with these date references? Do they shrink down and disappear in the day-for-a-year compression implied by Daniel 12?


These individual day references remain unaltered even into the present.

As a general rule, all stories that remain in the Bible have an end-times applicaiton. If the details were unimportant to a modern reader, the most common reader of the Bible, then they would have been removed in the Bible’s editing. The remaining details remain because they are important.

The Persian Gulf War was famous for its 40 day air war. Noah’s flood was famous for its 40 days of rain, so we should see that the 2 date systems align somehow, but the alignment is much more precise.

The day that maps to the year of Noah’s flood, January 20, 1991, aligns with the day of the start of Noah’s flood, the 17th day of the 2nd month of Noah’s 600th year.

The rest of the days in Noah’s flood account simply clock off day-for-a-day, with no additional prophetic scaling of time. Using this alignment the exact modern dates that this story suggests as prophecy for the Persian Gulf War can be computed and seen.

Noah’s Date/Story Modern Date/Story

This is the day Noah was given 7 days of warning.

January 13, 1991
One day earlier, on January 12, the United States Congress granted President Bush authority to use force.
One day later, on January 14, the Iraqi Parliament granted Saddam Hussein authority to use force.

Both sides had just given warning.

This is the day that the rains started. They kept falling 40 days and nights.

January 20, 1991
This is 4 days after first use of force in this war, but 1 day before the very first use of cruise missiles in this or any other war.

Pentagon reluctance over announcing the use of this new and deadly weapon delays reporting of the incident for more that 10 days.

The rains had come.

This is the end of 40 days of rain.

February 28, 1991
This is the day Iraq announces a cease fire. The United States announced one day earlier. The ground war had started on the 24th.

The rain had stopped.

Further Dates

The story continues for more dates into the future. These other dates quickly move away from the middle east and start focusing on the USSR At first glance this was very curious. What was the linkage between the events of the Gulf war have to do with events in Moscow?

One clue is to look at who supplied Iraq’s military hardware. Most of the equipment was stamped "made in the USSR" Moscow had, in effect, just lost a war with the United States through its proxy Iraq.

The war was a a rout.

The USSR had just been defeated in a ground war that lasted about 100 hours. Most wars in the middle east had been fought as proxies of the United States and Russia. This one was no different. The only difference this time was the players had changed.

Noah’s Date/Story Modern Date/Story

The waters recede and the Ark comes to rest.

June 19, 1991
Two days earlier the United Nations had agreed to the embargo/monitoring plan that would last more or less until the events of December 1998. On this specific day Yeltsin traveled to the United States. It was his first trip since winning the general elections in Russia 1 week before. The United States was unsure of who to support, Gorbachev of the USSR or Yeltsin of Russia.

The Ark was coming to rest.

On this day the mountains became visible. Genesis 8:5

September 1, 1991
This is the day that Gorbachev resigned his post as general secretary of the USSR.

This was precipitated by tanks in the streets of Moscow on August 17, Estonia’s vote for immediate independence on August 20, Latvia’s vote for immediate independence on August 21, Ukraine’s vote for immediate independence on August 24, and Moldovia’s vote for immediate independence on August 27. Daniel Daniel 4:1 teaches that governments are known symbolically as mountains.

The mountains were indeed becoming visible.

Structure of Noah’s Flood

Long after discovering how to apply Noah’s flood in a precise prophetic way across the time of the (first) Persian Gulf War, it became obvious what the governing structure for Noah’s flood really was.

Noah replayed the time line of Adam’s race at a compressed ratio of 30 years to the day.

It is possible to draw out, day accurately, this time line of Noah and discover even more interesting prophetic signficance to the timing of the flood.

The date 601-01-01 in Noah’s detailed chronology is the date when the earth is becoming dry. On the 30:1 compression of Noah’s flood time line this day maps to a 30 year window that overlays, in the daylight hours, the time of Moses’ birth. Moses’ name means drawn from the water and it is a prophetic match.

The date 601-02-27, when the story finished with Noah building an altar maps to a 30 year window of time centered on 110 NS, when the early church was forming and Jesus’ shed blood was the final altar of sacrifice for mankind.

Anniversaries of Noah’s Flood

Noah’s flood unleashed in 6020-02-17 AA. The flood itself was warned of by Yahvah in a direct reference attributed to Him by the narrator of Genesis.

4For in 7 days I will cause it to rain on the land 40 days and 40 nights; and every living thing that I have made I will destroy from off the face of the land. Genesis 7:4

When God speaks there is a 1000 year-to-the-day ratio that is always implied. The warning, was thus for 13-020-02-17 AA.

Using the cross calendar tools it is possible to discover that date in the modern era. February 22, 2029 is the target date that Yahvah was warning.

50 days later, on April 13, 2029 a comet makes a close aproach to earth, 19,400 miles up, closer than earth’s communications satelites. The comet has been named the destroyer because no other comet has ever come this close.

Is this warning to Noah about his need to load an ark in 2029 related to a potentially earth destorying comet 50 days later?

It is not possible to answer this question at this level of the study. But, it is the sort of question that this study is designed to answer.


The examples given in this lecture are like crawling into a treasure chamber under a king’s house and finding these few jewels. Each jewel is itself interesting to look at and individually valuable.

But, the lights are not yet on. Only a small candle is being used to see these jewels. Thousands more are waiting for explorers to unearth.

God’s detailed chronological plan for all mankind is laid out in this room for anyone who would want to both study and discover.


This is the final formal lecture in the Bible Time 101 Lecture series. There are some loose ends to finish up, foot notes really, before moving on to the next lecture series, dealing with Jesus’ minstry. In those lectures Jesus will be seen adding his important editorials on what was going on along the time line from Adam.

Phil Stone, Updated 2016-11-04