Modern Recovery of the Calendar

So far we have looked at the timeline from Adam to the return to Jerusalem in Ezra's day.

There are many passages in the Bible that predict future events, which would be predicated on the calendar continuing to count out day into the future.

This of course would be expected given those predictions are Divine promises.

These predictions do not themselves require that anyone know the calendar while those days are being run out. Rebellion by ancient Israelites caused loss of awareness of the promises, but that did not negate those promises.

Our Task

The logical strategy to be followed here is to attempt to find some key predicted headline, and begin to figure out when we are now on that original Bible Calendar.

In the end, we will be able to find an alignment between that ancient calendar and our modern calendar, allowing day-accurate time measurement between ancient, Biblical dates, and modern dates.

Good Figs and the Fig Tree Sign

The Fig Tree Sign is a parable, told by Jesus, that provides a framework for understanding the general timing of end-times events, marked by the Jewish return to modern Israel. It is the first parable needed for recovering the calendar. [1000 Words] Read More

Date of the Jewish Return to Israel

Jewish Return to Modern Israel fulfills ancient, dated, prophecies from Leviticus. This return is spread through 4 modern wars and provides the basis for establishing the year-accurate map between ancient years and modern years. [1000 Words] Read More

Day-for-a-Year Replays

The Day For a Year Replay was a specific prophetic word about how all of history replays again at different scales. The first use of that idea was in determining the map between ancient days and modern days. It establishes day-accuracy between the calendar systems. [1000 Words] Read More

Audited Date Reports

Audited Date Reports are the tooling that takes the day-accurate calendar alignment and gives us a quick and accurate tool for checking any date in history on various calendars of interest. This is the tooling needed later to unpack New Testament dates. [1000 Words] Read More